Monday, 31 October 2016

Four Things And More #2 - Moreland City Band Hall - 4 Nov 2016

Four things and more at Cross Street on Friday night, 4 November.


Derek McCormack – solo

Juana Beltrán – accompanied by Carmen Chan + Clinton Green

Michael McNab – solo

Myfanwy Hunter + Juliana España Keller – duo

 + more......

Time: 8pm doors open, 8.30pm start
Venue: Cross Street, Brunswick East
Entry by donation
BYO drinks

Facebook event

 4 Things and More is initiated by Ren Walters and co-curated with Carmen Chan, Clinton Green, Myfanwy Hunter and Michael McNab.

Surface Noise Vol. 3 out now on Shame File Music/Iceage Productions

New on Shame File Music/Iceage Productions:

Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev "Surface Noise Vol. 3" CDR
A double header from a selection of Brisbane masters of drone and electronic abstraction. Musgrove has long been a master of all things drone, with both his solo work and as part of Biffplex. On his track we hear the last part of an 8 hour overnight performance, as it all grinds to an entropic end. Makro/Hetlev are Lloyd Barrett (Diaspora, Secret Killer of Names) and Paul Forbes Mitchell (Hetleveiker) in live electronic dialogue.

Surface Noise is a series of limited edition (50 copies), hand-numbered CDRs documenting live performances of experimental and noise artists. Each volume features live performances from two different artists; the first initially invited by the curators, and the second then chosen by the first artist. Co-released by Melbourne labels Iceage Productions and Shame File Music, the series will consist of ten volumes.

Copies available from Shame File Music. Stream online here

The Surface Noise series:

Vol. 1 - cleaninglady/Klunk - copies still available
Vol. 2 - Cat Hope/White Drummer - sold out
Vol. 3 - Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev - out now
Vol. 4 - Ben Byrne & Rosalind Hall/Anthea Caddy & Matt Davis - out soon

Overtone Ensemble CD launch - Church of All Nations - 10 Nov 2016

Overtone Ensemble are launching their new CD at Inland on November 10th. A rare appearance by the group and most likely your last chance to see them before the Mona Foma festival in January 2017. The group have added newly built instruments and the acoustics in the church will really complement their sound.. A great lineup too! Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St. Carlton, 8pm.

(forwarded from Tim Catlin)

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Albert's Basement Festival - Dane's Magic Theatre 29-30 Oct 2016

Albert's Basement Festival, 2016
at Dane's Magic Theatre
859A Sydney Road, Brunswick (enter via back alley)

Saturday October 29
Doors 6pm, entry $8

Bourgeois Biggots
Matthew P. Hopkins
Lower Plenty
Dead Flannelette
DJ Tapeways

Sunday October 30
Doors 6pm, entry $8

Michael McCosker/Jen Callaway/Owen Harris
Skim The Rim
The Charles Ives Singers
Matthew Revert
Mia Schoen
The Curse
DJ Tapeways

(forwarded from Albert's Basement)

Friday, 21 October 2016

Sunday October 30

BOWLINES - Helen Mountfort, Hope Csutoros, Ernie Gruner (violin, viola, cello)

3.30pm - 4.30pm Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High St, Northcote

Tickets or at door $15/10 from 3.15pm

Facebook event information

Next Bowlines concert features Helen Mountfort, Hope Csutoros, Ernie Gruner improvising unexpected moody, sweet, chaotic or calm music on violin, viola and cello. Their collective musical flights of fancy draw inspiration from many sources including classical and world music, the audience and the environment.
Original cross-genre music from three eclectic string players, heard in My Friend the Chocolate Cake , Stiletto Sisters , Bohemian Nights and more.
Enquiries : or  0418549631

MWMIF meet the AMM All-Stars Vol.1

New album release this week by Melbourne free improv duo Music With My Insane Friend in collaboration with London based AMM All-Stars.

(forwarded from Konk)

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


***Facebook Event***

Saturday 17th December, 2.30pm
Memo Music Hall, 88 Acland Street, St. Kilda

The Melbourne Drone Orchestra returns on December 17th to push the limits of the electric guitar and subsume audiences with a blanket of frequencies. For the first time, the MDO will be joined at Memo Hall in St Kilda by two of Australia’s best and most intense drummers from within the world of extreme metal and improvised experimental music.

Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders made his mark over twenty five years ago with iconic metal band Damaged, inspiring bands around the world to this day with his trademark mechanical precision and uncompromisingly violent approach to the drums. In recent years, he has performed with Gravetemple, featuring Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi and Attila Csihar of Sunn O))), and some of Australia’s best current extreme metal acts.

Brian O’Dwyer will be squaring off against him with an arsenal of skills drawn from his eclectic performance background. Working tirelessly for Melbourne musicians with his imprint Bleeemo music, Brian has participated in everything from grindcore to world music Having worked with extended playing previously, Brian’s approach to drumming infuses jazz-infused dexterity with the warp-drive intensity of grindcore.

Do not miss this one off opportunity to witness these two respected drummers spar in the ring of decibels that is the Melbourne Drone Orchestra!

The Melbourne Drone Orchestra is a unique assemblage of musicians who aim to create a sonic experience unlike anything else. Influenced by Fripp, Sunn 0))) and Earth’s pioneering use of the guitar, past performances have seen up to eighteen guitarists create a sonic monoliths.

All participants abide by three conditions; all guitars are tuned to DADGAD; only six-string guitars (no bass guitars!); and no shredding.

Friday, 14 October 2016

Experiments in Freedom: remade Free Music machines of Grainger & Cross

Free Music




These instruments are on display in the 
Grainger Museum until January 2017.

Thursday, 13 October 2016



 A Demon Sheen, the over-prolific maniac behind Victorian occult-minimalist chaos music project GRIST, has outdone himself this time - over three hours of improvised texturescapes in the form of a fully functioning Tarot Deck.  Once downloaded, this unique collection of drones and nightmares uses the Shuffle or Random Play aspect of any media player to deliver Metaphysical Prophecy, 
100% as accurately as any physical Tarot Deck.   

Occult Soothsaying has never been so engrossing to listen to.

Each track comes in a forwards and backwards version, to allow for the reversed meanings when a Tarot Reading involves an Upside-down card.  Unlike a physical deck, readings can be saved as Playlists or Concretised on Cassette, etc, for added Metaphysical Bonus Value.  
A project seven years in the making, this massive magickal musick-monolith was launched on Alistair Crowley's 141st birthday, and is available for a laughable $6.66.  
Detailed instructions for use are found on the website.