Wednesday, 31 August 2016

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Overtone Ensemble CD - Tim Catlin's Overtone Ensemble create drone-based, immersive soundscapes utilising self-made instruments and bowed and activated metals and glass.A liminal zone where acoustic instruments vibrate with eerie electronic verisimilitude and familiar instruments sound strangely alien. Dense percussive sound fields peal and ring out from re-purposed scuba tanks and massed handbells. Tuned aluminium rods are caressed into of metallic frottage. Fluttering microtonal beats tickle the cochlea and crystalline earworms writhe across stereo space. It's an album of oscillating and unalloyed acoustic energy - a real Metallic K.O.

"Overtone Ensemble is among 2016’s finest, most fanciful alternatives to real life as most of us must live it, most of the time". - Village Voice

Overtone Ensemble - Longitudes cassette - “Longitudes" is a work written for Tim Catlin's Overtone Ensemble utilising microtonally tuned ‘vibrissae’ instruments as well as other acoustic instrumentation including bowed guitars, handbells and long wire instruments. The piece aims to take advantage of the unique acoustics of the Design Hub at RMIT (where this was recorded live as part of Liquid Architecture 2013) and its long reverberation times, high ceilings,and bright sound, to further amplify and extend the unique sonic signature of the rod instruments and produce an immersive and enveloping sonic environment.

Red Wine and Sugar - Chattels + The Confidence and Humour of John CD - Red Wine and Sugar is Samaan Fieck (Smash Tennis, Hexham) and Mark Groves Mark (Dead Boomers, Von Einem), and together they combine the disturbing textual materials of what sound like self-help pampletts with granular tape artefacts and irregular thumps. These tracks were originally released as ‘Chattels’, and as part of the compilation ‘The First Thing that you want is the Last Thing that you Need’ on Maitland based Mazurka Editions in 2015-16.

Todd Anderson-Kunert "When There Is Nothing Left To Say" LP - "Anderson-Kunert's music is from time to time a bit noise based, in all three of these pieces, but he moves gently through his material, which ranges from introspective and quiet, into something much grittier and noisier. Each of his pieces seem to me to be a form of sound collage, in which Anderson-Kunert moves very gently through various extremes, both loud versus soft, but also high-end versus low-end, and all of this makes up one excellent record. It is not about noise indeed, even when some of this comes close; it is however much more than that. This is noise of the variety that calls for more thought and greater care" - Vital Weekly.

These and hundreds more titles available from Shame File Music.


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music: Sept 2-4

The 4th Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music is on this weekend. 3 days of extraordinary music events wonderfully curated by David Chisholm. Plenty to satisfy all. And not too far to drive from Melbourne.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Four Things and More - Cross St - 2 Sept 2016

Four things and more at Cross Street on Friday night, 2 September.


Trio: Ren Walters, Myfanwy Alderson, Carmen Chan

Solo: Clinton Green

Solo: Michael McNab

Screening: 'If I am a musical thinker' (2007) Carmen Chan

+ Dur-é Dara, Ewen
+ on-the-spot collaborations and more...

Time: 8.30pm
Venue: Moreland City Band Hall, 16-22 Cross Street, Brunswick East
Entry by donation
BYO alcohol

Facebook event

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Monday August 29- La Mama Musica: Erasing Architecture

Monday August 29
La Mama Musica: Erasing Architecture
La Mama Courthouse Theatre
349 Drummond St Carlton
Doors at 6:45 for 7:30 start

Feeling pretty fortunate to have worked with a group of students from Melbourne Polytechnic earlier this year. We worked together on some pieces that deal with translating audio files into performance, which we'll perform on Monday night...

Marlene Samson
Jess McLachlan
Michael McDermid
Frank Corbino
Flynn Sky-McCormick
Kier Stevens
Justin Ossher
Jon Heilbron

Simon Charles


Video: Kier Stevens
Photo: Simon Charles

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Free Event: Inland 16.6: Three Bodies / Stories Once Barely Believed

inland 16.6

 - three bodies / stories once barely believed-

A special free event hosted by Inland Concert Series at Neon Parc, Brunswick.  

Featuring a 'Three Bodies (moving)', a 45 minute just intonation work by American composer Cat Lamb; new audio-visual work by Brazilian composer and artist Manuel Lima; new work by Erkki Veltheim; and a new performance by an augmented iteration of the Francis Plagne Band. 

Including performances by Judith Hamann, Michiko Ogawa, Lizzy Welsh, Kim Tan, Rohan Drape and Alexander Garsden.

Neon Parc will be exhibiting the work of Dan Arps, Janet Burchill, Dale Frank, Lucio Fontana, Julia Gorman, Matt Hinkley, 
Imi Knoebel, Lucina Lane, and David Palliser.

Drinks available by donation.

3:30pm, Sunday 28th August, Neon Parc 2 Gallery, 15 Tinning Street, Brunswick

Free Entry

flier artwork: hanna chetwin

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Charles Ives Singers/Paul Kidney Experience - Dane's Magic Theatre - 26 Aug 2016

Friday 26th August. Danes Magic Theatre. 859A Sydney Rd, Brunswick. Doors 8pm

(forwarded from Paul Kidney)

Pre liminary - LongPlay - 31 Aug 2016

Pre liminary

An evening of preparatory explorations and sonic preludes.
Performances by:
Las Chinas (Sari Gueya, Camila Marambio)
Camilla Hannan; Psychoacoustic field recording sonics
Anuencia (Bryan Phillips, Sooji Kim) 

318 St Georges Rd
Fitzroy North
7.30 onwards
(forwarded from Camilla Hannan)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Nat Grant, Jenny Barnes, Tim Catlin/Michael McNab

Thursday August 25 at Long Play

318 St. Georges Road Fitzroy North

Nat Grant - Percussion/Electronics

Jenny Barnes - Voice

Tim Catlin - "Behind the Bridge" Guitar

Michael McNab - Percussion

Facebook event here.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Seensound: Visual/Music Series 

Silent Vision / Improvised Audio

Wednesday 24th August 2016: at 8:00pm
LOOP Back Room 23 Meyers Place

NUNIQUE Quartet: Megan Kenny, Steve Falk, Charles MacInnes, & Brigid Burke 
Plus Roger Alsop & Adrian Sherriff

Visual Artists: 
Roger Alsop, Warren Burt, Brigid Burke, Mark Pedersen, Adrian Sherriff, Gordon Munro and Robert Jordan
Entry $10:00/$5:00

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works. 
The SeenSound  series commenced in 2011, curated by Melbourne-based audio-visual artist Brigid Burke, and is proudly supported by Loop bar. 

Many thanks for all the submissions from Brigid Burke and Mark Pedersen 
Contact: web 

Improv Idol 2016 entries now open

CALLING ALL IMPROVISERS! Deep down inside, you know you’re the best (chuck out the rest). Come and prove your worth by becoming a contestant in Improv Idol 2016.

We are looking for improvising musicians of any and all backgrounds, experience, and abilities. A sense of fun and adventure will also hold you in good stead.

Get your entries in now. Peruse the competition rules as well.

Entries close at midnight Friday 2 September. The big night is Thursday 29 September at the Wesley Anne in Northcote.

Check out this video of our 2015 contestants, battling it out to impress audiences and judges alike. This could be you!


inland 16.5

 - my house already being at rest-

A special 2.5 hour recital by pianist and composer James Rushford, who will perform Federico Mompou's complete 'Música Callada' followed by his own 'See the Welter', composed in response to that work.

flier artwork: karla pringle

8pm, Monday 22nd August, Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St. Carlton

Tickets: Full $20/Concession $12, Available at the door

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Powered By Steam - Whole Lotta Love Bar - 28 Aug 2016

Powered by steam

An evening of Improvisational Synthesis.

Mat Blackwell
Ciaran Geoghegan
Eamon Campbell-June
David Prescott Steed
Sam Filmer 
Anthony Cooley

Whole Lotta Love - Brunswick East
Doors: 3 PM
Cost: $6
(forwarded from Anthony Cooley)

THIS Ensemble - Moreland City Band Hall - 5 Aug 2016

First public THIS Ensemble performance for 2016 on Friday night from 8pm.
Moreland City Band Hall, 16-22 Cross St, East Brunswick.