Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Clinton Green music news

Last missive for the year. It’s been a big 12 month for me; over 50 performances since January (the most I’ve ever done in a year by some way), first overseas gigs/residency. Big challenges, big revelations. Tired but somewhat sated, I’m taking a short break from performing until later in January, but a few other things are happening/available now to listen to over Christmas and New Year's...

Talking sound art and experimental music with Camilla Hannan on 3RRR FM over the summer
From this Thursday (24 December, 2015), I will be joining Camilla Hannan on 3RRR-FM each week for a 15 minute conversation about issues of relevance to contemporary sound art and experimental music practice. Camilla is hosting the Smart Arts programme for four weeks over the Christmas/New Year break, each Thursday from 9am – 12pm (AEDST). I’ll be joining Camilla at about 10:40am each week for our chat.
Our first topic is “New paradigms for sound performance”, focusing on the question of audiences – how to get them/get rid of them, different audience/listening environments, the role of the audience and more.
Tune into 3RRR at 102.7 FM from this Thursday if you’re in Melbourne, or stream here from anywhere around the globe (I think it will be available on demand, too).

Two online compilation albums featuring live duets

Recordings of a couple of live duets I’ve done have been released on two different online compilation albums:

Mambo #7 (Super-malevolent Deity Records) features an excerpt of a live improvisation with myself (gramophone & percussion) and Barnaby Oliver (banjo and percussion) at Make It Up Club in February 2013. Stream for free or purchase here https://super-malevolentdeityrecords.bandcamp.com/album/clinton-green-and-icecream-consultants-and-heidyyouko

100:25:1 (Fat Rain Records) is the massive online archive of Adam Simmons' extraordinary month-long project of the same name, where he completed 100 live duets with 100 different Melbourne musicians throughout the month of November. My duet with Adam is here https://fatrain.bandcamp.com/track/clinton-green-and-adam-simmons-26-11-15 , and the entire album is worth spending a few weeks with! Stream for free, download purchases coming soon, I believe.

2016 Performances

Tilde New Music Festival, Saturday 23 January, 2pm at Testing Grounds,1-23 City Road, Southbank.
I’m involved in a number of performances at this year’s festival:
  • I am guest curator of the first 2 hours (2-4pm). I’ve programmed new works from The Phonetic Orchestra, and the premiere performance of a new work by myself Discretions For Ensemble.
  • I will be joining Carmen Chan and others for a performance of her work Do You See What I Hear.
  • I will be performing in a new collaboration with Camille Robinson and Stephen Roach.
The Festival continues on Sunday at the Australian Institute of Music as well. Details http://www.tilde.net.au/festival/

Quiet Noise V, Saturday 13 February, 2pm at 15 Neil Street, West Footscray
Our annual backyard/house show of unamplified experimental music enters its fifth year, with:
  • Anna Fern (sound poetry)
  • Aviva Endean (participatory audience experiences)
  • Jenny Barnes/Clinton Green/Michael McNab (voice/text, hitting/scraping)

Herbert Jercher & Ernie Althoff – New CD available on Shame File Music mailorder

The Sunshine Shuffle pays homage to an elegant parlour guitar built almost entirely out of Australian timbers by luthier Dan Robinson. All 99 tracks were played by Herbert Jercher with just the fingers, with no extra preparations or treatments. The CD is intended to be played in shuffle mode. A longtime Melbourne sound artist, this is Jercher's first CD release. Recorded, edited and co-conceived by Ernie Althoff. Available from http://ShameFileMusic.com


Sunday, 20 December 2015


Last DISCO MULTIVERSE for 2015... co-organised by OVE-NAXX - expect nothing but the finest beats, noises and danceable party noisemusic sounds goin around... with special international guest YOBKISS from Netherlands!

Hey Summer, here is party for you on Boxing Day.
lots mates r going away for family what u gonna do, come join this party kick the bored off Santa's lazy day.

line up following ABC...


+ Impatient 8 - bachi

+ OVE & Elf Tranzporter


+ Snuggy Man

+ Voici Bec U

+ WANKOSLOPISS (Wankoslop/Simon Pissbolt collab)


Doors 8:00pm
$5 entry
The Tote upstairs
Cnr Johnston & Wellington St. Collingwood

Friday, 4 December 2015

Keys, Crowdfunding and Vinyl

Nat Grant's Precious available for pre-sale until December 8

Since 2013 I have been collecting keys that were no longer needed or wanted, perhaps keys to things that don't work or don't exist anymore, or keys that had been found: any number and size/shape, as long as they were no longer needed or wanted. More than 20 people donated over 300 keys to the project. 

Keys are so symbolic - of possession, freedom, privacy, safety, power and oppression. Everyone who gave me keys had stories to tell about the keys they were donating. Some belonged to an old car or an old house. Some had been found in new houses and some belonged to buildings or objects that no longer exist. Everyone who donated keys had held on to these precious objects even though they were no longer useful, because of the memories they contained and in some cases because they felt it would have been wasteful to throw them away. I am so grateful for all the donations and stories that have helped to form this project. 

I am currently in the process of recording the keys, used as percussion instruments with digital processing. The resulting recorded composition will be in two parts, and will be launched early in 2016. 

This campaign is for pre sales of 100 copies of a 7" vinyl (with digital download) containing the completed Precious composition.

Support of this campaign will also include a free ticket to the launch of this project, at a venue in Melbourne in February 2016. 

A short preview track from the early stages of the composition may be heard here: https://hearthis.at/natgrantmusic/key-demo/ 

Nat Grant

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Visual Music, Abstract Animation & Sonic Sustenance Old Fire Station, View St Bendigo, Sunday 6th dec 7:30pm $10

Klare Lanson & Damian Mason prize-winning short #commute from recent Castlemaine Local & International Film Festival // Paul Fletcher’s new live AV set Unknown Signal including an audio collaboration with Kris Behrendt (Germany) // sounds & visuals from Cray // solo synth improv from Scott Sanders with video improv from Jacques Soddell // the weird music society presents minoR:1000 “alien inspired broken robot beats”. // Selected abstract animation shorts from the 2015 Melbourne International Animation Festival // Presented by Undue Noise. Updates at http://unduenoise.org

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Re::set Jewell - Jewel Railway Station - 4 Dec 2015

re::set Jewell
Friday December 4th.

8.30 -10pm

Jewel Railway Station, Brunswick.

A cornucopia of (in)deliberate paradigms with an (un)explained phenomena of audio, visual, light and sound performance and installation.
Featuring: Martine Corompt, Arie Rain Glorie, Ceri Hann, Camilla Hannan, John Jacobs,  sister with Anthony Magen, tarab


For more info visit the RE::SET facebook pageor website

(forwarded from tarab)