Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Avantwhatever Monthly – August 2015

Gary Butler (Guitar and stuff)
Tim Panaretos (Bouzouki)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St
Saturday August 8
Entry $10 | 3pm

Avantwhatever Monthly is held at The Alderman in Brunswick. This year it’ll be happening on different days and at different times month to month. Join the Avantwhatever group on Facebook or go to and sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and events.

Performer details:

Gary Butler

'Over the past decade my guitars have been subjected to various indignities in the name of art. But at least I don't play Stairway to Heaven on them anymore.' GB

Tim Panaretos

Tim is a musician originally from Hobart where he was involved in various unheard-of projects such as Untermorast and Soundtracks Will Dissolve. In Melbourne he plays a variety of instruments in the improvising noise/drone duo The Drunken Boat. This time out it’s a rare solo outing on the bouzouki, an instrument on which he plays free folk influenced by rembetika, the urban Greek blues of the early 20th Century.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Taipan Tiger Girls - Old Bar - 31 Jul 2015

Taipan Tiger Girls are a three-piece improvisational instrumental outfit - composer, producer and all-round electric statesman Ollie Olsen (Max Q, WhirlyWirld etc.), who has teamed up with experimental drummer and synth obsessive Mat Watson (Other Places), and feedback guitar droner Lisa MacKinney (Mystic Eyes). Together they make long and beautiful walls of noise, intricate and psychedelic; delicate and tough. 

Taipan Tiger Girls have been thrilling Melbourne audiences in recent months, and their self-titled debut album was released in a super-limited edition pressing of only 100, last Friday the 24th. There will be a limited quantity for sale at the launch and it's available through though the copies for sale on line are close to sold out.

Taipan Tiger Girls
Album Launch
at The Old bar
Friday (31st)  $10
with special guests
Mick Turner, Ian Wadley & Kishore Ryan
with after gig DJs Antidelivian Rockinghorse.
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Third Rail - Conduit Arts - 30 Jul 2015

Thursday 30th July:  8:30
Conduit Arts Initiative  83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

THIRD RAIL is a reunion of the ensemble-formerly-known-as the Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective, Gary Butler (guitar, toys and stupidity), Warren Burt (laptop and electronics) and Houston Dunleavy (clarinet),with a range of special guests. For this event,  those guests include (but may not be limited to) Lloyd Honeybrook (sax) Tim Pledger (another sax), Belinda Woods (flute) and Tom Fryer (guitar). May include traces of nut.
Cat Hope wrote in her book ‘Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia’ : “. . . for all-out crazy chaos, nothing quite beats the free-spirited approach of the Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective (WANK).  This group takes Cornelius Cardew’s Scratch Orchestra model of the 1960s, and its politicisation of music, and gives it an Australian flavour.

Houston Dunleavy explains the name: “The third rail is the rail that runs between the two outside rails, providing electricity to the train. So it is a source of power – it is underground – and if you touch it, it will kill you. It also avoids the problems of applying for funding with an antisocial acronym!”
Info about previous gigs (with videos & photos included) here:

Third Rail - WarrenBurtWarren Burt is a composer, performer, video artist, sound poet, writer, instrument maker (both in hardware and software, electronic and acoustic) and a few other things. Before arriving in Australia in 1975, Warren Burt was “searching for the weird” in his native state of New York, picking-up hints of the experimentations in performance, poetry and visual art that were happening in New York City during the 1960s. Since the 1970s he has continued to perform and exhibit his compositional works internationally. Through mixing playful improvisation with machine interaction systems, Warren Burt creates musical objects that require an open-ended attitude to “listening and experiencing”.
Third Rail - HoustonHouston Dunleavy is a composer, conductor, improviser, clarinettist, academic, etc. He has conducted, and had his music performed in the USA, the UK, France, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Puerto Rico and Wollongong.
Third Rail - GaryGary Butler plays guitar with a wide variety of objects, from sex toys to rubber chickens. “If Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser became boring to you, you have ripened for the next step! . . .I have received a great pleasure from tracking a flight of fancy – of the actor taking both ordinary, and simply improbable, sounds from such a banal tool as a guitar!”
 The Age reviewed Gary Butler’s performance at 2004’s What Is Music? Festival: “He may have looked like a serial killer, but this was about controlled chaos.
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Sunday, 26 July 2015

TCB Stairwall: tarab - TCB - 29 Jul to 15 Aug 2015

TCB Stairwell
a sound installation by tarab (Eamon Sprod)
29 July – 15 August 2015
Curated by Aneta Trajkoski.
Threshold is a newly curated platform for sound artists to realize projects in curious spaces outside the gallery context. The first in this series sees Melbourne artist tarab (Eamon Sprod) create egress a site-specific sound installation in the TCB entrance stairwell.
tarab intercepts the dark and narrow route between the outside laneway and inside gallery space with sounds drawn from this path. Multiple channels and sound sources are configured to resonate surfaces and oscillate the stairwell, provoking the materiality and structural tendencies of the vertical space.
egress sonifies the stairwell, teasing out half-narratives, visceral sensation, false leads and heightened awareness. The installation seeks negotiation of the space and the sensations it pervades.
tarab composes a passage where ends become beginnings and boundaries are traversed. egress points to a perpetual liminal process of the heard and the unheard, the inside and out, the past and the present.
TCB Art Inc,
Level 1, 12 Waratah Place,
Melbourne CBD, Australia.
Installation on until 15 August. Open: Wed-Sat 12-6pm

(forwarded from tarab)

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver CD launch - Conduit Arts - 31 Jul 2015

30 CDs. 30 tracks. 30 performances.

Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver‘s “Discretions” is made up of 30 improvised tracks, designed to be played in random order. Issued by Shame File Music in a limited edition of 30, each CD has individually hand-drawn cover by Tasmanian artist, Anna Dusk. Each CD has a unique track order as well.

Joining Clinton & Barnaby on the night are:

Ernie Althoff
Carmen Chan
David Evans/Louise Kellerman

Around these guests, Clinton & Barnaby will present 30 short sets, sometimes playing simultaneously with other performances. Playing times (deep breath…):
  1. 8:01 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  2. 8:03 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  3. 8:04 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  4. 8:06 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  5. 8:09 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  6. 8:12 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  7. 8:13 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  8. 8:14 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  9. 8:20 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  10. 8:22 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  11. 8:25 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  12. 8:29 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  13. 8:30 – David Evans & Louise Kellerman
  14. 8:55 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  15. 8:57 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  16. 8:59 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  17. 9:14 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  18. 9:15 – Carmen Chan
  19. 9:25 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  20. 9:29 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  21. 9:38 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  22. 9:52 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  23. 9:53 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  24. 9:54 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  25. 10:00 – Ernie Althoff
  26. 10:08 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  27. 10:15 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  28. 10:20 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  29. 10:30 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  30. 10:40 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  31. 10:50 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  32. 10:51 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver
  33. 10:59 – Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver

The 30 CDs are available on the night. Get in early to choose your favourite cover – these are indeed works of art (view all 30 covers here ). Any remaining copies will be available from Shame File Music. A web app playing the 30 tracks and displaying the 30 images in random order is coming soon.

Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick Street Fitzroy
Friday 31 July 2015 – 8pm
$10/$15 with CD

Facebook event

More Talk, Less Action returns - The Channel - 13 Aug 2015

More Talk, Less Action is back for a free, one-off event at The Channel (on the side of the Arts Centre, next to Fattos overlooking the Yarra).

Join Clinton Green, Greg Wadley and three artists working closely with contemporary composition – Kate Neal, Sean Baxter and Alexander Garsden – as they explore the question: What does it mean to be a composer in Australia today? We’ll interpret this question on several levels: Philosophically – Where does composition stop and improvisation begin in an age of open-ended and graphical scores? Practically – How are software, new instruments and the Internet impacting how composition is done and what is composed? Career – What challenges do composers face, and what advice would our panel offer a young Australian contemplating life as a composer?

Thursday 13 August 2015 (7:30pm) – free entry
Kate Neal, Sean Baxter, Alexander Garsden
Venue: The Channel, Arts Centre, Melbourne.
Facebook event

Nat Grant, David Brown, Sam McAuliffe Ensemble - Longplay - 26 Jul 2015

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

DEATH BY CONES @ Conduit Arts - 01/08/2015

4 x noisemakers, 4 x amps in the 4 corners of a 4-sided room. Audience goes in the middle. Get comfortable and soak it up, or move around and find the sweet spots.

For this event there will be 3 different sets with 3 different line-ups...
Anne-Lise Ah-Fat, Jenny Barnes, James Tolman, Shane Van Den Akker

Richie Cyngler, Jason Heller, Peter James, Stephen Richards

Todd Anderson-Kunert, Llara Goodall, Nik Kennedy, Tom Miller

$10 entry
Conduit Arts - 83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Guitarelay - Bar Open - 19 Jul 2015

Happening this Sunday evening is the perfect event to warm your insides. 

GUITARELAY is a sonic and visual treat that will wash your winter woes away.

This is 16 guitarists performing an un-rehearsed and improvised audio-visual piece, these guitarists are:

·         Bonnie Mercer
·         Claire Birchall
·         Grace Anderson
·         Jane Dust
·         Kellie Lloyd (Screamfeeder)
·         Kim Myers (FUR)
·         Lara Sulio (Fourteen Nights At Sea)
·         Laura MacFarlane (ninety-nine) 
·         Lisa McKinney (Taipan Tiger Girls)
·         Marney Macleod (ZOND)
·         Mia Schoen (New Estate)
·         Penny Ikinger
·         Rachael Cooke (Clag)
·         Sarah McKenna (Tangrams)
·         Tamara Dawn (HITS)

These guitarists will respond and interact to each other aurally in a totally un-pre-determined way. There is potential for each performer to move in and out of the ongoing interactive soundscape being created before our very eyes, and ears! 

This aural performance will be mirrored by improvised visuals, overlaid on and encasing the performance space. These visuals will be provided by pioneering UK video artist Paul Rodgers – one of the very first video artists to be shown by the BBC, also with work included in the Tate Gallery (UK) permanent collection.


Sunday 19th July
Bar Open – Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Doors 8pm, performance starts 9pm
$10 entry, unreserved seating

Facebook event here

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Unravelled - Melbourne Recital Centre - 3 Aug 2015

Presented by Melbourne Recital Centre and Australian National Academy of Music
curated by Peter Neville compositions by James Hullick

Monday 3 August 6pm

A unique compositional voice in Australia

This concert will unravel some of the central threads to James Hullick’s unique compositional 
voice. Ranging across recontextualisations of interactive scores, electronic sound, percussion, 
piano culture and chamber music writing, this program will map out 20 years of composition 
by Hullick.

ANAM musicians will join Hullick’s BOLT Ensemble members in sharing the work of this 
increasingly noted Australian composer and performer.
This project has been assisted by JOLT Arts via the Australian Government through the
Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.
ANAM Musicians will join members of Hullick’s BOLT Ensemble in sharing the work of 
this increasingly noted Australian composer and performer.

HULLICK Coercion Vivesection
HULLICK (. . . and set my teeth) In the Silver of the Moon
HULLICK You died and left me here to weep
HULLICK post monolithic drift
HULLICK Annihilated Levitated 
HULLICK The Weight of Sapiens
James Hullick –– piano
Peter Neville –– co-curator/percussion
BOLT Ensemble
ANAM Musicians


Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre, 31 Sturt Street,
Melbourne, Victoria, 3006 Australia

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Clinton Green & Shani Mohini-Holmes - La Musica - 20 July 2015

Leaving Taiwan today, Clinton Green wings it back to Melbourne to play a duo performance with Shani Mohini-Holmes at La Mama Musica on Monday 20 July. Clinton has written a piece for vocals/text for Shani called “Namechanger”, this is the world premiere! It was written especially for the ‘X’ entry of his Address Book project  . How can Shani Mohini-Holmes be the ‘X’ entry, you ask? Well, the performance involves Shani ‘legally’ changing her name to ‘Shani Xceptional’.
Clinton and Shani will also be improvising some other text-based works.
La Musica, La Mama Theatre, Faraday Street, Carlton
Monday 20 July 2015 – 7:30pm

Inland - Church of All Nations - 20 July 2015

inland 15.2

- i am a city of habits -

performances by:

James Rushford & Joe Talia
Aviva Endean
Joy Lee
Rohan Drape
Alexander Garsden

and featuring work by Andrew Byrne

Flier artwork by Karla Pringle

8pm, Monday 20th July, Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St. Carlton.
Tickets: Full $20/Concession $12, Available at the door

(forwarded from Alexander Garsden)

Ladyz in Noyz Australia

 Ladyz in Noyz Australia is comprised of a group of female sound, noise and experimental artists from around Australia. LINA will be launching Ladyz in Noyz Australia Vol. I & II, a comprehensive 2-disc compilation. The founder of Ladyz in Noyz, Marlo De Lara, will be taking part as mentor, performer and guest speaker. 
LINA are special guests at this year’s This Is Not Art festival. 
The tour will travel to Bendigo, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Newcastle to celebrate five years of Ladyz in Noyz Australia performances and 2 CD releases. 
Help get Ladyz in Noyz Australia on the road by contributing to the funding campaign.

* Drawing by Jess Hall, Layout by Fjorn Butler
(forwarded from Lara Sulo)

Monday, 13 July 2015

Prion Pie presents Furchick, Worng, Nat Grant, Slight Nightmare and Light Sleeper
Saturday July 18 at Tago Mago
744 High Street Thornbury



Fur will fly
Stare into the middle distance
Collage of sound
Ambient disturbance
State of decay, odd dreams, memories and long walks   

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Dinner and a Show - Cross Street - 18 Jul 2015

A new monthly series of home-cooked food and exploratory performance.

Janette Hoe - dancer, Dur-é Dara and Ren Walters - musicians, are interested in articulating qualities of relational space through sounding, physicality and energetic exchange with each other. The performance appears as a unique construction always determined by the context and situation, it’sunpredictability a method for desired intensity.

Attending to breathing spaces and mouth details, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Rosalind Hall experiment with similarities between abstract voice and saxophone. The jump between interior and exterior perspectives of the instruments brings focus to the textures, movements and embodiment of sound.

Santo Cazzati is a spoken word artist. The son of Italian immigrants to Australia, he emerged from past lives as a classical concert pianist and avant-garde jazz musician to teach at an elite Melbourne private school which must remain anonymous in order to protect those concerned. He performs in a range of styles, from fast rhythmical delivery to slow atmospheric meditation, with a strong music influence.

6.30pm start (doors @ 6)
Entry by Donation

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


Avantwhatever Monthly – July 2015

Martin Kay (Microphones, mixer and recordings)
Michael McNab (Percussion)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St
Saturday July 18
Entry $10 | 3pm

Avantwhatever Monthly is held at The Alderman in Brunswick. This year it’ll be happening on different days and at different times month to month. Join the Avantwhatever group on Facebook or go to and sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and events.

Performer details:

Martin Kay

I am a sound recordist/artist/designer currently producing audio-montages and compositions that explore the intersection of architecture, psychoacoustics, social-dynamics and place. My works are constructed primarily from un-mixed and un-edited environmental sound recordings, which I capture using a mixture of straight, extended and oblique recording techniques – probing the various unheard material realities, angles and perspectives of a given sound event, as well as providing a tactile space that has surface, texture and reflection, whereby the listener is sensitised to hearing as if it were touch. Through employing a technologically limited (recording focused) work methodology, I have been increasingly motivated to find inventive ways of capturing sound, and increasingly compelled to develop fresh compositional approaches that reflect my own psychological and emotional relationships to the places and situations I encounter.

Michael McNab

Michael McNab is a percussionist and electronic musician based in Melbourne. He is a member of Tchake with Josten Myburgh and performs regularly with the THIS ensemble.