Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Crushing Thatch - Monkey - 2 Mar 2014

(forwarded from Dave Brown)
Adam Simmons and I are getting close to completing a recording project for our duo titled “Crushing Thatch”. So in order to celebrate the soon to settle relief of completion we’re performing this Sunday evening at Monkey ahead of another show in Ballarat to take place at L’Espresso cafe on the evening of Sunday 30th March.This Sunday we’ll be supported by Brett Evans and David Palliser on saxophones. So it’ll be an intimate woodwind fest.

In a peculiar interpretation of East meets West, Crushing Thatch enjoin absorption in the beauties of refined control of breath and pitch with attention to a multiplicity of atonalities derived from prepared guitar. Simmons’ longtime study of the Traditional Japanese repertoire for the Shakuhachi alongside an even more lengthy involvement with a broad range of other woodwind instruments, primarily through the Jazz milieu, mesh with Browns’ two decade long development of a plethora of extended techniques and refinement of a collection of everyday utensils for manipulation of the semi-acoustic guitar. These instrumental combinations open into a world of enlarged tiny sounds and textures intertwined with the sonic passage of air, woody timbres and melody that draw and tug at each other coaxing unforeseen aural elements from one another. Together Simmons and Brown instantaneously compose a new, odd, free Folk music.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Camilla Hannan/Eamon Sprod - NGV - 28 Feb 2014

(forwarded from Eamon Sprod):

Camilla Hannan and I will be conducting a rare duo performance this friday at 6pm at the NGV: federation square

for their Friday Night at Melb Now evenings

for more details on the whole evenings activities check here


the website says we will be performing on Level 2 - and while this is true....

the idea is that you will listen from Level 1: Australian and Torres Straight Islander gallery

or where ever else you choose I guess


still not sure exactly what we will cook up

but maybe we will see you there



Thursday, 20 February 2014

Tuesday February 25th @ the Make It Up Club

This installment of Make It Up Club is a selection of brutalissimo sound purveyors lurking across thresholds of various soundworlds in the electronic crud-smeared underbelly of Melbourne's DIY noise arena. With a unifying love of suffocating densities and sublime reverberant immersion, Vijay Thillaimuthu's high-ish electrowizardry aesthetic and Nik Kennedy's low-ish scumcore sonic strategy render such descriptive dichotomies utterly irrelevant. Wikipedia defines Nathan Gray as an artistic standard that describes a protocol, digital interface and connectors capable of manipulating a variety of electronic musical instruments, computers and other aleatoric sources into connecting and communicating with one another. And the post-grim powered electronics of Ciarán Geoghegan will be wilfully smashed into the robust industrial-strength ambience borne of Todd Anderson-Kunert's electric assemblage, in a supercollision of extreme frequencies. 

Vijay Thillaimuthu (Electronics) & Nik Kennedy (Voice, Electronics)
Nathan Gray (Case Full of MIDI)
Ciarán Geoghegan (Electronics) & Todd Anderson-Kunert (Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
4/3: Tony Buck [DE], Dudes With Trowels; No Fuckwit w/ Rod Cooper; Jonathon Nokes & Markus Cook
11/3: Ghost Gums; Simon Charles & Alisdair McIndoe; Royal Melbourne Noise Choir
18/3: Julian Percy [DE], Yvan Volochine [DE] (Computer) & Sean Baxter (Percussion); Ned Collette & Joe Talia; THIS Ensemble
25/3: Pissbolt; Holy Boner; Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch & Sean Baxter
1/4: Duckjuggler; PROPAGATIONS (Bris)
8/4: Tim Coster; Jonathan Nokes
15/4: Will Guthrie (FR); Austin Buckett (SYD); Jenny Barnes
22/4: Lowest Common Denominator
29/4: Poletopra; Anthony Pateras (BEL); Marco Fusinato; Francis Plagne

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Primitive Calculator's 'Little Bands' - Old Bar - 20 Feb 2014

Hot on the heals of interstate launch shows for their debut studio album, Primitive Calculators re-ignite their 'Little Bands' concept with a night co-curated with Neumusak at The Old Bar in Fitzroy, on Thursday 20th February.


The Little Bands scene originally ran over a couple of years circa 1978-81. The edict being that a band forms for a one off show, performs 15 minutes of 'songs' and disappears. With such a crash and burn motos operandi, the scene was a magnet for an incredibly high level of creativity, experimentation and fresh, raw expression. It also spawned collaborations that would go on to become the likes of Hunters & Collectors and Boom Crash Opera, as well as cult ikons back in the day, Shower Scene From Psycho.


Read more about the original Little Bands scene here


For this event on Thursday 20th February, the likes of Harry Howard, members of The Dacios and Puta Madre Brothers have each formed Little Bands. There will also be a 'mystery headline' act to close out the evening!


Further lineup and set time details here


An unique night, created by a band that, after 35 years, has never decided to sit still and press replay!




Primitive Calculator's 'Little Bands'

A bunch of Little Bands and a 'mystery headliner'

- Thurs 20th February - The Old Bar

Event on Facebook here

(forwarded from Neumusak)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Sound Moves @ MUSIKUNST - 4pm Sat 1st March 2014


This month Musikunst presents Sound Moves. Curated by Ciaran Geoghegan this will be an audio and visual experience where homemade movies, found film and stock footage will be indiscriminately soundtracked by three distinct performances.

The mysterious duo of Whoreface Killah and Professor Blood make their long awaited debut performance bringing banging beats, bleeding bass, nauseous noise and other assorted sounds into your heads.

The mood darkens with the blackened guitar sound-scrapes of Ciaran Geoghegan and the primal, cathartic vocal stylings of Shane Van Den Akker rip through the dark recesses of the Great Britain basement.

Disco like you have never heard before as Piers Morgan and Ciaran Geoghegan manipulate various electronic devices to make your feet move and ears bleed.

Warning: Some may find elements of the visual content distressing (but what else would you expect!)

doors 4:00pm, performance 4:20pm, entry $5

Seensound - Loop Bar - 19 Feb 2014

Seensound: Visual/Music Series

19th Feb. 2014 at 8:00pm

 Loop Bar Back Room

23 Meyers Place, Melbourne

Entry $10/$5

 Visual/Music Screenings
Andrew Hill, Dirk de Bruyn, Mark Pollard/Paul Fletcher, Ben Carey,
Irene Proebsting/Barry Brown, Brigid Burke, Grayson Cooke and Mark Pedersen

The SeenSound: Visual/Music series provides a space for the presentation of short visual/music works. Visual/Music series commenced in 2011, curated by Melbourne-based audio-visual artist Brigid Burke, and is proudly supported by LOOP bar.

The next Seensound event will feature videos selected from the 2014 callout on the 9th April including artists Dennis Miller, Ann Johston/Miller Allen, Roger Alsop, Louise Harris, Johannes S. Sistermanns and Andy Thomas

(forwarded from Brigid Burke)

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Tuesday February 18th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at the Make It Up Club we present a massive lineup of some of the most superb textural evokers currently plumbing the deep recesses of the sonoverse for audial delicacies and as-yet-unplayed sources of sonic gratification. Great Waitress deal in exquisitely tense ephemeralities, integrating unwavering focus and unrelenting dynamism into a lucid amalgamation of spontaneous wind and string excitation, which makes for awesome sounds to hear. Corey Fogel returns to the Bar Open stage almost exactly a year after his solo Melbournian debut to catch us up on how his percussive explorations have evolved over the past 378 days: expect further scrapes, whacks and struck reverberations. Displaying the upmost empathy in their masterful intergenerational musical dialogue, local improv progenitor Ren Walters engages with young-gun extemporisers Matthias Schack-Arnott and Scott McConnachie for some ecstatic outcome-via-process. And yet another first-time assemblage of proficiently accomplished impromptu (a)tonal fabricators - Sam McAuliffe, Reuben Lewis and Tony Hicks, who will selflessly subject themselves to a period of pure uncertainty for your listening pleasure. 

Great Waitress feat. Magda Mayas [DE] (Clavinet), Monika Brooks [NSW] (Accordion) & Laura Altman [NSW] (Clarinet)
Corey Fogel [USA] (Drums)
Ren Walters (Guitar), Matthias Schack-Arnott (Percussion) & Scott McConnachie (Saxophone)
Sam McAuliffe (Guitar), Reuben Lewis (Trumpet) & Tony Hicks (Bass, Saxophone)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
25/2: Vijay Thillaimuthu & Nik Kennedy; Nathan Gray; Ciaran Gheoghegan & Todd Anderson-Kunert
4/3: Tony Buck [DE], Dudes With Trowels; No Fuckwit w/ Rod Cooper; Jonathon Nokes & Markus Cook
11/3: Ghost Gums; Simon Charles & Alisdair McIndoe; Royal Melbourne Noise Choir
18/3: Julian Percy [DE], Yvan Volochine [DE] (Computer) & Sean Baxter (Percussion); Ned Collette & Joe Talia; THIS Ensemble
25/3: Pissbolt; Holy Boner; Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch & Sean Baxter

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Dave Brown & Spill - Monkey - 13 Feb 2014

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Tony Buck, Magda Mayas and I are making an annual habit, around this time of year, of getting together to perform in the intimate surroundings of "Monkey" bar.

We're doing so again this Thursday evening where "Spill" will perform as a duo and then I'll join them for a trio set. If you're in Melbourne or nearby try to make it along to catch 2 of Europe and Australia's premier improvisors.

Where: Monkey, 181 St George's Road, Fitzroy North, Ph. 9489 5764

When: 8PM, Thursday 13th February, 2014, entry by donation in the ice-bucket

Who: Spill (Magda Mayas: clavinet, Tony Buck: drums/percussion)

          candlesnuffer: prepared guitar

Friday, 7 February 2014

Tuesday February 11th @ the Make It Up Club

This Tuesday at the Make It Up Club prepare to get blasted into the electronic realm of the sonoverse as six electrifying young circuitry abusers inflict their will upon the speaker cones of Bar Open, your ears and brains. A first-time trio of epic sonic proportions, namely firebrand aural punishers Carey Knight, Samaan Fieck & Nik Kennedy, will rain molten detritus of mangled frequencies triggered by years of being called 'emerging artists'. Travis John presents a systematic and methodical torture session for guitar, wreaking intense sonic pressure on a robustly resonant body to evoke skull-splintering drones from a simple combination of string, pickup and amp. And scumcore noise brutalisers Harriet Morgan and Luke Holland channel analog scree as Armour Group, scouring the aether of the ancient occult, antediluvian war and archaic historical sources for sonic insight. 

Carey Knight (Electronics), Samaan Fieck (Electronics) & Nik Kennedy (Voice, Electronics)
Travis John (Guitar)
Armour Group feat. Harriet Morgan (Electronics) & Luke Holland (Electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
18/2: Magda Mayas [DE], Monika Brooks & Laura Altman; Ren Walters, Matthias Schack-Arnott & Scott McConnachie; Dave Tolley, Reuben Lewis & Sam McAuliffe
25/2: Vijay Thillaimuthu & Nik Kennedy; Nathan Gray; Ciaran Gheoghegan & Todd Anderson-Kunert
4/3: Tony Buck [DE], Dudes With Trowels; No Fuckwit w/ Rod Cooper; Jonathon Nokes & Markus Cook
11/3: Ghost Gums; Simon Charles & Alisdair McIndoe; Royal Melbourne Noise Choir
18/3: Julian Percy [DE], Yvan Volochine [DE] (Computer) & Sean Baxter (Percussion); Ned Collette & Joe Talia; THIS Ensemble
25/3: Pissbolt; Holy Boner; Peter Hyde, Chris Nylstoch & Sean Baxter

Quiet Noise III - West Footscray - 15 Feb 2014

Quiet Noise III

Acoustic/low amplified experimental music.

Warren Burt (solo, and with Tim Catlin)
Ernie Althoff
Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver

Free entry/Free music
House/backyard show
Saturday 15 Feburary, 2pm
15 Neil Street
West Footscray

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Charles Ives Singers - Kings - Thursdays in Feb 2014

Opening FRIDAY 7 Feb 6-9PM

Exhibition runs 7 FEBRUARY thru 1 MARCH 2014
The Charles Ives Singers 
Subject to Sound
Formed in 1992, The Charles Ives Singers have become a Melbourne Underground Institution. The group consists of renowned visual artists David Palliser, Alexis Ensor & Victor Meertens & Breadman. They released their first recording (cassette) as Those Naughty Rays, Yarraville 001, in 1992 & first performed live at The Toff on The Town in 2008, curated by Marco Fusinato. They do not rehearse or plan a gig as they rely on the stealth of being alive... They approach sound out of love for it. They are totally ready to fail in concert & sometimes come close. To be untrained in sound construction they consider a blessing. They view amateurism as a gift & intuition as their illogical ally. But as the man said, ”See them before they get better”. They play a mix of homemade & customary instruments with Victor performing free stream of consciousness vocals, his monologues often integrating daily news with touching personal observations with David P. on sax & percussion; Alexis as the cigar-box guitar virtuoso... It’s almost like driving a car on familiar roads & terrain but blindfolded. David Palliser was the heart of the legendary People With Chairs Up Their Noses. Alexis is one of the most important chroniclers of the Melbourne 80’s visual arts scene through his photographic archive. Victor cut his solo performance teeth during his Australia council fellowship year at Kuenstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin 94/95. The Charles Ives Singers present an exhibition of new work as well as a series of live performances. Together they make mayhem an appellation.

David Palliser is represented by Block Projects, Melbourne.

Friday 7th of Feb, 8pm. (Opening night)
Thursday 13th, 8pm.
Thursday 20th, 8pm.
Thursday 27th, 8pm.
Level 1 / 171 Kings Street
Melbourne, Victoria 3000
(forwarded from John Nixon) 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Warehouse Music Disposal

Hello. Myself and some buddies have started up a bigcartel webstore to distribute experimental art and music that we have created or are involved with mostly from the Melbourne area. Stocking artefacts from labels such as: Future Archaic, Magik Crowbar, Trapdoor Tapes, Whiteness & Pinkness, Black Magik Tapes, etc. Please click if and look around you are interested in experimental noise, industrial, techno or psychedelic avenues of creation. This page will be updated frequently.

Arthur Cantrill's "Hootonics" LP available soon + Shame File Mailorder additions

Coming soon on Shame File Music:

Arthur Cantrill Hootonics LP:
After being mooted for several years, the soundtrack to Arthur and Corinne Cantrill's 1970 feature-length film HARRY HOOTON will soon be available. Hootonics features the groundbreaking music/sound created by Arthur to accompany the film, using a variety of musique concrete/tape techniques, collage, and treated recordings of early CSIRO mainframe computers. Hootonics is not only a unique document of the extraordinary soundtrack of this film, but an instance of proto-electronic noise music decades ahead of its time. Available soon on limited edition 12" vinyl (300 copies) + download. 
Pre-order your copy now for a special discounted price: $26ppd, or include Arthur Cantrill's Chromatic Mysteries: soundtracks 1963-2009 CD for a total of $40ppd. For a short time only from Shame File Music.
Still available/still growing - Clinton Green Address Book free download: an evolving album of collaborative tracks between Clinton Green and a range of other artists, spanning the breadth of Green's 20+ years of musical exploration. Tracks will be added gradually and in alpha order according the band/surname of the collaborator, until this virtual address book of collaborations is complete. Address Book is nearly at the halfway mark, recently posting 'K' (for Zac Keiller). Some of the collaborating artists featured so far include Ernie Althoff, Sean Baxter, Rod Cooper, Isomer, Marco Fusinato and more.
New additions to Shame File Mailorder/distribution:
Shame File has three recent releases in stock from WA-based electroacoustic/New Music ensemble, Decibel, led by Cat Hope:

Decibel Stasis Ecstatic LP:  A great selection of contemporary Australian electro-acoustic compositions performed by new music ensemble, Decibel, exploring graphic and mutating notation from a range of Australian composers. Lindsay Vickery's "Ghost of Departed Quantities" is the standout piece; a composition which gradually disappears over time as parts of the score disappear before the performers' eyes. Also included is Julian Day's sonic interpretation of building demolition "Beginning To Collapse", Alan Lamb's "The Infinity Machine" (ending in a locked groove), and other works by Cat Hope, Malcolm Riddoch and Stuart James. Comes in a gatefold cover with LP size booklet and download code.

Decibel Still and Moving Lines: Decibel perform compositions by Alvin Lucier CD - Australian new music ensemble Decibel performing four works by Alvin Lucier, three of which are previously unrecorded. Ever Present (2002), the only work offered here that has been recorded before is for flute, saxophone, and piano with slow sweep pure wave oscillator and is considered by many to be Lucier’s most musical work. Carbon Copies (1989) is for saxophone, piano, flute and playback; the work investigates musicians imitating their environments. Hands (1994) is for organ with four players. The performers use their hands to subtly alter the harmonics produced from the pipes of an organ. Shelter (1967) is for vibration pickups, amplification system and enclosed space and finds Lucier offering the sounds of outside a performance space. All these works as always are amazing examples of Alvin Lucier’s fertile mind and exploring, experimental sensibility. One of the true originals.
Decibel Disintegration: Mutation CD: Two electroacoustic compositions each from Decibel members, Cat Hope and and Lindsay Vickery, including bowed carving knives on Hope's "Kuklinski's Dream".

Camilla Hannan Strangelands CD Hannan's long-awaited follow up to More Songs About Factories creates audio soundscapes for four imaginary locations, employing all her skill as a subtle manipulator of field recordings to conjure these audio worlds to life.

Tristan Louth-Robins The Path Described CD Louth-Robins uses field recordings of the natural world, with heavy emphasis on waterways and birdlife, to create sound works recreating his childhood home on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia. Yet these are not staid field recordings; episodes of underwater submergence and close-mic'd crashing waves give the listener the experience of being in the environment of the composer's memory.

Jay-Dea Lopez The Great Silence CD This CD's title refers to the sonic interpretationi of Terra Nullius; European white settlers classification of Australia as an empty, unoccupied land. Drawing on nocturnal field recordings from Australia's sub-tropical forests, Lopez's compositional tools include crickets, frogs, cicadas, creeks and approaching storms, to imagine the living soundscape that the first settlers refused to hear or see.

These titles plus hundreds more are available from