Thursday, 31 October 2013


A meeting of avant-rock, hardcore fueled heavyweights, and ecstatic free noise:
EXHAUSTION wield the negative/downer sensibility like they invented it. RATSAK gnaw at the bones of hardrock and vomit out sick hard/heavy classics via 80′s HC. MARCO FUSINATO extends the language of guitar to distressed oblivion, compounding electronic detritus into over-amplified aural weapons: unleashing tsunamis of ecstatic free noise.

Sunday 3 Nov. Bar Open. 8.30p.m. Free Entry.


+ DJ Holy Pockets keeping you broke between sets.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

OpenLAB at Eurisko! 2nd & 3rd November

This month's OpenLAB is at Eurisko Melbourne!

Saturday/Sunday 2-3 November 2013, Arts House Meat Market, North Melbourne

Performances and presentations from: Kit Webster, Brad Hammond, Chris Rainer, Obscotch, Vijay Thillaimuthu, cleaninglady, Matt Refund, Mitchel Mollison, Morgan McWaters, Ceri Haan, Paul Fletcher, Dale Nason, Seame Campbell, Nat Grant, Richie Cyngler, Todd Anderson-Kunert, Dave Foreman, Nik Kennedy, Mark Perdersen, Calavera and more(you?)!

Eurisko is a community celebration of discovering by doing: it's a 2-day meetup, in the amazing Arts House Meat Market. It's for anyone passionate about hands-on (DIY) Do It Yourself and Do It With Others (DIWO) experiential learning.

Over the course of this two-day event, you can learn about making: DIY 3D printing, yarn bombing, space exploration, instrument making, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots, music making, wearable electronics, sustainable systems, electric vehicles and more. The event will help you to get connected and get you hands-on with your own projects too.

Eurisko is from the ancient Greek and means "discover by doing", and the event is a glorious celebration of the enjoyment of DIY: A wonderful exploration of inventiveness, skill and community, daring and sharing.  We've curated the event to provide a platform for passionate makers, crafters, hackers, tinkerers, players, sustainability experts and many others to meet each other and share their projects and skills with each other and the public.

Eurisko is something everyone does, every day, throughout their entire lifetime: you might know it as heuristic or experiential learning. These concepts are central to a growing transformation happening globally, a revolution in the form of 'knowledge activism' as people reconsider how we make, use and share things.

In addition to the enjoyment and satisfaction of it, a lot of what drives makers and other heuristic learners are fundamental philosophies and principles.  Sharing knowledge openly, the hacker and maker movements, and the community workspaces they create to support their communities are part of the foundation of this change.  So too is the growing global focus on sustainable living and collaborative consumption.
Event passes are available on a pre-booking basis, which gives participants a multiple-entry passport to the event: come and go as you please over the two days.   General admission is $10, concession/ student: $5, family is $20 and children under 12 are free.

Purchase tickets for eurisko Melbourne 2013
Participate Tickets:

Monday, 28 October 2013

Adam Simmons vs Brian O'Dwyer residency - Empress - Nov/Dec 2013

'Like a hippopotamus giving birth to an elephant on a cargo train during the Holocaust...'

Adam Simmons Vs Brian O'Dwyer is a monstrous free jazz collaboration fluffing and flaunting about since 2008.

Darting between subtle nuance and abrasive exploration the duo create and react in cohesive conversation not for the faint of heart.
Releasing two studio albums, one live recording, and having performed a plethora of live shows Simmons and O'Dwyer return to The Empress for four weeks of intensive improvised madness.

Each week will present a different family of instruments; Saxophones, Clarinets, Flutes and lastly TOYS!

(Please note all dates are Sunday afternoons)

November 17th: Saxophones
w/ Kerrie Farnsworth
November 24th: Clarinets
w/ Dave Brown
December 1st: Flutes
w/ Gelareh Pour & Mick Trembath
December 15th: Toys
w/ Daniel Tedford

TIME: 3:00PM

COST: $10 Full // $5 Concession
Kids under 18 accompanied by parents/guardians free

All gigs will be child friendly with an extra recommendation for the toys event.

Listen to Adam Simmons Vs Brian O'Dwyer here:
Into The Fire:

(forwarded from Brian O'Dwyer)

I Was A Bum Once Myself: The Boxcar Revelations Of Harry Partch - Wonderland Spiegeltent - 17 Nov 2-13

Sunday 17 November at 7pm


co-presented with Melbourne Music Week 2013 

I Was A Bum Once Myself: The Boxcar Revelations Of Harry Partch

Within the spectacular interior of the Wonderland Spiegeltent, Chris Rainier co-presented with Melbourne Music Week 2013 presents an evening of music by the maverick American composer, theorist and instrument-builder Harry Partch [1901-1974]. Influencing the likes of Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and Steve Reich, Partch’s legacy continues to resonate with both artists and audiences.

'I Was A Bum Once Myself' focuses on Partch’s rarely-heard works for voice and adapted guitar. Composed during the early 1940’s, these pieces were inspired by his years as a hobo, riding the rails during the Depression. Hitchhiker’s inscriptions, snatches of inebriated dialogue, and letters from ex-convicts are all brought to life using his unique microtonal scale of 43 notes to the octave. These found and overheard texts paint a dark and desperate personal vision of America laced with humour, profanity and repressed desire.

The concert will include the Australasian premieres of various Partch compositions, all performed on a specially commissioned guitar.

Chris Rainier is a multi-instrumentalist, performer, composer/improviser and visual artist.

All details and directions;

Sunday 17 November at 7pm

Wonderland Spiegeltent, 120 Pearl River Road [under the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel], Harbour Town, Docklands

Getting to the Wonderland Spiegeltent - click here.

Tickets $15

Presented as part of Melbourne Music Week’s Self-Made program.
Curated by Sophia Brous and Woody MacDonald.

(forwarded from Chris Rainier)

Janette Hoe with David Palliser/The Charles Ives Singers - D11 - 2 Nov 2013

Janette Hoe (dance) accompanied by David Palliser / The Charles Ives Singers

Supported by Ceri Hann and Stevie Richards

This event features experimental music and dance in the current mixed media exhibition

"Wildlife Loves Silica Gel" by Chrissy Meyer & Dale Nason.

5 - 10pm (main act at 7.30 approx). Gold coin donation on entry.


D11 at Docklands:
Shop 3 427 Docklands Drive
Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3008

For details of times, etc. see FB event:

For further details contact:
(forwarded from Dale Nason)

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Experimental Melbourne gig guide Oct/Nov 2013

Here's the Experimental Melbourne gig guide for the next month, going to air on Far Side Virtual Monday night from 12am, on 3PBS-FM.

Friday, 25 October 2013

Bogong ELECTRIC performance programme, 1-5 Nov 2013

The full detailed programme of performances, installations and other events for the upcoming performance programme of the Bogong ELECTRIC festival is now online.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Fla$h Fund: Saturday 2nd November @ Conduit Arts Fitzroy

Saturday 2nd November
Conduit Arts - 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy
8pm start, $10 door.

The first two Noise Flash's have been a hell of a lot of fun, for both performers and audience members alike. Heading into Noise Flash #3 in early 2014, we've decide to attempt to generate some funds to helps us with the running expenses of the event.

A large part of this is AAA batteries to power all the radio transmitters! But we also have hopes to generate enough funds in order to obtain radios that can be rented/borrowed at the Noise Flash performances. The overall plan is to allow the project to grow, and to keep it free.

Artists will be performing in improvised groups on the evening, drinks will be flowing, and the audio will be audible without an FM radio for a change! So drop in, show some support, and give us your money!

Featuring performances from:

Dominic Kavanagh
Richie Cyngler

Royal Melbourne Noise Choir
Sir David Prescott-Steed
Baron Ciarán Geoghegan
Piers Viscount du Voisin
Lord Shane Van Den Akker

Todd Anderson-Kunert

Vijay Thillaimuthu
Llara Goodall

Facebook event:

Monday, 21 October 2013

Tuesday 22 October @ Make It Up Club

The penultimate audible libation for this month's Rocktober officiations is another searingly psychedelic soirée, with three weightily ponderous groupings of human beings with a penchance for long sonic helices engaging in the improv idiom. Dead take the engine room of rock, the humble drums-and-bass, and somehow make them sound like an orchestra of resonant steel girders and shipping containers smashing against your skull whilst cranking out hypnotically repetitive neck-ruining riffs. Exhaustion are an aptly-named band with their uncompromising motorik downer-boogie, mangled guitar scrape and grimly saturated vocal desperation - on this occasion with the devastating saxophonic assault of Kris Wanders they risk living up to their press release as "the perfect way to ruin what's left of your life". And Wunderlust push minimalism to obsessive extremes as they marry the Krautrock approach to the droning dirgeful doom of post-80s Melvinic raucous roll in the midst of a storm of howling distortion.

• DEAD feat. Jace (Bass) & Jem (Drums)
• Exhaustion feat. Duncan Blachford (Guitar, Vox), Per Byström (Percussion), Ian Wadley (Bass) & Kris Wanders (Saxophone)
• Wunderlust feat. Skivvy Wu (Drums, Guitar, slacoV), Adam (Guitar, Synth), Cal (Bass) & David (Guitar, Moog, Drum Programming)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Friday, 18 October 2013

Andrew Robson Quintet
Andrew Robson is an award-winning alto saxophone player and composer. He will perform his arrangements of songs collected by Grainger from Lincolnshire folk singer, Joseph Taylor. His ensemble includes James Greening (trombone), Alister Spence (harmonium), Brett Hirst
(double bass) and Toby Hal (drums).

Sunday 20 October at 2:30pm
At the Grainger Museum
Gate 13, Royal Parade
University of Melbourne
Cost: Adults $20, Concession $15

We very much look forward to seeing you there! 

Grainger Museum | The University of Melbourne

More Talk, Less Action - West Space - 23 Oct 2013

West Space presents the fifth installment of More Talk, Less Action, a series of events incorporating performance and discussion about music.

"Our ears are now in excellent condition — sound in the gallery and online" features Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, Helen Grogan and Rosalind Hall and is moderated by Rowan McNaught and Kelly Fliedner, co-editors of the West Space Journal.

Please join us as we attempt to discuss some very low-level, unfixed (and kind of daunting) themes: curating sound art in the gallery,... the perceived shifts in value of 'uprooted' documentation of sound art in comparison to live physical performance, migrating and exchanging sound art online, and the relationship between the internet and sound art culture. Ok!

Rosalind Hall and Alice Hui-Sheng will perform as a duo on the night, followed by a secret experiment in documentation/reproduction.

Wednesday 23 October, 7:30pm
West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke St, Melbourne

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

BAND-BRAWL! @ MUSIKUNST --- 4pm Saturday 26th October

This month MUSIKUNST and All Tomorrows Hangovers presents 3 sets of pshych/noise/metal inspired band brawling, featuring conglomerations of aural tentacles of shreiking and brass and guitars and electronics and percussion and stuff!!!

Horrormovie soundtracks for the warm-hearted and the hard of hearing
Piers du Voisin: amplified wood/steel/brass
Shane Van Den Akker: vocals
Steven Gill: electric guitar
Shane Caeser: drums

Psychic time-drift ejected from the void.
Yuka Discobeans: vocals
Nik Kennedy: instruments/electronics
Matt Faisandier: drums

All in shit fight to the death

4pm Saturday 26th October
As always, doors 4 pm, performance 4:30 pm, $10 / $5 conc.
GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Noise Picnic #2 - Northcote - 19 Oct 2013

Name says it all, and yes there was another noise picnic a few years ago - I'm not the genius who thought of this, but I'd like to make it a regular-ish thang.

This is a DEER HEAD APPARITION event. Who? We're a no-core member collective, that meet (irregularly) to jam out spontaneous, psychedelic, noisy, or whatever, experimental music. Anyone is welcome to participate.'Talent' and 'musical ability' not necessary or encouraged, just a sensitivity to the nuances of the jam.

We'll be supplying way too much battery power, a PA speaker or two, plus power boards and a 12 channel mixer. So bring stuff that plugs into RCA or quarter inch and standard AC power. There's no need to bring your own amps but hell, you can if you want to. Some of you may want to bring extra mixers I don't know, depends how many peeps end up coming along.

Oh and this is a picnic!! BYO food and booze. Kids welcome, no dickheadz thanks. [We may have a bbq and gas not yet confirmed.]

Where? Go to the end of Beavers Rd (west) in Northcote. Walk a little further to you get to the gate, and let your senses guide you! We'll be near Merri creek.
(forwarded from oskr audio)

Monday, 14 October 2013


Avantwhatever Monthly - October 2013

Alex Cuffe (Self made instruments)
Thembi Soddell (Sampler)
Nigel Brown (Accordion)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St

Wednesday October 30

Entry $10 | 8pm

Avantwhatever Monthly is held the last Wednesday of every month at The Alderman in Brunswick - join the Avantwhatever group on Facebook or go to and sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and events.

Friday, 11 October 2013

Jorge Ramirez - Disco Beans - 13 Oct 2013

This Sunday Mexican noise artist, Jorge Ramirez performs in Melbourne before leaving for interstate engagements. 

Jorge is in Australia as a guest of the International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality in Adelaide. Following performances, presentation and panelist appearances at ISMAR, Jorge is conducting a brief tour of Australia.

As part of this Jorge performs a set entitled 'Avon Revlon' this Sunday (13th Oct) at vegan friendly cafe and performance space, Disco Beans. Alongside Jorge there will be sets from some new collabortaions - Venus Fly Trap, Occult Gibblet, Is. Not. More. and The Convoy. 

Entry is $5, byo, 6pm start

Jorge Ramirez sounds here

This event on Facebook

Disco Beans is at 539 Plenty Road, Preston
(forwarded from Neumusak)

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Judith Hamann wins The Age Music Victoria Genre Award for Best Experimenta/Avant Garde Act

Congratulations to Judith Hamann for winning Best Experimental/Avant Garde Act at The Age Music Victoria Genre Awards tonight. Kudos to all the nominees - Aviva Endean, Mark Groves, Dave Brown and Nik Kennedy.

Dave Brown - Monkey - 13 & 20 Oct 2013

I have shows at Monkey Bar the next two Sunday evenings. First up, this Sunday, Adam Simmons and I will be revisiting our duo ( with the tentative Moniker: Fishes and Scorpions) and we'll be supported, and joined by Nick Tsiavos. Then the following Sunday Helium Clench (Tim Catlin & David Brown) will be accompanied by Judith Hamann and James Rushford. There's been a little break between shows at Monkey but I hope a few folks can make it along to one of these.

Monkey bar
181 St George's Road
North Fitzroy.

7PM, Sunday 13th Oct.

Nick Tsiavos: contrabass

Fishes and Scorpions: DB, prepared guitar, AS, Shakuhachi & contrabass clarinet.

Monkey bar
181 St George's Road
North Fitzroy.

7PM, Sunday 20h Oct.

Helium Clench: DB, acoustic guitar & bowed objects, TC, acoustic guitar & bowed objects.

Judith Hamann: Cello, James Rushford: Viola.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Electric Cultures V - Old Bar - 10 Oct 2013

Fallopian Tunes presents Electric Cultures V ( a night presenting contemporary experimental music. Much like its predecessor, Electric Cultures V continues to showcase artists on the periphery. Electric Cultures V will involve performances by Simon J Karis, Jorge Ramirez (Mexico), Exotic Snake, Jonathan Nokes and FAD. It’s on the 10th of October at The Old Bar. Five dollars entry.

Simon J Karis: Melbourne based sound artist (Cocks Arquette/Polyester Records)

Jorge Ramirez: Mexico, 181) Arquitecto, compositor y artista sonoro. Transfiere procesos marginales entre música y arquitectura en la inminencia de lo intratable.

Exotic Snake: The synths and sonic spacial textures of Errol Green (Yolke/Call Me Professor)

Jonathan Nokes: Sound artist, composer, performing as Hamburger Lady, member of @Wrong Room, half of Nokes & Cook, and label guy (Tender Collection).

FAD: Bad Bones and Kinlay. Dirgy electronics and live beats.

(forwarded from Fallopian Tunes)

Warren Burt "The Democratization of Computer Music"

Recently, at the International Computer Music Conference 2013 in Perth, I was one of the 5 invited keynote speakers.  A copy of my revised and updated talk "The Democratization of Computer Music" is now up on my website at:
For reading or downloading in pdf format.

(forwarded from Warren Burt)

Found Sound - MUMA - 12, 19, 29 Oct 2013

Monash University Museum of Art | MUMA presents

Found Sound

A series of live performances in the museum by Australian musicians and sound artists. Inspired by the seminal 'silent piece' by John Cage, 4'33" 1952, Found Sound picks out some of contemporary music's synergies with the impact of the readymade within visual art. 


Dates: Saturday 12, 19, 26 October

Found Sound is presented in parallel to the exhibition Reinventing the Wheel: The Readymade Century at MUMA, in association with Melbourne Festival.

(forwarded from Rosemary Forde)

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Admin Bldg with Stevie Richards - Empress - 9 Oct 2013

Sax/drums, skronk/no-jazz duo Admin Bldg play their only show for 2013 this Wednesday (9th Oct) with special guest Stevie Richards on baritone sax.

You can listen to Admin Bldg on Fallopian Tunes/New Weird Australia comp hereAnd from a split cassette release with Bonnie Mercer here

Gold coin entry from 8.30pm this Wednesday at The Empress.

Also performing on this lineup will be Denial Demonic Vs Holy Boner + Donkeys Mother of Arse + Brian O'Dwyer/Kerrie Farnsworth.

Facebook event here
(forwarded from Neumusak)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Clinton Green "Address Book" online release

Address Book is a new online album featuring collaborations with different artists I have worked with over the years. You could call it a 'progressive' album; it's not prog rock, but the album will grow and be added to over time. The idea is to end up with 26 tracks with 26 different collaborators, with each collaborator representing a letter of the alphabet (according to their surname or band name). The album will progress alphabetically, starting with A (Ernie Althoff), B (Sean Baxter) and C (Rod Cooper). The collaborations are either existing recordings or new ones I am taking on for this project. What I will do when I get to 'Q' or 'X' is all part of the fun! D, E, F, etc will be added in coming weeks/months. Stream or download for free.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Initiate - Sat 2nd Nov with Abre Ojos, Haark, Worng, Monolith + More

Serving as a celebration for the launch of new albums from Abre Ojos, HAARK and Illuminoscillate. Joining the celebration is Monolith, Worng and one more special guest to be announced.
Hosted at the amazing Food Court Art Space from the balmy afternoon at 4pm through dusk and into the night when the visuals kick on and drag you further into the void.

Facebook event:

Abre Ojos - Gates album launch
Haark - Individuation album launch 

Illuminoscillate - Uniform Wall album launch 

Illuminoscillate - After an extended gestation period, Illuminoscillate birthed a mutated audio/visual entity seated upon the outskirts, yet comfortably within the genres of dark industrial and ambient noise. Weaving a loom of lysergic, illicit undercurrents, bleeding from the plague ridden soils of life's toxic sanctity of repetitive manifestation.. Beautiful and deeply-textured low-end drones, cavernous sounds like the blissful slumber in the belly of a B-52 Bomber. Illuminoscillate penetrates the consciousness, entertaining access to an elevated state of activated realisation, where structural foregrounds are bound to the degradation of decaying methodic execution, leaving only explicit deranged structures to beautify subliminal sensory fulfillment, and lead alongside oblivion.. Matched by morphing, kaleidoscopic visuals suggestive of ancient mysticism, somehow lost but seemingly still near the surface of modern life.
Uniform Wall CD:

HAARK - Post-grindcore glitchmetal epistemology, created by A Demon Sheen as an andidote to the corporatised rebellion of the New Dark Age.
Heart EP:

Abre Ojos - The Abre Ojos project creates audio-visual immersive experiences for meditation and exploration of the human spirit. Combining mesmerising visuals and audio, engaging the ears with a fusion of dark ambient/drone and traditional ritual drumming while soothing and challenging the eyes and mind with continual merging of mandalas with primal imagery and contemplative silence. A unification of sight and sound that opens a doorway to thought and self-reflection.
Gates CD/DVD:

WORNG - makes music with fingers, sequencers, synths, samplers and drum machines.
WORNG has released a couple of albums and a 7", was featured on Sabbatical's 'Knife Culture: Buried Melbourne' compilation, has remixed a bunch of awesome Melbourne peeps, composed and performed an original electronic score for Nosferatu and blown minds with live sets of zombie house. describes WORNG as "an immaculately monged, flangey bit of proto- acid house"
Googling WORNG is an enlightening experience.

Monolith - The solo project of Melbourne based artist and multi-instrumentalist Peter James. The Monolith project began in 2011 and with the first release ‘Spectres’ he set about exploring dense drones. Monolith’s music has shifted to a more rhythmic edge with stripped back mantric beat patterns and dark chords. With the latest offering KIPL110312 Monolith has moved into misty subterranean sound fields – the result ‘cold rhythmic catharsis’. Monolith’s work is primarily based around mesmerising industrial styled drones and sound cut ups overlaid with minimal rhythms to create dark and foreboding soundscapes. Primitive, minimalist, industrial bleakness. 

Friday, 4 October 2013

Marco Fusinato - exhibition opening, new book and LPs


Marco Fusinato

2013, English

Hardcover, 208 pages (193 b/w ills.) + photograph insert, 219 x 313 mm
25 (signed and numbered)
Published by Rainoff / Sydney / New York


Mass Black Implosion (Treatise, Cornelius Cardew) by Marco Fusinato has been published by Rainoff to coincide with the exhibition of the same title held at Anna Schwartz Gallery, Melbourne, 9th October – 16th November, 2013.

In his ongoing series Mass Black Implosion (2007–) Marco Fusinato takes scores by avant-garde composers, drawing lines from every original note to an arbitrarily chosen point as propositions for new noise compositions, or moments of extreme consolidation and intensity, as if every note were played at once. 

Mass Black Implosion (Treatise, Cornelius Cardew) is a large-scale work based on seminal composition Treatise by the English experimental music composer Cornelius Cardew (1936 – 1981). This canonical work of modern Western music comprises 193 pages of graphic score: lines, symbols, and various geometric shapes that eschew conventional musical notation. It has been described as the most significant graphic score of the Twentieth Century. 

This limited hardcover publication has been produced in an edition of 25 copies (signed and numbered) and presents all 193 parts of this monumental work by Marco Fusinato. Each score has been reproduced at 65% of its original size and is accompanied by a loose colour photograph documenting the installation.

Mass Black Implosion (Treatise, Cornelius Cardew) will be launched on 8th October, 2013 to coincide with the exhibition opening at Anna Schwartz Gallery and is available directly from Rainoff and World Food Books.


Marco Fusinato 'SPECTRAL ARROWS: Rotterdam'
DE PLAYER 2013 / DOB 065 LP - Live recording. Programmed and produced by DE PLAYER 18 May 2013 at
Groothandelsgebouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands - recorded by Gerben Kokmeijer - supported by Mondriaan Fund & WORM

Spectral Arrows is an ongoing series of long-duration performances for guitar and electronics. In Spectral Arrows, Fusinato arrives at the venue when it opens for business, sets up his equipment facing a wall and proceeds to play for the whole day until the end of business hours. Fusinato presents himself here in the guise of a worker, clocking on and unceremoniously clocking off at the end, refusing to allow the behind-the-scenes mystery of rehearsals and preparations to lend an aura to the performance, and affirming the deskilled ethos of his work.

For the audience, the length of the performance frustrates the expectation of a manageable form, forcing all but the hardiest audience members to content themselves with only a fragment of the whole. Even for those who stick it out, the extended duration, like in the late works of Morton Feldman, destroys the listener’s ability to retain and assess the structure of the performance. Breaking with both the traditional form of the musical performance and, through Fusinato’s resolutely anti-social position facing away from the audience, the standard affective relationship between audience and performer, the sound of Spectral Arrows becomes a monumental aural sculpture, filling the space, not with steel or concrete, but with vibrations travelling through air. 
SPECTRAL ARROWS: Rotterdam presents a rapidly edited sequence of events from a performance in May 2013: stuttering live concret, wailing feedback, Xenakis-esque swarms of descending glissandi, abusive guitar wrangling, walls of harsh static.

Available from and all good record stores
Marco Fusinato 'L'Origine/TEMA'
Bocian Records, bcMAF, LP, 2013

Drawing inspiration from the "Action Direct" expanded guitar performances of Masayuki Takayanagi, Fusinato places the guitar at the centre of his work. A few crudely played strings provide the impetus for a long chain of electronics which obliterate the original signal and leaves us with a hyper-kinetic wall of full frequency spectrum noise. Like the piano in David Tudor early 1960's performances of Cage's Variations II, in Fusinato's work, the guitar is the object of a dialectic of simultaneous adulation and annihilation.

This LP presents 5 pieces demonstrating various possibilities of Fusinato's current interface between the guitar and electronics, from rapid-fire cut-ups that mimic the dynamics of classic musique concrète, to slowly building mass projections, in which layers of sound gradually rise to the surface, tussling for space at the top until they reach a near unbearable density. Presented mostly in crisp and detailed fidelity, one piece exploits the recording potential of the iPhone to achieve a harsh room-tone reminiscent of the works of Fusinato's comrade Bruce Russell. L'Origine/TEMA is Fusinato's most advanced work to date, moving beyond the startling juxtapositions of sound and silence found on his Spring Press LP to reach new dynamic complexities, new ambiguities between indeterminacy and intention, new relations between instrumental performance and its effacement.

Continuing the design scheme of his previous LPs, which commandeer art historical images as cover art and mass print media grabs on the reverse, the cover artwork for L'Origine/TEMA is composed of Gustave Courbet's infamous 1866 painting L'Origine du monde.

(–) Francis Plagne

Available from and all good record stores
(forwarded from Marco Fusinato)

Anna Fern CD Launch - Brunswick Bowling Club - 20 Oct 2013

The Launch ofAnna Fern's new CD

of poetry and sound!

Sunday 20 October, 5–7pm

at Brunswick Bowling Club

104–106 Victoria St, Brunswick East
Anna Fern crosses between spoken word and the extended vocals of sound poetry, and loves plucking sounds from unlikely objects. She won the 2010 Doris Leadbetter Melbourne Poetry Cup, and has been a guest performer at festivals, most recently the 2013 Queensland Poetry Festival. Her work has appeared in publications such as Unusual Work, Rabbit and Best Australian Poems, and on recordings such as the Voiceprints anthology of sound poetry. In 2012 she ran ‘La Mama Poetica’ for Melbourne’s  historic La Mama Theatre. She lives and works as an editor in Melbourne. 
(forwarded from Anna Fern)

SeenSound Visual/Music - Loop - 9 Oct 2013

SeenSound Visual/Music
SeenSound is pleased to present another Visual/Music event this Wednesday 9 October at Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne. 

The evening features live visual/music performance by PAUSA II - Brigid Burke (Bass clarinet, laptop & live video projection) and Adrian Sherriff (live video projections, shakuhachi & trombone)  well as screenings of work by Roger Alsop, Jon Drummond, Cat Hope /Decibel, Tom Williams / Vida L Midgelow / Tim Halliday, Dan Senn and Ollie Bown / Britt Hatzius.


Entry $10/$5 concession.

Performances/Screenings start at 7:30pm

Go to  for more details.
(forwarded from Mark Pedersen)

Thursday, 3 October 2013

For OCTOBER at a new venue, 1000 pound bend (upstairs cinema of 361 Little Lonsdale St, CBD) this sunday!!

2pm SUNDAY 6th OCTOBER, FREE---->>>Open LABs will explore the wonderful world of creative electronics and programming. It is a space where artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers can come together and share their work and creative passions.

Each Open LAB hosts talks from fellow guests that seek to share their work with the group, and then progress into an all out free-form open discussion or hands on tinkering space where guests can present a finished, or unfinished, work, seek collaborations, seek peer review, or make a call out to the community to help troubleshoot a problem they are having.



"Kit Webster has been gaining wide recognition for his enigmatic audiovisual installations. Ranging from site-specific projections to digital sculptures, his works utilise precision programming and visualisation techniques to create captivating immersive environments that challenge sensory perceptions. In continually pushing the boundaries of technology and art, Kit is unafraid to present highly experimental concepts designed to expose the potential for the creation of a new audiovisual aesthetic."

Kit has just returned from the big apple where he created a video sculpture for New York Fashion Week. Previous works by Kit have also been displayed in Melbourne, France, Switzerland, Brazil, Croatia, New Zealand and Sydney.

Kit will be holding an informal Q & A where he will be deconstructing his work, discussing his experience working with clients and festivals and his efforts to bridge the great divide between art and income.


Tim will be sharing with us his amazing new invention. The 'Stereoscopic Internal Projection Apparatus'.

A custom high-diopter contact lense placed onto the eye so as to be able to focus as close to the eyelids as possible. Twin utlra high contrast 15 lumen laser pico projectors are lensed to the size of a postage stamp and positioned over each eyelid. he resulting projection is such that the eye can pan and tilt behind the lid to view more of the projection.

"I love working with new and old media to create compelling, new experiences. More often than not to satiate my own curiosity. While studying at the art university in Linz, Austria I worked on numerous projects from exaggerated, obtuse consequences for the public viewing art in a gallery context, to naked on-body projection of a first person shooter while wearing a brain-computer interface in a two player ultra violent gaming environment. Oh media art... "


Pierre Proske and Richie Cyngler will run through an informative discussion on the amazing raspberry pi. What is the Raspberry Pi? The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized computer that plugs into your TV and a keyboard. It’s a capable little PC which can be used for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spreadsheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video. This easy to transport programmable interface has been used for a plethora of art installations and inventions. check some out here:

Tim Coster, Heart Flew, Whirse, Tom Hall at Monday Night Mass, 21/10/13

'Monday Night Mass'


Northcote Social Club (301 High St, Northcote)
8pm 21st October 2013


This will be the launch of four cassettes at once on the new cassette label Habitat Tapes. Tapes will be available on the night.


TIM COSTER - Waterfront Cities
From Auckland, now currently living in Melbourne, Tim performs textural synth and keyboard music.


HEART FLEW - Works Fine, Free
Heart Flew aka Adam Rogers is a Los Angeles born musician, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. 'Works Fine, Free' couples flares of fuzzed out acoustics with delicately melodious and lyrical tracks, to create this follow-up to his two previously self-released albums 'Seven Songs' & 'Solitude'.


WHIRSE - Songs For a Bell Curve
Currently living in country Victoria, Nick makes sounds using computer, guitar, and violin for film, theatre and installation. 'Songs For a Bell Curve' beautifully contrasts swells of sonorous noise with veils of diaphanous sound. This album does not try to hide the methods of its making and in doing so creates a warm and humble acoustic space to inhabit.


TOM HALL - Thought Loops
'Thought Loops' marks Tom’s first release since 'Sifting Through', a home recording of 5-string banjo improvisations released on Alberts Basement in 2012. Here Tom uses four short looped fragments of sound, sourced from tape recordings of bowed banjo and kemenche. and re-examines these traditional folk instruments adding subtle dynamic shifts to these hypnotic drones.


Facebook Event

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sabbatical Presents: Holdings 131013

Sabbatical Presents
Porpoise Torture
Sam Filmer
Mark Groves

Live at Holdings
492 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South
3pm Sunday 13 October 2013
Seven dollars