Thursday, 28 February 2013

VICMOD Records free or donation

Melbourne's very own VICMOD Records, the home of Avant Electronics, are now offering free downloads in any digital format your playback needs require.
They of course appreciate any donations you are able to contribute so VICMOD and the artists are able to continue to bring you the worlds finest analog electronic abstractions.

You will here experimental sounds emanating from modular synths like the Buchla, Serge and Euro modulars, Blippoo Boxes and much more form Artists all over the globe.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Friday March 1st @ West Space, NO PA Presents Acoustic Percussion

NO P.A. Presents Percussion 2013

Acoustic Percussion in various durations, combinations and intensities, featuring:

  • Tony Buck
  • Nat Grant
  • Kishore Ryan
  • Joe Talia
  • Sean Baxter
  • Steve Heather

Founded in 2010, NO P.A is a focussed-listening series of psycho/enviro-acoustic concerts, conceived and presented by the curatorial team from KIPL. This is the second edition focussed exclusively on acoustic percussion, and boasts some of Australia's most innovative and audacious percussionists, straddling the worlds of Avant-classical, Avant-improv and Avant-noise

7pm, Friday March 1st, 2013
West Space, Level 1/225 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Noise Flash event - artist call out

(forwarded from Todd Anderson-Kunert)


Monday, 25 February 2013

Sky Needle Melbourne shows 28 Feb - 3 Mar 2013


===28/2/13 at NEW LOW GALLERY 8pm ===


===1/3/13 at THE TOTE evening ===


===2/3/13 at GRACE DARLING evening===


===3/3/13 at POLYESTER CITY STORE 2pm===




Sarah Byrne - vox, percussion
Joel Stern - leghorn, electronics
Alex Cuffe - speaker box bass
Daniel Jenatsch - string tank
Micheal Donnelly - debris
Glen Schenau - rhythms

"defies genre and spits phlegm in the face of categorization"
Boston Hassle

"makes little sense."
Record Collector

"as immediately filthy as it is undeniably artistic"

"have your ear drums exfoliated by tones you forgot existed."
The Thousands

"essential listening if you like staring at walls and imagining things."

"somewhere between a stoned, cultic Spontaneous Music Ensemble and a buncha midgets playing the music of Albert Ayler."
Volcanic Tongue

(forwarded from Joel Stern) 

Friday, 22 February 2013

Tuesday February 26th @ the Make It Up Club

This Tuesday evening the Make It Up Club guarantees a night of sublime, enriching sound as much as one can guarantee without having any quantifiable way of knowing the outcome of improvised music performances. A stellar lineup, headed up by Berliners Tony Buck and Magda Mayas showcasing their long-standing duo that toes the sonic line between comforting familiarity and ecstatic freedom. The relatively new trio of young-gun aleatorios Scott McConnachie, Matthias Schack-Arnott and Erkki Veltheim which is nothing but exciting on paper, let alone to the ear. And Ev Morris and Shags Chamberlain expand their psyched-out oeuvre to welcome chanteuse Sophia Brous with open arms, brains and ears - three traits that serve any make it up-er well! 

Tony Buck (DE) and Magda Mayas (DE)
Sophia Brous, Evelyn Morris and Shags Chamberlain
Erkki Veltheim, Scott McConnachie and Matthias Schack-Arnott

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
March: Magda Mayas, Anthea Caddy and Sean Baxter; Marco Fusinato and Robin Fox; Jaap Blonk; Mike Cooper.

Shame File Music - new mailorder items + house show

New on Shame File Mailorder:

Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh "Kasoundi" CD Collaborating originally on The Unnameable project (2002-5), Kasoundi sees the two artists combine their more contemporary interests in minimal, often-acoustic, noise improvisation. Exploring the natural and manipulated sonic properties of a variety of objects and machines (record player, tape deck, rocks, bowls, percussion instruments, kitchen utensils, aluminium foil, broken records), the duo weaves a naturalistic yet compelling series of improvisations that alternate between slow-build tension and luxuriating in these unique sonic textures.

Clinton Green "Archive ten: 2007" 3CDR This edition of the Archive series includes Green's very first prepared turntable recordings, including the out-of-print "Duos for Guitar and Broken Records" EP, along with previously unreleased tracks. Also documented are latter-era guitar experiments, including all tracks from the collaborative album with Zac Keiller "Residential", a live performance and several more unreleased/compilation only tracks.

Jon Rose "Rosin" 3CD + data CD This box set documents most of Rose's major projects from the last decade, including multimedia events like "Pannikin", "Talking Back To Media", and "Sphere", as well as his continued questioning of the violin, seeing Rose bowing outback fences, creating bicycle powered violins and interactive bows. Rose is deservedly recognised as one of Australia's premier musical innovators, particularly as a violinist, but this box set (a slightly late celebration of his 60th birthday) showcases his perhaps less-discussed achievements in engaging experimental music with the whole gamut of Australian society; from isolated rural life to suburban talkback radio, to his use of sport and games as structure and application of historical recordings, Rose's music comments wordlessly upon Australia more than any other musician, and perhaps more than any other contemporary artist.

Rosin comes with a detailed booklet of liner notes and colour photos. The data disc contains video footage of a range of Rose's projects back to the 1970s. The box set is a limited edition of 1000 copies, each containing a bagged sample of used bow hair, hand-numbered and signed by Rose.

Hollis Taylor & Jon Rose "Post Impressions: a travel book for tragic intellectuals" (paperback book + DVD) - This book takes the form of a travel journal of several journies into the Australian outback to play wire fences that can be thousands of miles long. Hollis and Taylor take turns to record their impressions of not only the fences and their sonic qualities, but also the vast landscapes, the people and the wildlife they encounter. Comes with a DVD documenting many of the people and fences they encounter.


Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek "Patina" LP (white vinyl) - For the creation of ‘Patina’, Catlin and Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) adhered to the tried and tested method of working successfully employed on their previous collaboration. Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches, preparations and techniques for guitar and electric sitar that were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds, overdubs and sequencing. With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Patina’ is an immersive album of unfurling layers of sound, acute harmonic gestures and deeply embedded drones. Throughout the course of these two long-form tracks, one can sense that the working relationship between these two artists has hit its stride. With a broader sound palette, including the introduction of field recordings and rhythmic elements being utilised to great effect, 'Patina' is an album of both gentle nuance and compelling intensity.

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek "Glisten" CD Whilst researching information on prepared guitar, Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) discovered the work of Tim Catlin, most notably his album ‘Radio Ghosts’ (released on 23five in 2007). Intrigued by Catlin’s approach towards mechanically prepared guitar and the engaging sound world created by this unassuming expertise, a partnership was soon set in motion. For the release, Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches including guitar preparations, customized and abused effects through to more 'conventional' picking. These tracks were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds and overdubs through to final editing and sequencing. With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Glisten’ is an immersive album of slowly unfurling sound layers, deeply embedded drones and acute harmonic gestures. Throughout the running time, a palpable sense of playfulness is present, allowing the prepared guitar process to determine the course of action. Through minor touches and sleights of hand, fleeting vibrations are produced which are capable of both overwhelming intensity and pure sonic transcendence.

Tim Catlin "Radio Songs" CD This album showcases Catlin’s unassuming expertise with the finer aspects of the mechanically prepared guitar. For all of its dynamic frequencies and crosshatched vibrations, Radio Ghosts is devoid of Marshall stacks, Sunn amps, and stomp boxes, as Catlin captures the acoustic phenomenon of the guitar’s transient vibrations and steers clear of any tricked out sonic demolition. Instead, Radio Ghosts focuses upon the minutiae of the guitar: wood, strings, and amplifier. Through his refined, tabletop guitar techniques, Catlin prefers to set his guitar in motion, allowing the process dictate the course of action with minor edits and sleights of hand from the composer himself. Catlin’s drone guitar work is simultaneously capable of expressionistic illusions (e.g. cicada choruses, industrial grind, uncanny ephemera from the radio waves, etc.) and a sonic transcendence of pure sonic introspection.
Helium Clench "Sieve" LP Dave Brown and Tim Catlin, Australia's premier prepared guitar/string players, present an compelling album that leaves the listener with impressions of organic sound and in-the-moment free improvisation. The pair use a range of acoustic and electronic instruments, prepared or otherwise, including bandoura, bass, guitar, organ, mandolin and other objects. Pristine recording rounds out this quality package.

***And on Saturday 2 March from 2pm, Shame File will be hosting a House Show in Melbourne.  Quiet Noise II follows on from last year's show of acoustic noise/experimental music. The line-up this year is:

- Tim Catlin
- Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh
- Gearoid Brinn & Barnaby Oliver

Event details here or contact Shame File address info.  All welcome.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Exhaustion LP Launch


Ecstatic drudgery, weirdo depresso devotionals wrungout via antipodean pub psych apocalypse.

Five x-wave gals ride a wall of sound down the freeway of sonic scree.

Tony Buck of The Necks joins forces with avant figurehead Sean Baxter in a percussion only assault melding extremes of punishing noise, free jazz and the Modernist abstraction of the classical avant-garde. 


"[Eastlink] come over like Lou Reed’s Primitives play The Afflicted Man with monolithic repeat-chord riffs and explosions of sudden string wrassling that would marry Link Wray with Brainbombs."

SAT 2 MAR 2013

8PM SHARP > Arrive early, don't miss a drop.

facebook event page
stream exhaustion album

Neumeier/Etsuko/Candlesnuffer - Monkey - 23 Feb 2013

Last minute show, and last minute notice. On Saturday evening at 9PM  Mani Neumeier from legendary German group Guru Guru (amongst others) along with his partner Etsuko and I will perform at Monkey bar. Not a drum kit in sight, but Mani will perform other percussive and vocal delights. After their duo performance I'll join them to add some other tonalities from semi-prepared guitar. It will be low-key but beautiful. Hope a few of you can make it along, this will be the last performance Mani and Etsuko engage in before leaving Australia.

Mani Neumeier: percussion and voice
Etsuko: percussion and voice
candlesnuffer: guitar and 15 watt amp

Monkey Bar 
181 St George's Road North Fitzroy
9PM Saturday 23rd February
Entry by donation.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Fallopian Tunes USA Tour Party - Swampland - 23 Feb 2013

A few raw dingos from Fallopian Tunes are embarking on our first ever USA tour. Yolke, Document Swell and Big Yawn are making their way to SXSW Austin, Seattle, Portland, San Fran, Oakland and LA LA land. 

Make your way down to the Swampland Basement for one last hoorah before we get our Yank on. 

///Document Swell\\\
Big Yawn
{{Bad Bones}}

$5 Entry -- All proceeds going to pay for our tour van

Doors 8PM

5 BANDS 5 BUCKS - should be one hell of a party.

(forwarded from Tim Slattery)

Friday, 15 February 2013

Tuesday February 19th @ the Make It Up Club

Yet another diverse night at Make It Up Club, as we set sail into the sonoverse once more for stops at Group Dynamics Grotto, Deconstructivist Downs and Field Recordings…Fields? The mysterious Council of Elders is a decade-old cult dedicated to the dark arts of aleatoric music, and present a rare public viewing of their eternal and integral pursuit to maintain planetary homeostasis. Ryan Granger and Tom Baker perform exploratory surgery on field recording work taken throughout SE Asia and India in 2012, spiced with electronic intervention. And Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver create reponses to nuances of action and gradation of mechanical motions for some ecstatic salt-on-wound rubdowns blossoming into monstrous bursts of audible colour. 

Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver
Ryan Granger and Tom Baker
Council of Elders

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
26/02: Tony Buck (DE) and Magda Mayas (DE); Tarquin Manek, Sophia Brous, Evelyn Morris and Shags Chamberlain; Erkki Veltheim, Scott McConnachie and Matthias Schack-Arnott.
March: Magda Mayas, Anthea Caddy and Sean Baxter; Marco Fusinato and Robin Fox; Jaap Blonk; Mike Cooper.

National Experimental Arts Forum

Call for expressions of interest

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Square Sounds Melbourne

Square Sounds Melbourne - the world's newest chipmusic and retrotech festival (with additional stops that include Tokyo)- has it's first two day event planned for Feb 2013 - and with the Australian part of the crew behind Blip Festival the organisers, you can guess that it will be an amazing event packed with live music and visuals as well as additional side events like workshops on subjects like Renoise and Piggy Tracker, and a line up that will rock your world!

Check out our show last year 'Blip Festival' on Good Game at



Cheapshot (JP/UK)
Doshy (DE)
Elliot (SYD)
huf (NZ)
minikomi (JP/AU)
pselodux (MEL)
ralp (SP)
starpause (US)

A_Art (AU/NZ)
Other Places (MEL)
Hunz (BNE)
Aliceffekt (CA)
Omodaka (JP)
Mr Spastic (IT/US)
trash80 (US)
cTrix (MEL)

And of course our amazing visualists, Jayson Haebich, iLKke, Chronic Sans and m7kenji both nights!

View the website at

La Di Da
577 Little Bourke st, Melbourne

Want the chance to show off your chipmusic musical prowess in front of

not only the fans in town for Square Sounds, but a bunch of the artists too?
Sign up for this open mic presented by SoundBytes to have your chance.

This open mic will also have you taking the same stage as some of Australia’s favourite chip-musicians including full length sets from little-scale, Maddest Kings Alive, Peaches the Wale and Victory Road

Please Note:

Open mics are STRICTLY 2 songs or 7 minutes, whichever comes first.

You'll have a single 1/4" split stereo DI available into the desk/PA
You MUST sign up in advance at and order will be determined by a random draw at the show

Sabbatical presents a showcase of low culture in the bowels of one of Victoria’s cultural icons, the Art Centre Melbourne, as part of the White Night Festival.

Between the basement of the Playhouse and the basement of the State Theatre is a corridor. It’s not long or particularly wide, with a low roof and carpeted walls. It fits 40 people. It is the lowest point in the Arts Centre, five floors underground. The lowest point in a temple of high culture. The space will be the stage for 12 performances betweenmidnight at 7.00am.

Attendance is free. The performances will be broadcast on the Sabbatical site live.

JA Pinney
Jonathon Nokes
Soft Power

Smash Tennis
Dry Mouth
Bukkake Brothers
Dead Boomers

Eko Eko Azarak
Ryan Cockburn
Keith Deverell
Default Jamerson

Deep Sonics @ MUSIKUNST - 4pm Sat 23rd February 2013

This month's MUSIKUNST is another attempt to tame the dungeon walls with deep sonic explorations. Two sets from the McTavish / Campbell / Van den Akker camp, plus support from the farewell-itis collective "Hudduh-Berry"

has been reinventing digital and modular synthesis for over a decade in nz and aus. he comes equipped with his trusty virus keyboard and a laptop to explore the depths of the GB basement

has a vocal style that ranges from opera to a dis-tuned radio. Shane has sung his way around Melbourne for 8 years. He hopes to broaden these talents into all musical mess. Shane will explore the natural reverb capabilities of the stone walls of the newly renovated dungeon

has spent many a night touring internationally as a guitarist. as a resident of Melbourne he's been bend audio recreating his own style with the assistance of computers... the trio will explore the ambisonic possibilities of the cavernous enclosure of the GB

in their own words: "an underground experiment before she returns to the land of O`Bama" featuring
Merie O`Dwyer (USA) - twisted spycho-70's Casio + FX
Franc O`Neeley - guitars, pedals, cables
Paddy O`Moostache - guitars, pedals, cables

Doors 4pm, Sounds 4:30pm, Entry $10 & $5 conc.
GB Hotel Basement 447 Church St Richmond



Seeking people who are interested in presenting a show of their own creation on the last Saturday of the month at MUSIKUNST in the basement of the Great Britain Hotel.

Applicants are free to create their own format and are strongly encouraged to explore and make full use of this unique space in whatever way they feel would best sonically and visually enhance their performance.

For further details please contact Piers on 0415 958 182

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

28 FEB @ West Space: Crys Cole, Anthea Caddy, Nigel Brown and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Gentle steps with an open mouth

8pm sharp, Thursday 28th Feb 2013

at West Space

Level 1, 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne

An evening of improvised sound featuring local and visiting artists dealing in instrument extension, microsonics and abrasive textures. Duo/trio combinations. 
crys cole (CAN) - electronics

Anthea Caddy (GER/AUS) - cello

Nigel Brown - modified accordion

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (TW/AUS) - extended vocal technique


entry : $8/12

Facebook event:

Saturday, 9 February 2013

matt middleton - latest works..

Thanks for your interest! I am pleased to inform the Melbourne experimental community of the online release of new ambient electroacoustic throwaway works by crude/matt middleton. Drones, psychedelic wailing, vocal treatments, propulsion motif type sound. Good hangover musics. Middleton performs Febuary 28th at the Gasometer alongside Yuko Kono, Inevitable Orbit et al

enjoy! (or not)   .....middleton experimental video activities are indexed online here:

Friday, 8 February 2013

Tuesday February 12th @ the Make It Up Club

This week's edition of Make It Up Club is comprised of improvisers dealing with the difficulties and tropes of one of modern music culture's great successes: rock and/or roll. Todd Anderson-Kunert sacrifices the digital spirits of soundwaves to stretch out sonics into a sublimely Sabbathian audio-visual experience. Theorn Campbell, Jon Perring and Eliot McTavish channel the aggression of metalpunk into their respective electrical instruments to redefine brutality. And Michael Pulsford laments the state of modern popular music by symbolically tearing down his internal sense of personal civilisation, rebuilding the wreckage into a semblance of free(rock)dom and letting it all collapse again. 

Theorn Campbell, Jon Perring and Eliot McTavish
Todd Anderson-Kunert

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
19/02: Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver; Ryan Granger and Tom Baker; Council of Elders.
26/02: Tony Buck (DE) and Magda Mayas (DE); Tarquin Manek, Sophia Brous, Evelyn Morris and Shags Chamberlain; Erkki Veltheim, Scott McConnachie and Matthias Schack-Arnott.
March: Magda Mayas, Anthea Caddy and Sean Baxter; Marco Fusinato and Robin Fox; Jaap Blonk; Mike Cooper.

Live Cray set Bendigo Undue Noise 6 Feb

Cray live @ Undue Noise 6 Feb 2013 Bendigo.
I have new releases coming out on Sicsic Tapes (Germany) and Rocket Machine Tapes (Australia) very soon.

Do also check out the Cray web page with discog vids etc.

plus VICMOD news
VICMOD Records

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kris Wanders/Mani Neumeier Quartet - Old Bar - 21 Feb 2013

Exciting news this week with the announcement of a final Melbourne show featuring Mani Neumeier.

Returning from engagements in Sydney, Brisbane and surrounds, Mani hooks up with his late 60s Globe Unity Orchestra collaborator Kris Wanders to perform in quintet mode. This is happening on Thursday 21st February at The Old Bar, presented by Neumusak for the special mid-week entry of a mere $8! 

In late 1966 Kris Wanders and Mani Neumeier met, performed and recorded together in the seminal Globe Unity Orchestra. After one Globe Unity album together in 1967, Neumeier formed the psych-out trio GURU GURU in 1968. Wanders, widely credited as one of the originators of European Free Jazz in the early 60s, stayed the course of this, alongside the likes of Peter Brötzmann, bringing it to Australia in the late 70s.

Now 45 years since their initial meeting, Mani Neumeir returns to Melbourne for one last jaunt before heading to Japan so that these two innovators of Free/Outside Psych/Jazz may perform together again.

For this occasion the quintet is completed with Brett Evans (tenor sax), Yusuke Akai (guitar) and Ali Watts (double bass).

Check out this event online here

Kris Wanders-Mani Neumeir Quintet 
w/Dead River + Faspeedelay + Daggers Mid-Flight
Thurs 21st Feb @ The Old Bar, $8
(forwarded from Neumusak)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


For the first 2013 show, New Low is stoked to host Zonk Vision, as part of their Submerging Artists Tour, plus local acts Richard Tuohy and Bum Creek for a wild 1 night audio-visual spectacular of screenings and performances. 

Friday 8th February 2013 6-10pm. Goodtime Studios, Basement 746 Swanston St Carlton. 

☢ Live Performances ☢

☢ Film Screenings ☢
JASON GALEA - "Lines 3ddd"
GREG HOLDEN - "Poncho Girl"
DANNY WILD - "Between Bed and Sleep"
TIM DWYER - "Primitive Derivative"

ZONK VISION is a LOFI/NOFI art collective of primarily video artists based in AUS. The "Zonk Vision Submerging Artists Tour" is making its way across the east coast of Australia in February 2013. The tour consists of part experimental film screening, part live multimedia performance, part expanded cinema and part immersive environment.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Tuesday February 5th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at the Make It Up Club the celebrations of improvised music across the world haven't stopped even despite our potential birthday hangover! First up we have the reunification of a classic modern Australian minimalist pairing, now separated by the Murray Darling, Dale Gorfinkel and Peter Farrer get together for a sonic catch-up session. Multi-faceted LA-based Corey Fogel makes his solo Melbournian debut espousing the greatness of sounds, objects, personalities, textiles and foods via the drums. And Brazilian collective Abaetetuba showcase their unique approach to group dynamics and improvisation fostered pre-internet, and hence before their knowledge that free music existed outside of their native land. 

Abaetetuba (Brazil) feat. Rodrigo Couve Montoya (Shamisen and Acoustic Guitar), Renato Meganha (Reeds and Double Bass), Thomas Rohrer (Reeds and Rabeca), Yedo Gibson (Reeds) and Antonio Panda Gianfratti (Percussion)
Corey Fogel (USA) (Drums)
Dale Gorfinkel (Percussives) and Peter Farrer (Syd) (Saxophone)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
12/02: Battlesnake; Theorn Campbell, Jon Perring and Eliot McTavish; Todd Anderson-Kunert.
19/02: Clinton Green and Barnaby Oliver; Ryan Granger and Tom Baker; Council of Elders.
26/02: Tony Buck (DE) and Magda Mayas (DE); Tarquin Manek, Sophia Brous, Evelyn Morris and Shags Chamberlain.
March: Magda Mayas, Anthea Caddy and Sean Baxter; Marco Fusinato and Robin Fox; Jaap Blonk; Mike Cooper.