Monday, 23 December 2013

Nellie Bell: From Dawn Till Dusk

From Dawn Till Dusk
Singer Nellie Bell will be taking the Play Me, I’m Yours event in Melbourne by storm by creating one of her biggest jam sessions to date! On the 12th of January she’ll be playing every piano in less than 24 hours, picking up musicians along the way and producing a different song each time, culminating in a 25 piece band and some amazing music.
Nellie Bell is set to be next year’s most talked about singer song-writer. She has spent 2013 touring and recording in Europe, and with an ever growing fan base she is set to unveil her debut single Only the Lonely in spring 2014. On the 9th of January Nellie will be back on native soil to perform at the event ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ in association with The Arts Center Melbourne.
From the 10-27 of January 25 street pianos will be scattered across Melbourne, giving everyone the opportunity to indulge in live music. The Arts Center Melbourne will be hosting the opening night on January 9th where the public will get their first chance to experience all of the pianos in one place; the night will also include live musicians and creative talents.
For a sneak preview of what to expect from Nellie Bell check out her sound cloud :

(forwarded from Stephanie Hulbert-Thomas)

Sunday, 22 December 2013


...tis the season! 

on this release, HAARK recreates his sociophobic terror of shopping, through distorted free-noise feedback, exploratory guitar loops, grinding chaos, and fragmented glitches.   all improvised and recorded live.  enough music about death and violence... experience the horror of SHOPPING.


first movement:
(bright colours, flashing lights, manipulative aromas, a million slogans. unrealistic body propaganda, agoraphobia, claustrophobia, sociophobia.)

second movement:
(promises of sex, promises of success, promises of acceptance.)

third movement:
(fear of missing out. absolutism, identification, the closing of possibilities into one single concrete reality.)

fourth movement:
(the word 'purchase' also means 'grip'. holding on.)



Tuesday, 17 December 2013

'I Yennisi sou, Khriste' - Monkey - 18 Dec 2013

Dr David Brown and Nick Tsiavos are back! And they have brought Deborah Kayser and Peter Neville with them - and it is the week before Christmas!

What happens to these 'way out' exploratory dudes as Christmas comes upon them? Well this - the passionate, sublime beauty of Ancient Chant colliding with the energy and instability of contemporary culture.The Ancient becomes Modern, as the languages and anarchic energies of Modernism mix freely with the rapturous beauty and potent danger of Sacred Text. Merry Christmas!


Monkey Bar, 181 St George's Road

North Fitztroy. 8PM. 


Nick Tsiavos: Contrabass

Peter Neville: Percussion

Deborah Kayser: Voice

David Brown: Guitar
(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Monday, 16 December 2013

John Nixon artist talk - NGV Australia - 21 Dec 2013

The Donkey’s Tail
in Melbourne Now
artist talk by John Nixon

Sat 21st Dec @ 12:30pm
NGV Australia
Fed Square
3rd Floor

(forwarded from John Nixon)

Sunday, 15 December 2013


Neanderthunderous noisecore

Toasty beats produced from Gameboys, a Macintosh Computer from 1993 and Fresh Hi-Fi Beets from an intergalactic future beet farm. Delivered in a paper bag.

Modular synth mastermind

Bizarro noise performance-art wank with Yuka & Nik

Prof. Nason returns for another round of fuck-knows-what

539 Plenty Rd. Preston
Doors/Food from 6:00pm
First act 7:30ish
$5 entry

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Sabbatical Presents: Holdings 151213


BOUND FOR GLORY (Brennan/Groves/Skelton/Thomas)
MSHING (Holland)

Live at Holdings
492 Bell Street Pascoe Vale South
3pm Sunday 15 December 2013
Seven dollars

If you are coming by car there is no parking on Bell Street, but you should be able to find some in York Street which is just around the corner. The last stop on the 55 tram at Bell Street will get you nearby. Holdings is about a 5 block walk west from there. If you can get to Bell or Coburg Station the 513 bus will take you pretty much across the road. Just ask to get off before Reynolds Parade. Holdings is across the road from a 7-Eleven (which is on the corner of Reynolds & Bell) if you need a landmark.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

METALKUNST @ MUSIKUNST - 3pm Sat 28.12.2013


This month MUSIKUNST presents METALKUNST, a special event incorporating extreme metal with improvised and experimental music.

Curated by Daniel Tucceri, this event will feature members of the Melbourne metal and experimental scenes combining their distinct and unique approaches to take themselves and the audience into unfamiliar territory.

For anyone even remotely interested in either style, this is not an event to be missed and is a must for those who wander on the sparsely populated periphery where extremes meet.


DAV BYRNE: sub-dirges
ROB HANSEN: hell-vocations
DANIEL ‘FANZA’ O’GRADY: 666strings
MATT ‘SKITZ’ SANDERS: mezzerschmitts

Featuring members of Terrorust and the Rev Kriss Hades, METALKUNST hosts the debut gig for PLASMODIUM VIVAX, a realm first invoked upon the full moon of November 2013. Entirely improvised ritual based extreme metal, think Gnaw Their Tongues and Blut Aus Nord with keyboards straight out of 70s-80s era horror films. Not to be missed.


Six guitarists. Six strings. Six half stacks. 6.6.6. Possibly 666 decibels. Playing a set entirely consisting of guitar drones and feedback, prepare to have your innards liquefied by the sheer voluminal pressure conjured by these six merchants of noise. Featuring members of Agonhymn and Grey Daturas, this promises to be a performance either that will either invoke ear plugs or ear bleeds.

with special guests

The demonic solo project for demented genius MAT BLACKWELL will materialise in the form of a three headed entity channelling the corrupted soul of DONKEY MUTHERS OF ARSE madman SHANE VAN DEN AKKER and the divebombingly shredgasmic death riffery of CHRIS NYLSTOCH. If you ever wondered what it would be like to throw Autechre, the Locust and Burzum in a blender, this is the smoothie the government doesn’t want sold to children.

3-6pm SHARP - $5 conc / $10 full
Saturday 28th December
GB Hotel BASEMENT 447 Church St Richmond

***original flyer artwork by SHANE VAN DEN AKKER

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Palliser/Richards/Wadley & Dave Brown - Monkey - 8 Dec 2013

Monkey, 181 St Georges Road Nth Fitzroy, 8PM, Sunday 8th December. Entry by cash in the ice bucket.

David Palliser: Alto Saxophone
Stephen Richards: Baritone & Soprano Saxophone
Ian Wadley: Drums

David Brown: Acoustic guitar, small amp & devices

Stephen Richards (Cleaning Lady) on baritone and soprano sax, Ian Wadley (Mad Nanna, Bird Blobs and more) on drums and David Palliser (The Charles Ives Singers, Donkey's Tail) on alto sax. Playing a kind of collapsed improv, in the realm of Joe Maneri and the school of felt sound. There will be flames, doused in water, merging horns, and plenty of dubious relationships.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Media Lab Melbourne CODE party fundraiser Sat 7th December

On SATURDAY 7th December at a brand new warehouse venue on Flinders Street in the CBD

Showcasing Melbourne's BEST homegrown electronic talent while also raising some much needed funds for MEDIA LAB MELBOURNE!

For the past year Media Lab Melbourne have been putting together events that encourage creative sharing in the realm of new media art. Ranging from thought provoking talks and exhibitions that allow us to peer into the creative processes of some truly amazing artists, together with organising workshops that provide a hands on approach to technology for art, Media Lab Melbourne is working hard to provide events where people can connect with each other to discuss the latest in creative technology.

2014 is going to be a BIG year and we need your help and support. After talking to people at every OpenLAB and MLM event we realise how important it is for there to be a dedicated space for everyone to connect, create and hang out. For this we want to get the necessary council permits as well as begin construction and pay for admin of a medialab hacker space where we can provide equipment such as 3d printers, arduinos, raspberry pi's, LED's, cnc routers, desk space, storage, internet, materials and the list goes on...

How can you help? Buy a $15 ticket on the door, drink some tasty beverages and come and enjoy a selection of some of Melbourne's best live electronic artists:











undue noise in bendigo: 12 acts on saturday dec 7

undue noise inc presents a day of experimental musics of various flavours featuring central  victorian musicians & visiting friends, including European Free Jazz legend Kris Wanders, who now lives in Maryborough (and his Quintet will feature Castlemaine pianist Jude Russell), Dean Stanton's new musical gadget (the Gilligan's saxophone), a reunion of  Bendigo  experimental improv group  (Soft Black Stars), a new electroacoustic work by Jacques Soddell, Steve Marton and Vince Giles explorations of sax and bass via computer algorithms,  the return of guitarist/computer composer Mathew Underwood, Klare Lansen's new collaboration with  Damian Mason,  Damian's new collaboration with Clive Bourne (Noodle is described as semi-improv psychedelic/ambient/jazz/noise), synth sounds from Jake Martin (The Synthologist) and Scott Sanders. Oh, and the computer/electronic sounds of Cray and minimalist electronica of Muttboy..

Old Fire Station, View St Bendigo. Sessions at 2 , 5 and 8.

full program details & late changes here
enquiries: 0421786595
Admission by donation.
Presented with assistance from the City of Greater Bendigo Cultural Grants Program.

The program in order of appearance

From 2pm
Steve Marton + Vince Giles
Klare Lanson + Damian Mason
Scott Sanders
and time for a jam

From 5pm
Dean Stanton
Matthew Underwood

From 8pm
The Synthologist
Jacques Soddell
Soft Black Stars
Kris Wanders Quintet

Friday, 29 November 2013

Stelarc at More Talk, Less Action - West Space - 5 Dece 2013

This Thursday (5 December) the More Talk, Less Action series goes out with a bang, hosting three giants of music and sound innovation in the final instalment of the series that brings together discussion and performance, and a very rare performance from internationally-renowned performance artist, Stelarc. 

Tone Scientists: sound art and cutting edge science - The ‘problem-seeking’ methods of experimental music practitioners have much in common with scientific inquiry, and our panel of artists and composers have all worked with the scientific community on sound-related projects involving computer music, robotics, biofeedback systems and more.  

As well as a panel and audience discussion led by Greg Wadley, the evening will feature performances from Warren Burt and Stelarc. 

Our panel features: 

Stelarc – visionary performance artist who has explored the boundaries of physical identity and self through interaction with biofeedback systems, robotics, cybernetics, genetics and virtual worlds/avatars. Stelarc’s work has often involved innovative sound as a key part of performance, as well as listening and communication through his Extra Ear project (yes, Stelarc is the man with an extra ear on his arm).

Warren Burt - an intrinsic figure in experimental music in Australia for over three decades. Arriving in Australia from the USA in the mid 1970s, Warren played key roles in the founding of the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre and the pioneering La Trobe University Music course, and has continued to be involved in countless projects and enterprises. Of particular interest in relation to tonight’s theme, Warren has been an artist in residence at the CSIRO where he developed a set of justly intonated tuning forks, and has been at the cutting edge of computer music for many years and continues to push the boundaries of what electronic devices can do.

Paul Doornbusch - composer, sonologist, researcher and occasional performer who works largely with algorithmic composition systems for traditional instruments and electronics. Recent chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music, and other research output pays testament to Paul’s research quality and international standing. He has successfully completed the major research project, as composer in residence of the Computer Science department of the University of Melbourne, to reconstruct and document the music played by Australia’s first computer – CSIRAC.

More Talk, Less Action – Tone Scientists
with Stelarc, Warren Burt and Paul Doornbusch
Thursday 5 December, 7:30pm
West Space, Level 1, 225 Bourke street, Melbourne

Recordings and video from previous More Talk’s are available at




Disruptions - Corner Hotel - 4 Dec 2013

Wed Dec 4 – Corner Hotel
Presented in conjunction with Melbourne Now at National Gallery of Victoria

Once a year these artists get together to play a show on Melbourne’s best sound system. Robin Fox, Marco Fusinato and Oren Ambarchi, three of Australia’s most recognised experimentalists and doyens in their respective fields, come to together on Wednesday December 4th at the Corner Hotel to present an earth shattering mix of deeply sculpted tones, wild chaotic noise and blinding audio-vision. This year the show is part of the Satellite program of the National Gallery of Victoria’s ambitious Melbourne Now exhibition, in which each is participating. Their involvement in the show’s Now Hear This project, together with the Satellite concert, provide a fitting snapshot of three artists whose work has been hugely influential on the Melbourne and Australian experimental scenes for well over a decade.

Fusinato, best known for his incisive work in the visual arts, performs his unique brand of analog infused guitar noise. Akin to standing in the centre of a sonic tornado, his dynamic range is massive, hurling the audience through time and space as he navigates his chaotic machines.

Ambarchi, the undisputed master of the hypnotic drone and blissful bass bomb, will present his duo version of ‘Knots’ featuring Joe Talia on drums. The duo will stretch the Corner’s wide spectrum PA reaching for the edges of perception where the sonic becomes physical.

Fox, whose Laser show has been developed and tested on Melbourne audiences for years returns with a now rare Melbourne appearance featuring new material developed in Glasgow and Mexico guaranteed to redefine your understanding of sound and light and transport you neurologically to a synaesthetic plane.

Wednesday December 4
Corner Hotel, Richmond.
Tickets $15 on the door only (no pre-sales)

Marco Fusinato

Oren Ambarchi

Robin Fox
(forwarded from Oren Ambarchi)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

8.30pm 5 Dec @ Long Play: Lovers of the black bird, CHANG/BROWN/REBEIRO, MACLELLAIG

8.30pm, Thursday 5th DEC 2013

at Long Play - 318 St. Georges Road, North Fitzroy 

Ticket on the door: $10

DUO: Lovers of the black bird

SOLO: Karl MacKellaig (bagpipes)

TRIO: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang (voice), Nigel Brown (modified accordion) and Rohan Rebeiro (drums)

Facebook page:

Site Overlay / Acoustic Survey - Geoff Robinson and more

Site Overlay / Acoustic Survey

By artist Geoff Robinson

Site Overlay / Acoustic Survey is a series of three events using sound, performance and installation to explore the relationship between three Melbourne interior, exterior, built and botantical environments. 

Site Overlay/Acoustic Survey dates:
Friday 29 November, 7pm - 8pm, RMIT Design Hub (Rooftop level)
Matthew Davis, Helen Grogan, Rosalind Hall

Free entry

Saturday 30 November, 3pm - 4pm, Melbourne Museum (Forest Gallery)

Ernie Althoff, Tim Catlin, 
Aviva Endean

Museum admission: adult $10 / concession free

Sunday 1 December, 1pm - 2pm, Royal Botanic Gardens (Long Island)

Performers: Alice Hui-Sheng Chang,  Dylan Martorell and Charlie Sofo

Free entry

Maps and more information: 

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

OpenLAB 1st December, AkE Lab RMIT!


This months OpenLAB is a very special exclusive with Darrin Verhagen on Sunday 1st December.

Due to space constraints we can only allow for 20 participants to be a part of this months OpenLAB.
To register your interest please fill out this form.

There will be 2 sessions one at 1:30pm and the other at 2:30pm on SUNDAY 1st December 2013.
The first 20 people that sign up will be registered as an attendee for this months OpenLAB. All registrations will be confirmed via e-mail.

Darrin Verhagen will provide a special sneak peak showcase of the AkE (Audio Kinetic Experiments) Lab, RMIT. AkE (pronounced "ache") is a multidisciplinary research laboratory featuring a 4DOF mechanical chair used to explore the relationship and compositional potentialities of sound, vision and movement. You may get a chance to to sit in the chair and experience a special selection of S/M/V compositions.

Check out this youtube of one of Darrin's personal experiments exploring light, movement and noise

So get in quick!!

Prior to the event we will be asking for RSVPs to ensure attendance (we don't want any empty slots stopping someone from attending).
If all sessions are full feel free to fill out the form and if anyone drops out we will let you know ASAP!!
Also due to the nature of the Lab participants must be over 12 years of age.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

KUNST+1 @ MUSIKUNST - 4pm Sat 30th Nov

This month MUSIKUNST presents Kunst+1, a duets event curated by Nat Grant. Nat has invited Peter Knight, Toby Brodel and herself to perform with a duo partner - either someone they haven't played with before, or trying out a new concept with an existing collaborator. The resultant duos are as follows.

PETER KNIGHT: trumpet/electronics +
ANITA HUSTAS: extended double bass

NAT GRANT: percussion/electronics +

TOBY BRODEL: tape manipulations/electronics +

with additional projections by RICHIE CYNGLER

4pm Saturday 30th November
As always, doors 4 pm, performance 4:30 pm, $10 / $5 conc.
GB Hotel BASEMENT 447 Church St Richmond

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Recursive Space: Jim Denley and Rosalind Hall

New Music Network presents
West Head Project
Recursive Space

Rosalind Hall and Jim Denley (saxophones).
This duo presents a meeting of two instrumental and musical innovators - players from different generations who redefine their instruments. Their aim in these concerts is to go beyond instrumental and musical redefinition and find music that resonates with two redefined spaces - to effect a rethink of spaces through music and visa versa.

The Norla Dome – is a large circular dome shaped space situated within the historical Mission To Seafarers building uniquely capturing light and sound. The original exposed brick forms the surrounding walls while the towering concrete dome creates a ceiling with great impact.

Sound file:


Date: 6.30pm, Wed 27 November 2013
Where: Norla Dome, Mission to Seafarers, 717 Flinders Street, Melbourne

Entry by donation: $20 | $10 (suggestion)
Bookings, information and media requests: 0411 606 077

New Music Network
Dedicated to the promotion and performance of new music in Australia.


Avantwhatever Monthly - November 2013

Oceans (Noise)
Peter Blamey (Open Electronics)
Robbie Avenaim (Percussion)

The Alderman
134 Lygon St

Wednesday November 27

Entry $10 | 8pm

This is the last Avantwhatever Monthly for the year - join the Avantwhatever group on Facebook or go to and sign up to the mailing list to hear about upcoming releases and events.

Note: Pimmon and Jim Denley have sadly had to pull out but fortunately we have Robbie Avenaim stepping in to play solo for us.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Dave Brown shows this week - 12 & 13 Nov 2013

(forwarded from Dave Brown):

Just belated notification that I have two shows this week, tonight and Wednesday night. Firstly, tonight at the Make It Up Club I'l be doing a solo electric guitar performance and Wednesday night at Monkey bar I'll be revisiting a trio with Nick Tsiavos and Anthony Schulz. The details are listed below. 

When: Tuesday 12th November, 9PM, $5/$10.

Where: MIUC, Bar Open 317 Brunswick Road Fitzroy.


Klaus Filip (Laptop) & Rosalind Hall (Reeds) 

Dave Brown (Guitar) 

Georgie Darvidis (Voice) & Jenny Barnes (Voice)


When: Wednesday 13th November, 8PM, entry by donation.

Where: Monkey, 181 St George's Road Nth Fitzroy.


Nick Tsiavos (Double Bass)

Anthony Schulz (Accordian)

David Brown (Open-tuning guitar and preparations)

(Trio, duo and solo)


David Brown

Sunday, 10 November 2013

West Head Project in Maribyrnong and Bendigo - 23 & 17 Nov 2013

Maribyrnong Soundwalk: 3pm, Saturday 23rd November 2013

co-presented by Out Hear, West Head Project & Footscray Community Arts Centre
People have been making music outdoors on these lands for thousands of years. The Maribyrnong Soundwalk brings together musicians Jim Denley (saxophone), Monica Brooks (accordion), Dale Gorfinkel (modified trumpet), sonic adventurer Anthony Magen, local Indigenous dancers and story-teller Uncle Larry Walsh. It encourages active listening to learn about the unfolding stories and soundscapes of local places.

Time: 3pm, Saturday 23rd November, 2013
Meet: Footscray Community Arts Centre
45 Moreland Street, Footscray VIC 3011
Cost: $15
Bookings: Book now for this Big West Festival Event (please note this event has limited capacity so booking is recommended)
Duration: approx 1.5 hours
Bring suitable shoes for walking, hat, water.

(((((( 0))))))

West Head Project in Bendigo:

4pm, Sunday 17th November 2013

For this event we will take a soundwalk led by Anthony Magen from the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology. Embedded at points along the route will be the musicians of the West Head Project – Monika Brooks (accordion), Dale Gorfinkel (modified trumpets and sonic contraptions) and Jim Denley (wind instruments).
Click here for more about West Head Project 
Meet: 4pm at The Old Fire Station, 52 View St, Bendigo
Duration: approx 1.5 hours
Bring: ears, water, hat, walking shoes
Cost: $15/10. No bookings required, please arrive 10min early register your place.

more details:

(forwarded from Dale Gorfinkel)

SeenSound Visual/Music - Loop Bar - 24 Nov 2013

New Date/Time: 8pm Sun 24 Nov

SeenSound Visual/Music at Loop Bar, 23 Myers Place, Melbourne
Entry $10/$5
Live Performances and  Visual/Music Screenings from:
Ros Bandt
Warren Burt
David Kim-Bolye
Elaine Thomazi Fritas/Johnathan F.Lee
Roger Alsop/Brigid Burke
Brigid Burke
Mark Pedersen 
(forwarded from Brigid Burke)

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

We Are Denizens of Pluto - City Library - 21 Nov 2013

We Are Denizens of Pluto, play live and free in The Gallery @ City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne City, on Thursday 21st November, 2013, 6pm - 7pm, as part of Melbourne Library Service's Sounds Poetica series.
Transforming on the night will be: Ashley J Higgs(singerpoet), Richard Stringer (electric guitar), Nat Grant (lap top), Abe Dunovits (double bass), and, Forbes Hawkins (pianist).
We recorded and mastered our first self titled album in 2011, and are working towards releasing video footage from this April's performance at the Bluestone Church in Footscray.
Our musical sense is free improvisation, complimented with original poetry sung with professional collaborating musicians. We each have a wide range of artistic and musical performance experience, nationally and internationally. WADOP prefer unusual spaces to play and record in.

(forwarded from Ashley Higgs)

Thursday, 31 October 2013


A meeting of avant-rock, hardcore fueled heavyweights, and ecstatic free noise:
EXHAUSTION wield the negative/downer sensibility like they invented it. RATSAK gnaw at the bones of hardrock and vomit out sick hard/heavy classics via 80′s HC. MARCO FUSINATO extends the language of guitar to distressed oblivion, compounding electronic detritus into over-amplified aural weapons: unleashing tsunamis of ecstatic free noise.

Sunday 3 Nov. Bar Open. 8.30p.m. Free Entry.


+ DJ Holy Pockets keeping you broke between sets.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

OpenLAB at Eurisko! 2nd & 3rd November

This month's OpenLAB is at Eurisko Melbourne!

Saturday/Sunday 2-3 November 2013, Arts House Meat Market, North Melbourne

Performances and presentations from: Kit Webster, Brad Hammond, Chris Rainer, Obscotch, Vijay Thillaimuthu, cleaninglady, Matt Refund, Mitchel Mollison, Morgan McWaters, Ceri Haan, Paul Fletcher, Dale Nason, Seame Campbell, Nat Grant, Richie Cyngler, Todd Anderson-Kunert, Dave Foreman, Nik Kennedy, Mark Perdersen, Calavera and more(you?)!

Eurisko is a community celebration of discovering by doing: it's a 2-day meetup, in the amazing Arts House Meat Market. It's for anyone passionate about hands-on (DIY) Do It Yourself and Do It With Others (DIWO) experiential learning.

Over the course of this two-day event, you can learn about making: DIY 3D printing, yarn bombing, space exploration, instrument making, the Internet of Things (IoT), robots, music making, wearable electronics, sustainable systems, electric vehicles and more. The event will help you to get connected and get you hands-on with your own projects too.

Eurisko is from the ancient Greek and means "discover by doing", and the event is a glorious celebration of the enjoyment of DIY: A wonderful exploration of inventiveness, skill and community, daring and sharing.  We've curated the event to provide a platform for passionate makers, crafters, hackers, tinkerers, players, sustainability experts and many others to meet each other and share their projects and skills with each other and the public.

Eurisko is something everyone does, every day, throughout their entire lifetime: you might know it as heuristic or experiential learning. These concepts are central to a growing transformation happening globally, a revolution in the form of 'knowledge activism' as people reconsider how we make, use and share things.

In addition to the enjoyment and satisfaction of it, a lot of what drives makers and other heuristic learners are fundamental philosophies and principles.  Sharing knowledge openly, the hacker and maker movements, and the community workspaces they create to support their communities are part of the foundation of this change.  So too is the growing global focus on sustainable living and collaborative consumption.
Event passes are available on a pre-booking basis, which gives participants a multiple-entry passport to the event: come and go as you please over the two days.   General admission is $10, concession/ student: $5, family is $20 and children under 12 are free.

Purchase tickets for eurisko Melbourne 2013
Participate Tickets: