Sunday, 30 September 2012


Christopher de Groot is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, improviser, and electronic musician. Primarily a pianist with a background in jazz and classical composition de Groot has a strong interest in music for film having scored several features. He also has an affinity with analogue synthesizers, cassette tapes, ruined vinyl and noise

Pretty bangin beats

Organic instrumentation destroyed by harsh electronics

Multi-instrumental experimental improv noise duo

7:00PM start

$5 entry
238 High St. Northcote

The Häxan Curse - Revolt Oct 4-7 & 11-13 2012

The Häxan Curse is a unique Melbourne Fringe Festival Show theatrically presenting a deconstructed black comedy version of the cult 1922 film 'Häxan (Witchcraft through the Ages)' with a new live experimental electro rock score at Revolt Melbourne. With a new and radical narrative shift which walks a fine line between absurdism and social commentary, the recut tackles some poignant themes including gender inequality, blind mass consumerism, aging and kebab ethics.

Created by emerging Melbourne visual artist, writer and musician Giosuè Prochilo, after a string of bizarre events including a run-in with an oracle and the arrival of a surprise package, this work represents his first major piece where he attempts to create his own contemporary Wagnerian Gesamtkunstwerk or 'total artwork'.

Musically, he will bring disparate influences from industrial, dark ambient, musique concrète, progressive rock, classical and minimal techno into an eclectic live electro/analogue performance. Set in the striking industrial theatre space of The Loading Dock at Revolt with a haunting, Hitchcockesque introduction by a mysterious otherworldly messenger, this is truly entertainment of another kind.
At the Loading Dock @ Revolt Melbourne for 7 special late-night shows on

Oct 4 - 7 & 11 - 13, 11pm (Except Sunday Oct 7 show at 9pm)
Tickets: Full: $18, Conc. $13, Special: 4 for $10ea from  or at the venue (if not sold out).     (forwarded from Giosuè Prochilo)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Tim Catlin Upcoming Shows / New Instruments

Over the last  six months I have been working on the construction of some new instruments - a bowed harmonics electric guitar and bowed metal rod instruments. 
(4 instruments, 12 rods per instrument - tuned to just intonation scales. These are played using rosin coated hands..)

I have a few upcoming gigs coming up where I'll be showcasing these new toys:

Hand Made
Wednesday 3rd October   8.30pm
Wesley Anne 250 High Street Northcote $10/15
also appearing - Cleaning Lady and Dean Stanton

Sunday October 7th 7pm
181 St George's Road, Nth Fitzroy.

Solo/Duo/Trio with Dave Brown and Rosalind Hall

Make it Up Club
Tuesday October 30
Bar Open317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065 
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start 
No other performer details yet.

(forwarded from Tim Catlin).

Friday, 28 September 2012

Word of Life Church SS - KIPL - 29 Sept 2012

Cantankerous Records brings you some varied noise...

WORD OF LIFE CHURCH SS = Synth/noise extravaganza...

SPASMOSLOP = Otherworldly vocal driven noise...

TODD ANDERSON-KUNERT = Audio/visual doom/noise...

DOTABATA = Organic instrumentation destroyed by harsh electronics...

BONO = Some more noise...

Starts early! 6:30pm.
All ages / BYOB welcome.

136 Roden St West Melbourne (a short trek from either Southern Cross or North Melbourne stations).

Various tapes and so on available on the night...

(forwarded from Todd Anderson-Kunert)

MUSIKUNST - last Saturday of the month at 4pm


MUSIKUNST – which normally happens at 4:00pm on the last Saturday of each month at The Great Britain Hotel Basement, 447 Church St Richmond - is cancelled this month of September for obvious Melbourne sporting reasons, but will return with;

4:00pm Saturday 27th October:
Mitchell Brennan curates an ensemble of local practitioners for an extended improvisation

4:00pm Saturday 24th November:
Kynan Tan (W.A.) in collaboration with others of similar ilk creates an audio/visual event

Stay tuned to ExpMelbBlog for further updates

Get set for more wild outsider instrument action
Hand Made Music Wed Oct 3rd

Cleaning lady Hear the new synth build, fully tweaked and calibrated. Full frequency freak out - 0.5Hz rumble to 40KHz dog whistling!

Tim Catlin Post preparative electric guitar - enveloping sustain and quirky tones from the master of fretted fun.

Dean Stanton Unveils his latest hard waste creation direct from Bendigo - The Absurdifier (pictured) made from a recycled organ & 20 discarded hi-fi speakers using a separate lantern battery for each key. Complex percussion, industrial drone, machine replication and more!

Wednesday 3rd October - the first Wed of every month, 
8:30pm at the Wesley Anne 250 High St Northcote $10/15 
Tell your weird friends and invite them to the Facebook event!

Then in November… Wed 7th

Shred Not a rear building where happy hacks happen but its Victor Meertens on voice with Braybrook junk sculpturalisn’ts Alexis Ensor crude horns noise outside the cabinet.

Donkeys Muthers of Arse aka Shane VanderAkker Parabolic microphone driven vocals - you can look a donkey in the mouth before saying yes!

Rosalind Hall Tiny variations on an instrument that is crying for it. Handmade ground breaking saxophone reed manufacturing from various materials - some found, some purchased (with cash)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Stutter presents - SENYAWA (Jogjakarta) - 10/10/12


An experimental music duo made up of Rully Shabara and Wukir Suryadi. The music they create is a combination of extended vocal technique and a homemade instrument handcrafted by master instrument builder Wukir.
Senyawa are located in the ancient city of Jogjakarta, Indonesia and their music is a reflection of their traditional Javanese heritage filtered through a framework of contemporary experimental music practices. They push the boundaries of both traditions to mix the musics’ of the east and the west to create a new sound.
Stutter is proud to present Senyawa's only Melbourne sideshow from their national tour with Regurgitator. Many thanks to The Gurge and their management team.
A collaboration between Dead Boomers and Ivens. The brutalist rhythms and unforgiving electronics of both projects are present here, offering a skeleton in which vocal lines unfurl. The group offers cynical, disillusioned observations of contemporary Australia: the systemic misuse of authority, persistently disappointing discourse, wilful ignorance and an ever-present internalised inferiority complex
Bum Creek will provoke a steady foot tap from the average punter. The stupid punter will nod in a knowing manner, the unique punter will think about the gig with unique vision. A loud burst of sandals clapping here and a low grunt from the drummer there. The juices of sonic xtc smear the hairs that are really small in your ear. Electronic absurdity, four to the floor passivity, songs from the heart and angry street mentalness.
A solo performance from Harriet Morgan - abstracted black-metal-inspired grimcore.
Bianca Hester, Julie Burleigh and Nathan Gray will be djíng between the sets!!
Wednesday the 10th of October
8pm start
$10 on the door
@ The Gasometer
484 Smith Street, Collingwood
SUNDAY 7th OCTOBER---->>>Open LABs (nee Patching Circle) will explore the wonderful world of creative electronics and programming. It is a space where artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers, hermits, freaks and geeks can come together and share their work and creative passions.

Each Open LAB will begin with talks from fellow guests that seek to share their work with the group, and then end in an all out free-form open discussion and hands on tinkering space where guests can present a finished, or unfinished, work, seek collaborations, s
eek peer review, or make a call out to the community to help troubleshoot a problem they are having.

So bring whatever current project you may be working on, or simply show up and share/teach/learn a new world of electronic art!

Featuring talks from:
Ross Healy- Modular Synth extraordinaire and one of the founding members of VICMOD Records and the Vicmod community ( See him here-
Chris Vik and Brad Hammond- What do you get when you use the interactive controls of the XBOX Kinect with audio and 3d graphical manipulation? You get the crazy brainchild of Chris Vik and Brad Hammonds Ethno Tekh ( watch this for more info-
Free Event
Date and time: Sunday 7th of October, 2-5pm
Venue: Rear entrance via carpark Media Lab Melbourne 136a Cromwell Street Collingwood- [see here:]

Facebook Page:
Or want to share your stuff online? Go to our Facebook Group:

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Paul Kidney Experience tour and online release.

As Paul Kidney Experience head out on tour this week, they bring with them a new 5 track release, available now for free download/pay what you like from Neumusak bandcamp - here (no email/login required)

Tour details below or on Facebook - here

Paul Kidney Experience

Thurs 27th Sept - Canberra, The Phoenix

Fri 28th Sept - Wollongong, Yours & Owls

Sat 29th Sept - Sydney, Black Wire

Thurs 11th Oct - Melbourne, Bendigo Hotel

Sun 28th Oct - Melbourne, Northcote Social Club

Sat 3rd Nov - Paddock Bash 2(012) Festival

Tour promo video - here

Paul Kidney Experience '3 minute pop song' - here

(forwarded from Neumusak)

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Sonic Spheres - Northcote Social Club - 3 Oct 2012

(forwarded from John Nixon)

Automation - Substation - 29 Sept 2012

AUTOMATION – Robotic Percussion Expo

Saturday 29th September

The Substation, 1 Market Street, Newport

Featured Artists include Ernie Althoff, Robbie Avenaim, Matt Gardiner, Adam Simmons and Graeme Leak.

Performance Installations

1pm-4pm across various spaces in The Substation

Created & presented by the 2012 Speak Emerging Artists: Jonathan Griffiths, Yvonne Lam, Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, Kaylie Melville, Anna Ng, Zela Papageorgiou and Hugh Tidy.

Community Performance

6pm, main space The Substation

Premiere of a massed percussion work featuring Speak Percussion, the 2012 Speak Emerging Artists and students participating in our AUTOMATION School Holiday Program.

Showcase Performance

8pm, main space The Substation

Premiere of a collaborative work featuring guest artist Robbie Avenaim with Speak Percussion and the 2012 Speak Emerging Artists.

(forwarded from Ernie Althoff)

Monday, 24 September 2012

Tuesday September 25th @ the Make It Up club

Tomorrow night at MIUC, we have a bumper edition of noisy, electroacoustic abstraction. In the midst of a whirlwind Australian tour, Oslo-based noise improviser, Lasse Marhaug (Jazkamer, and many more), joins Melbourne’s Marco Fusinato for a reprise of their incredible duo at the KIPL warehouse last week. Also, Fusinato will be debuting a duo with the one and only maestro of reed instruments, Adam Simmons. And completing the bill, two great and distinctive young electro-acoustic noise improvisers performing in their solo guises: Mitchell Brennan with new material culled from “live, musical field recordings,” and Robbie Watt with his signature analogue manipulations. 
Adam Simmons (reeds) and Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics)
Mitch Brennan (laptop)
Lasse Marhaug (NO) (laptop and electronics) and Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics)
Robinson Watt (electronics)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
09/10: Adam Simmons & Gela Reh; Yan Jun (China, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Sean Baxter.
23/10: Dale Chapman & Tim Paneretos; Sergio Beresovksy (Argentina).
27/11: Kris Wanders, Brett Evans, Tom Fryer, Rory Brown, Ali Watts and Damien Ellis.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Dave Brown - Monkey residency Sept-Oct 2012

I have 3 shows coming up over the next 3 weeks all at Monkey bar in Nth Fitzroy at 7PM on Sunday evenings. First up, this Sunday 23rd September I'll be playing prepared guitar and I'll be joined by contrabass player Nick Tsiavos and accordion player Anthony Schulz. This will be a rekindling of the trio only briefly touched on when we shared the stage at Monkey with bassist Barre Phillips some months ago. So I'm really looking forward to an extended musical exploration.

Coming up on the two subsequent Sundays I'll be joined by Adam Simmons and Carolyn Connors (30/09) and then Rosalind Hall and Tim Catlin (07/10).

Who: David Brown: prepared guitar, Nick Tsiavos: contrabass, Anthony Schulz: accordion.

Where: Monkey, 181 St George's Road, Nth Fitzroy.

When: 7PM, Sunday 23rd September 2012.

(forwarded from Dave Brown)

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Tuesday September 18th @ the Make It Up Club

This week we are treated to some of the very best in contemporary electro-acoustic, improvised musique concrete. From Amsterdam, we have Shackle: comprising two veterans of the innovative “New Dutch Swing” scene, where the barriers between avant garde classical, free improvisation and electro-acoustics were abolished long ago, leading to the virtuosic and disciplined post-concrete improv the Netherlands has become renowned for producing. Rushford and Talia are similarly impelled, and are currently two of the greatest local proponents of electro-acoustic improv. And recent West coast emigre, Chris de Groot, returns to MIUC, this time focusing on stuttering vinyl fragments amidst chaotic analogue noise. 
  • Shackle (Netherlands), featuring: Anne LaBerge (flute and electronics) and Robert van Heumen (laptop and controllers) Shackle is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL.
  • Christopher de Groot (prepared vinyl and analogue synths)
  • James Rushford (viola and electronics) and Joe Talia (revox)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
25/09: Adam Simmons & Marco Fusinato; Mitchel Brennan.
09/10: Adam Simmons & Gela Reh; Yan Jun (China, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Sean Baxter.
23/10: Dale Chapman & Tim Paneretos; Sergio Beresovksy (Argentina).
27/11: Kris Wanders, Brett Evans, Tom Fryer, Rory Brown, Ali Watts and Damien Ellis.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Current - Conduit - 15 & 16 Sept 2012


General Assembly of Interested Parties and Conduit Arts initiative present
a celebration of music made in the moment of performance aimed at
fostering community across the spectrum of age and experience.

24 musicians will perform twice in a trio format over 2 days from 2pm
until late. Tickets are available at the door on the day. $15 for one day
and $25 for both days.


2pm: Ida Deuland Hanson, Sam Hall & James Wengrow

3pm: James McLean, Ren Walters & Lochkey

4pm: Jenny Barnes, Scott McConnachie & Stephen Magnusson

5pm: David Tolley, Brett Thompson & Ian Dixon

6pm: Jon Smeathers, Tony Hicks & Sam Zerna

7pm: Sam McAuliffe, Marc Hannaford & Simon Charles

8pm: Tom Stewart-Toner, Andrew Brooks & Stephanie Bell

9pm: Dave Brown, Scott Tinkler & Matthias Schack-Arnott


2pm: David Tolley, James McLean & Tom Stewart-Toner

3pm: Stephanie Bell, Sam Hall & Matthias Schack-Arnott

4pm: Jon Smeathers, Lochkey & Sam McAuliffe

5pm: Scott Tinkler, Sam Zerna & Scott McConnachie

6pm: Ian Dixon, Ren Walters & Sam Pankhurst

7pm: Marc Hannaford, Jenny Barnes & Dave Brown

8pm: Brett Thompson, Tony Hicks & James Wengrow

9pm: Stephen Magnusson, Simon Charles & Andrew Brooks

At Conduit Arts Space. 83 Brunswick St, Fitzroy.

(forwarded from Brett Thompson)

Too much networking at the expensive of art? (polemic)

Bob Baker Fish has done an excellent interview with Melbourne artist/composer (now resident in Europe), Anthony Pateras in Cyclic Defrost.  The article covers many interesting topics, but this provocative quote from Pateras (below) on one of the reasons he moved to Europe might be a good starting point for some polemic discussion here:

"In Melbourne, I increasingly found myself put into this position of being an administrator before being an artist, and I think, for everyone, that has a very negative effect on the work,” he offers forcefully. “As a result, I think the way musicians interact with each other becomes very influenced by that – we all become horrible little products, fucking each other over, cultivating friendships simply to bleed our colleagues for contacts. It has become more about the network and less about the work. We have become administrators, not artists. This is further fuelled by social media, which seems to occupy a lot of the time that artists could be using to make their own work stronger. When you’re forced to adapt to a circumscribed mode of existence, you distort yourself and start prioritising what other people want or expect, rather than what you desire as an artist.”

Does this ring true to you?  Do we spend too much time on networking rather than working on our art?  I've not lived/worked anywhere but Melbourne, but certainly in Melbourne I believe that networking is a massively important skill to attain if you want to get anywhere in the various art worlds.  Please post your comments here.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Paul Kidney Experience 'Net' EP

Ahead of their upcoming East Coast tour, Paul Kidney Experience release a Net Ep through Neumusak. This is available for the 'name your price' option via Bandcamp (ie: free if you want it to be)Listen or download it from here: -
This release joins the Bonnie Mercer/Admin Bldg split release which is now also available for free download from the Neumusak Bandcamp
Paul Kidney Experience next play in Melbourne on
11th October @ The Bendigo Hotel, Johnston St, Collingwood
(fowarded from Neumusak)

Everybody Talks About The Weather - Northcote Social Club - 20 Sept 2012

Thu September 20
Northcote Social Club

The annual experimental music showcase ''Everybody talks about the weather'' returns to Melbourne on Thu Sept 20 at the Northcote Social Club. The blistering 2012 edition will feature the first ever Oz performance from Norwegian noise legend LASSE MARHAUG. Mr. Marhaug has made some of the most fantastic ear-splitting music over the past 20 years and has contributed to well over 200 cd, lp and cassette releases both as a solo artist and with a flurry of other bands and collaborators (from acts likeJazzkamerSunn O))) and Kevin Drumm). According to him, speaking in noise is not speaking in tongues, but ''a celebration''. You don't want to miss this!

OREN AMBARCHI will present the first ever live performance of KNOTS the epic centrepiece of his recent release on Touch ''Audience Of One.'' Described by UK music mag Mojo as the ''undoubted standout on the Australian guitarist's stunning new album - nothing can prepare you for its awesome power'', this version will feature JOE TALIA on drums and a string quartet led by JAMES RUSHFORD

Together with BRENDAN WALLS, Ambarchi will also lead their guitar army project HUSBANDS. 20 guitarists and a meat & potato rhythm section plan to help you, the listener, reach transcendence via their massed just-intonation guitars creating beautiful harmonic clouds in conjunction with the propulsive repetition of the bass and drums. Yowza!

In amongst it all is a solo set from guitar signal annihilator MARCO FUSINATO. Described as 'extending the traditional language of the guitar to distressed oblivion, unleashing tsunamis of ecstatic free noise’, the Fusinato experience is guaranteed to detonate your mind.

The 2012 edition of 'Everybody talks about the weather' promises to be an unforgettable event, don't miss it!
(forwarded from Oren Ambarchi)

Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music

BIFEM - Prospectors Day Sept 30
Newly arrived to Bendigo, contemporary composer David Chisholm (Golden Fur played one of his pieces at the Undue Noise concert during the Castlemaine State Festival) is planning the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music in 2013. To introduce us he's organised a "Prospector's Day" at the Old Fire Station and La Trobe University Visual Arts Centre for Sunday Sept 30. featuring 3 peeformances, a couple of talks and an optional lunch (by El Gordo).
Here's a few links to find out more. Worth Supporting.Tickets available from the Capital Theatre in Bendigo

Monday, 10 September 2012

Tuesday September 11th @ the Make It Up Club

Some great new collaborations, and a long awaited soloist this week at MIUC. Pete Warden has been making some pretty strange instruments in recent times, and performing on them under the name of Onion Engine. For this show, he has recruited his comrades from Electric Jellyfish, along with some additional guests, to let the psychedelic, outsider-garde sonics fly. World Grind Domination, features some of our favourite avant metalists in a new double voice/double blastbeat quartet. Brutal! And Harriet Morgan with her signature, abstracted black-metal-inspired grimcore solo project.

 • Onion Engine, featuring: Pete (ticks, pots and bits of tin), Adam (low strings and wires), Jake (bill the modified guitar and tuna tins), Mike (high screechy strings)
World Grind Domination, featuring: Pete Hyde (voice), Brad Smith (drums), Max Kohane (drums) and Nik Kennedy (voice)
HKM, AKA: Harriet K Morgan (blackened bass and tape collage)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
18/09: Shackle (Netherlands), featuring: Anne LaBerge and Robert van Heumen. Shackle is supported by the Performing Arts Fund NL; Christopher de Groot.
25/09: Adam Simmons & Marco Fusinato; Mitchel Brennan.
09/10: Adam Simmons & Gela Reh; Yan Jun (China, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Sean Baxter.
23/10: Dale Chapman & Tim Paneretos.
27/11: Kris Wanders, Brett Evans, Tom Fryer, Rory Brown, Ali Watts and Damien Ellis.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Launch of Spectrum Magazine Archive

The launch of the web based Spectrum Magazine Archive can now be announced.  Noting that Spectrum Magazine was print based, I have finally caught up with the digital age and republished all content relating to the 5 released issues on the web.
For those who have not come across Spectrum Magazine before, it existed between 1998 and 2001 and focused on ambient, industrial, experimental, power electronics and neo-folk type genres, and particularly on the sounds and scenes broadly associated with Cold Meat Industry, Cold Spring Records, Loki Foundation, Malignant Records, Tesco Organisation, etc.
To keep the spirit of the print magazine alive, you can download PDF files of all 5 back issues of Spectrum Magazine. Some additional material including unpublished material is also included on the site.
(forwarded from Richard Stevenson)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

HMM...- Wesley Anne - 5 Sept 2012

HMM.. continues it’s series of monthly events on Wednesday 5th of September at the Wesley Anne
Come and see unique artists playing totally "one off" instruments.
Dale Nason - Guitarinator!!
Nigel Brown - Beyond the accordion
Styröphøne - Jöhn Jacøbs & Röd Cøøper
Show starts at 8.30 pm
Entry $10/$15

(forwarded from John Jacobs)