Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cured Pink gigs - 10 & 12 Aug 2012

‎10 August at 20:00 at Tape Projects, 1/81 Bouverie Street Nth Carlton

Snawklor (Duo/Drumless) www.freemusicarchive.org/music/Snawklor/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3aVkoxEhCw
Cured Pink (Brisbane/Actionist/Problem) http://curedpink.bandcamp.com/
Crude (Electro-Acoustic/Clarinet) http://crude.bandcamp.com/track/black-blood
Jkfx (Zond/Tax) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y6XZuqcYvw


Bar Open 317 Brunswick St Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Legendary Hearts (Superstar/Angel Eyes) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Legendary-Hearts/280183385373322
People Person (Snawklor/ The French) https://www.facebook.com/PeoplePersonPlace
Cured Pink (Brisbane/Actionist)
Mu (Mad Nanna/ Albert's Basement) http://www.albertsbasement.net/about/mubluetapecover/ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnAeCpyOWWk

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Hand Made Music is back! Wesley Ann Wed Aug 1

Hand Made Music is back to warm up your winter - first Wed of the month at the Wesley, starting Aug 1

Come and hear unique artists and their hand made creations
>>Dale Chapman on hacked toys and original oscillations
>>Vijay Thiliamuthu's sonic manipulation of the screen via hand made electronics
>>Creo Nova :: Alex Cuffe & Ben Kolaitis blend a plethora of acoustic & digital doo-dads
Show starts 8:30 sharp
Entry $10/$15
Wesley Anne @ 250 High Street Northcote Wed Aug 1 Map link
Facebook Event - invite your friends :~)
Hmm... on the web handmademusic.me

Tuesday July 31st @ the Make It Up Club

This week, we celebrate the absurdist improv tradition. Firstly, the welcome return of Wife, with their focus on deconstructed musical process. And then the premiere of an all-star dada band, self-described as: Exploding off the hipster bait hook these guys know how to put the grunt back into weird sophisticated shit-core. Fusing a magnanimous collision of garage rock and techno these hip cats will blow your fucking mind. 
 • Erck Mitsak (funny dude, extended vocal technique and carnivale), Tjrev Cley (head in hands rager, hard style beat and guitar senseless noiser), Jaroud Zlutik (nousy angry scene hater, guitar distortion and easy noise), and Danny Frommager (isual artist guitar novice and noisey enuff)
Wife, featuring: Eric Demetriou (noise) and Samaan Fieck (noiser)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
07/08: Matthias Schack-Arnott and Ida Duelund (contra bass).
14/08: Leon (Switzerland); dOtc (Switzerland); Muneomi Senju (Japan) and Stephen Richards.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Altered States Tapes Downloads.

Some out of print / nearly out of print releases are available for download from the ALTERED STATES TAPES blog. Artists include Oranj Punjabi, Junk Sick, C.C.C.C., Fossils and others. More will possibly be available soon.

SeenSound Visual/Music - Loop - 1 Aug 2012

SeenSound Visual/Music

SeenSound is pleased to present another Visual/Music event this Wednesday 1 August at Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne. 

The evening features live visual/music performance by Brigid Burke (Bass clarinet, laptop & live video projection) and Mark Pedersen (live electronics and video projection) as well as screenings of work by Scott Morrison, Warren Burt, The Cordelians, Carolyn Wilkins & Olalla Lemus, Noelene Lucas & Diana Blom, Glen Hendersen & Erik Griswold.

Entry $10/$5 concession.
Performances/Screenings start at 7:30pm

Go to http://seensound.com  for more details.

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

New release by Illuminoscillate

New release by Illuminoscillate, Wasteland, released via ADX Records 20/06/12. Digital only release available on Juno, Beatport, iTunes etc.. Soundcloud previews of all tracks linked below. A mix of lofi electronic, circuitbent home made synths, psychedelic ambience and experimental noise.

I may print a limited run of physical copies if anyone is interested. Contact illuminoscillate-at-gmail.com http://illuminoscillate.com

(forwaded from Illuminoscillate)

Sonic Spheres Opening Weekend - Tarra Warra 4-5 Aug 2012

An assemblage of contemporary Australian artworks engaged with sound, music and voice

The TarraWarra Museum of Art will present the third iteration of its biennial from 5 August to 9 December 2012. Dedicated to showcasing contemporary and innovative Australian art, the TarraWarra Biennial will be curated by TWMA director Victoria Lynn.

This year, the biennial will include the work of 20 artists and one collaborative group: Robyn Backen, Lauren Brincat, Eugene Carchesio, The Donkey's Tail, Marco Fusinato, Nathan Gray, David Haines & Joyce Hinterding (collaboration), Ross Manning, Dylan Martorell, Victor Meertens, Angelica Mesiti, Yukultji Napangati, James Newitt, Tom Nicholson with Andrew Byrne (collaboration), John Nixon, Sandra Selig, Christian Thompson, Ray James Tjangala and Johnny Yungut Tjupurrula.

The exhibition presents an assemblage of works engaged with sound, music and voice and will include drawings, musical scores, assemblages made from musical instruments, paintings and video. These works express the sonic through visual means. Many of the works are created through the use of improvisation and assemblage.

The TarraWarra Biennial was inaugurated in 2006 as a signature exhibition to identify new developments in contemporary art practice. Guest curated by Victoria Lynn and entitled Parallel Lives the first exhibition featured 17 Australian artists exploring the resurgence of artists working with painting to represent the experience of the everyday. In 2008 guest curator Charlotte Day mounted the second TarraWarra Biennial entitled Lost and Found: An Archeology of the Present. Bringing together 21 Australian and New Zealand artists the exhibition articulated the engagement of contemporary art with historical forms. In 2010 the TarraWarra Contemporary continued the museum’s commitment to showing contemporary art, through the eyes of a diverse group of arts industry professionals and under the new directorship of Victoria Lynn the biennial, a significant survey of contemporary art at TWMA, will be revived in 2012.

Victoria Lynn says “In this exhibition, while some artists respond to an avant garde tradition of experimental sound, others are interested in the ways in which music is a cultural expression. For many of the artists sound or song is a means of communication.”

Many of the artists perform live with their art works. There will be a program of talks and performances on the opening weekend of the exhibition (4-5 August).

TarraWarra Museum of Art
311 Healesville-Yarra Glen Road
Healesville Vic 3777
 tel (03) 5957 3100

(forwarded from Eliza Ordinans)

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Violins to Fences - State Library - 27 Jul 2012

Centre for Creative Arts Public Lecture

Presented by Jon Rose for the Centre for Creative Arts Public Lecture, as part of the 2012 Executive Dean's Lecture Series.

Violins to Fences

A Life of Experimentation in Music

At one end of the continuum is the violin - iconic, an instrument of perfection, a bastion of western culture; at the other end is the fence – metaphor for duality, the instrument of our species' desire for control, ownership, and exploitation.
For most of the last forty years, Jon Rose has explored the musical possibilities of the string and the wire in all sizes and situations. In this lecture he connects the radical with the traditional, and the unique experience with the commonplace, in a practice of music that has led him into previously unexplored sonic worlds and sometimes into confrontation.

Date and Location:

Date: Friday 27 July 2012
Time: 6.00pm
Location: Village Roadshow Theatrette - State Library of Victoria, 328 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Cost: This is a free public lecture.
Light refreshments will be provided.
Seats are limited so register here.

(forwarded from Jon Rose)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday July 24th @ the Make It Up Club

Tonight at MIUC, glitched and trashed, post-noise freakout from the outer reaches. Disembodied guttural clamour and resultant vocal acrobatics from the one and only, Shane Van Den Akker. The no-fi screech-hum of Damian Young's Social Climber project. And XIBE8, featuring Matt Brown, Peter Dumsday and Shannon Millard

Donky Muthers of Arse, AKA: Shane Van Den Akker (voice with SSTV accompaniment)
Social Climber, AKA: Omad (glitch synth and analog sequencing)
XIBE8, featuring: Matt Brown (vocals and computer), Peter Dumsday (keyboard) and Shannon Millard (guitar)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
31/07: Trevelyan Clay's all-star band.
07/08: Matthias Schack-Arnott and Ida Duelund (contra bass).
14/08: Leon (Switzerland); dOtc (Switzerland); Muneomi Senju (Japan) and Stephen Richards.

Monday, 23 July 2012


A special Friday night series of textscore perfromances 
Francis Plagne Band + collaborators

Antoine Beuger, ein ton. eher kurz. sehr leise. [one tone/sound. rather short. very soft] (1998)— performed by Francis Plagne and Elizabeth Welsh.
Michael Pisaro, Piano and Strings (Harmony Series no. 9) (2005)— performed by Yuko Kono, Connal Parsley, Francis Plagne and Elizabeth Welsh.
James Tenney, Swell Piece (for Alison Knowles) (1967) —performed by David Brown, Jared Davis, Yuko Kono, Sean McMorrow, Connal Parsley, Francis Plagne and Elizabeth Welsh.
Christian Wolff, Looking North (1971) —performed by Scratch Ensemble + guests (David Brown, Tim Coster, Jared Davis, Giles Fielke, Nathan Gray, Helen Grogan, Yuko Kono, Sean McMorrow, Connal Parsley, Francis Plagne, Isadora Vaughan and Elizabeth Welsh).

Coming up:
 Robbie Avenaim/ Sean Baxter/Joe Talia + Kris Wanders Unit + Ben Byrne + Wife (Eric Demetriou and Samaan Fieck).

FRIDAY10 AUGUST, 7.30PM — Arek Gulbenkoglu/ Rosalind Hall + Alex Gardsen (John Fahey set) + Potato Room (Sean McMorrow, Francis Plagne, Joe Talia) + Samuel Dunscombe.

FRIDAY 17 AUGUST, 7.30PM — Francis Plagne Band + Yuko Kono + Mole House.

West Space
Level 1, 225 Bourke Street
Melbourne, Victoria, 3000

(forwarded from John Nixon)

Various Artists - IO

Various Artists - IO
Brothersister Records
Release date: July 20th, 2012

Brothersister Website »

Recommended tracks
[1. Okey Szoke: Virus], [4. Erothug: Goldness Variation]

IO is a compilation of six LED-lit dance tracks from artists in the Brothersister stable, extending motifs of constant and rhythmic data flow into spacious, tactile worlds that respond to elements of house, RnB and Jersey club.

Siren, Okey Szoke's opening salvo rains down sheet-metal synths and tide of blistering snares, paired with polyrhythmic sub-bass. Kharkov's Rise steps into a cavernous space, installs an 808 drum machine and gradually illuminates the space. Volcano Massage's We Get Money dives back into the halcyon days of early club music, revelling in simplicity: a track for the honeys. Goldness Variations brings Erothug's low and steady sweat towards a symphonic and ringing shimmer, before dropping ten floors into clean sub-bass. Pompey's Tactels brings trap snares and sliding chandelier tones into a courting ritual that endlessly revolves. In Virus, DEADV refuses to acknowledge the chemical burn at the end of night with his acidic live recording of dense, skittering strobes. 

IO showcases a distinct vein of contemporary antipodean dance music. Technology and feel; the resolution is mesmerising.

Recommended if you like
Kingdom, Julio Bashmore, Jacques Greene, Eliphino, Cedaa, Dubbel Dutch, Brenmar, The Dream, Jamie XX, Blawan, Diplo, Ital, Sinden, Joy Orbison, Girl Unit

About the artists
Okey Szoke, Kharkov, Pompey, Erothug and DEADV live and work in Melbourne.
Volcano Massage is based in Kuala Lumpur. The artists on this comp have been working together for a number of years;  see bsr.fm for a complete discography.

1. Siren by Okey Szoke
2. Rise by Kharkov
3. We Get Money by Volcano Massage
4. Goldness Variation by Erothug
5. Tactels by Pompey
6. Virus by DEADV (with Nicholas Peric and Adrian Mancuso) 

About Brothersister
BROTHERSISTER RECORDS, established 2003, is an independent music label based in
Melbourne, Seoul and Kuala Lumpur with a focus on experimental and electronic music.


(forwarded from Rowan McNaught)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Wrong Room - Conduit Arts - 4 Aug 2012

Saturday, August 4, 2012, 8:00pm
Conduit Arts 83 Brunswick St Fitzroy, Entry: $10
A night of Audio/Visual debauchery at Conduit Arts featuring the likes of:
Wrong Room
Wrong Room bring gifts fresh from the spirit world. With chaotic drum machine beats and dense drones, they use improvisation and manipulation to push for a visceral electronic experience.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wrong-Ro … 4654699767

Todd Anderson-Kunert (Ex Autonomous)
Todd Anderson-Kunert's work focuses on the use of abrasive textures, drones, noise and doom. Currently, he's investigating the links between emotion, sound and vision by performing against a pixelated digital image that throbs and distorts based on the audio texture.

Tim Farrell (ex Oddfoot)
Coming from a background circuit-bending and electronics destruction, Tim's currently investigating Pure Data combined with Arduino devices to create remote real-time processing platforms. Expect mangled beautiful noise soundtracking some choice vintage footage.
Many thanks to Conduit Arts for the space and support. And to Jessica Anderson-Kunert for the poster artwork.

Doors Open 8PM. $10 Entry.
More info available at: www.conduitarts.org/
Public event, spread the word!
Facebook event page: www.facebook.com/events/487585687938031/

(forwarded from Todd Anderson-Kunert)

Hand Made Music - Wesley Anne - 1 Aug 2012

Hand Made Music presents a new series of instrument builders and sonic object makers on he first Wednesday of each month.
Venue details. Wesley Anne 250 High Street Northcote.
Wednesday August 1st.
Doors open 8.pm Show begins at 8.30 (it never ends)
Dale Chapman hacked and cracked toys with original oscilations
Vijay Thilliamuthu Audio visual synthetics
Creo Nova:  Ben Kolaitis Living plant synths Alex Cuffe aerophonics 
$10/$15 entry.
(forwarded from Rod Cooper)

Thursday, 19 July 2012

MUSIKUNST - - 4pm Saturday 28th July 2012 - - basement the noise experimental from

M U S I K U N S T  is a new gig happening on the last Saturday of every month in the basement of The Great Britain Hotel 447 Church St Richmond. Doors open at 4:00pm, performances start at 4:30pm and entry is $5 - This month on Saturday 28th July are:

b e n   b y r n e
Data Tapes - Ben Byrne’s solo performances ask listeners to find their own path as music constantly emerges from and disappears into a mess of signals, actions and noise. Look

c l e a n i n g l a d y
Handbuilt Analog Modular Synthesizer - An improvised solo project by Stephen Richards. Cleaninglady live performances have spanned many different genres from Ambient, Sub Bass excursions to Brutal Noise and instrumental set-ups including Woodwinds, Analog Synths, Effects Pedals and Empty Mixer. Listen

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Multiplicity - Tape Projects - 22 Jul 2012

Multiplicity5.30pm - 9.00pm, Sunday 22 July
Entry $5
live sonic & visual experimentation
A Sunday evening of four distinct live creations that utilise moving image, sounds and the spaces between. Curated by Kynan Tan.
Four distinct live creations that utilise moving image, sounds and the spaces between. Curated by Kynan Tan.

Jessie Scott & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
 - Vocal/ video bodies redefine each other on alternate trajectories, the outcome being an objectification of performance, and a performance of the object.

Mitchell Brennan - Collage and manipulation of visual source material with tapes, mics and effects.

David Boring
 - Remembering android dreams of the Singularity.

Kynan Tan (Perth)
 - Digitally converting sleeping brain data into sound and image that traverses the placid to the chaotic.

Tape Projects
1/81 Bouverie St
Carlton VIC

(forwarded from Kynan Tan)

Monday, 16 July 2012

Tuesday July 17th @ the Make It Up Club

This week, some very exciting performances: A very rare collaboration between Robin Fox and Marco Fusinato, two of Melbourne’s great, post-concrete, maximalist improvisers. The debut Melbourne performance by Perth’s Stuart James, subverting the code/acoustic interface. And the Melbourne première of Perth composer, Cat Hope’s quartet for improvised drumkit and percussion, Wolf At Harp, performed by some of Melbourne’s most distinctive percussionists from their respective idioms. 

Cat Hope’s structured percussion improvisation, Wolf At Harp, featuring: Ian Wadley (drumkit), Nat Grant (percussion), Dan Crowe (drumkit) and Gareth Thomson (drumkit)
Robin Fox (software and hardware) and Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics)
Stuart James (Perth) (laptop and percussion)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Movement Launch Party on Thursday 9th August 2012 @ The Order of Melbourne VOITECK (Electruck) MINDBUFFER (Enigmat'ik) KLOKE (Granholme UK & RBMA NY 2012) MEN IMITATING MACHINES DUBFONIK RACHEL HAIRCUT JACOB SILVER Audio-reactive laser and projections by KIT WEBSTER JAYSON HAEBICH 100% live electronic music $5 entry $3 pots $10 pizza and pint of carlton draught before 11pm https://www.facebook.com/events/164046660397150/

The Spheres single launch - Northcote Social Club - 22 Jun 2012 (matinee)

Sunday July 22nd (matinee)

THE SPHERES (single launch) + OLLIE OLSEN w/ visual artist James Wright.

Northcote Social Club / Doors 2pm / $10.

The Spheres are a Melbourne based AV ensemble comprised of experimental musicians and film-makers collectively interested in exploring the inter-relationship between sound and the moving image.

They launch their first single ‘Mahagonny’ taken from their newly recorded song cycle ‘The Book of Hours’ at the Northcote Social Club on July 22nd. Inspired by critical aesthetics and the great ‘city symphonies’ of the silent cinema era, ‘Mahagonny’ is the first official release from The Spheres in almost 3 years and heralds the completion of their long playing song cycle ‘The Book of Hours’ scheduled for local release later this year with an accompanying collection of handmade short film and multi-screen video works.

Joining The Spheres as part of this very special matinee performance is renowned experimental composer, synthesist and sound designer Ollie Olsen. Known for his pioneering work in electronic musical composition and sound design for projects ranging from film soundtracks to art installations, Ollie has been making experimental music for the past 35 years and over this time collaborated with artists such as Roland S. Howard, J. Murphy, Damo Suzuki and Michael Hutchence to name but a few.

Teaming up with Ollie will be visual artist and VJ James Wright for an encore performance of the extraordinary audiovisual collaboration which took place recently at this year’s Dronestock 2012.

Promising to be quite a memorable afternoon of experimental sound and expanded cinematics, June 22nd at ‘The Social Club’ is one of those special Sunday arvo gigs in Melbourne town that is not to be missed!

Doors open at 2pm / $10.


(forwarded from Guy Harris)

Monday, 9 July 2012

Tuesday July 10th @ the Make It Up club

This week, two groups with a majority of interstate performers, ranging from the austere to the chaotic. Sydney's Andrew Brooks returns with a premiere collaboration featuring Kynan Tan from Perth and Melbourne's James Rushford. Expect refined yet volatile combinations of extended acoustic instrumental techniques, mediated by post-concrete digital sound generation. And, Warden Burger, a supergroup comprising sonic dissidents from Brisbane where macrosonic post-primitivism reigns! 

Kynan Tan (laptop), Andrew Brooks (saxophone, preparations and objects) and James Rushford (violin and electronics)
Warden Burger, featuring: Skye McNicol (violin), Adam Park (bass and sfx), Dylan Jeffreys (guitar), Henry Mills (handmade electronics), Jule Small (vox, found objects), Alex Cuffe (voice, percussion), Nicola Morton (synth, feedback), Rohan Holiday (synth, feedback, and percussion)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
17/07: Robin Fox and Marco Fusinato; Cat Hope (Perth) structured percussion improvisation, featuring: Ian Wadley, Nat Grant and Gareth Thomson.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

New Weird Australian - Melbourne events

MELBOURNE - SUNDAY 8TH JULY (TODAY!) VAGRANT #2 NAPS, WOOSHIE, KANE IKIN, BABA X (dj), ZANZIBAR CHANEL @ The Workers Club, Fitzroy - presented with This Thing (from 3pm)

Also this month, the Fallopian Tunes label, in association with New Weird Australia, assembles a hefty lineup of Melbourne based electronic acts on SATURDAY 28TH JULY to officially launch our recent free compilation, Gloss & MossSPEED PAINTERS, DOCUMENT SWELL, MATTHEW BROWN, JACOB SILVER and CALL ME PROFESSOR will play The Mercat Basement, 456 Queen St, Melbourne (Opp Vic Market) from 10pm.

(forwarded from New Weird Australia)

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Metapraxis - Arts House 19-21 Jul 2012

Jon Rose, Atticus & GuestsMetapraxis

“The function of music is to create soul, by creating conditions for myth, the root of all soul. Where there is no soul, music creates it. Where there is soul, music sustains it.” Jani Christou, 1968
A rare and exciting array of new-music talent takes to the stage for Metapraxis, presenting 20th and 21st century string compositions.
Iconic composer, violinist and innovator Jon Rose joins adventurous local string quartet Atticus and an eclectic range of guests for the Australian premiere of Greek composer Jani Christou’s rarely-performed 1966 masterpiece, Praxis for 12 – a large-scale theatrical exploration of the tension between the expected and unexpected, the logical and illogical, played out through duelling strings.
Atticus also immerses you in the subtle sonic world of Anthony Pateras’s Crystalline and the explosive subversion of traditional string timbres via bass amps in Cat Hope’s Cruel and Usual; and the prolific and treasured Jon Rose directs a new version of his Strings and Fences II for amplified string octet and video. Each night also features forays into improvisation from special support acts.
Jani Christou described a ‘metapraxis’ as an action that goes against the implied logic of an art form – a destabilisation, an implosive gesture, a push against the norms. Metapraxis is a bold venture into this experience.
Artists: Jon Rose, Biddy Connor, Phoebe Green, Judith Hamann, Anita Hustas, Charlotte Jacke, Zac Johnston, Andrea Keeble, Kevin CK Lo, Leigh Raymond, James Rushford, Joe Talia, Lizzy Welsh


Arts House, North Melbourne Town Hall


Full $20 / Concession $15


Book online or call 03 9322 3713

Thursday 19 – Saturday 21 July


Support acts

19 July: James Rushford/Joe Talia
20 July: Jon Rose, Palimpolin
21 July: Anita Hustas/Andrea Keeble
90 minutes

(forwarded from Arts House)

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Tuesday July 3rd @ the Make It Up Club

This week, two special guests from Sydney, Michael Tee and Shane Fahey (from legendary post punk projects, Scattered Order and The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast) are joined by local explorers, Zac Keiller and Sasha Margolis. And the brothers Kavanaugh return to MIUC with their haunting Mattress of Pagan Horror project, focussing on novel instruments and percussion. 

Shane Fahey and Michael Tee with Zac Keiller and Sasha Margolis
Mattress of Pagan Horror, featuring Dominic Kavanaugh (handmade instruments and electronics) and Leo Kavanaugh (drumkit and percussion)

The Make It Up Club
Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
10/07: Kynan Tan, Andrew Brooks and James Rushford; Warden Burger (Bris).
17/07: Robin Fox and Marco Fusinato; Cat Hope (Perth) structured percussion improvisation, featuring: Ian Wadley, Nat Grant and Gareth Thomson.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Miller Puckette in Melbourne Saturday 7th July 2012

All info and RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/354615387940167/

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/PatchMelbourne

If you need more info on barcamp.

Less than a week to go!

Also we want to make it clear that this is NOT Pd and Max only. All software/hardware, audio/visual, experimental/interactive art is welcome.