Friday, 30 September 2011

Primitive Calculators & Essendon Airport - Old Melbourne Gaol - 23 Nov 2011

(forwarded from Chapter Music):

Chapter Music and Melbourne Music Week present:

As part of Melbourne Music Week's label showcase series Labels Live, Chapter Music is presenting an amazing show at the very spooky Old Melbourne Gaol.

Reformed 70s synth-punk legends Primitive Calculators will put on a typically savage and hilarious performance, showcasing new material from an album currently being recorded - their first ever studio album in a 30+ year lifespan - which is due for an early 2012 release.

The drily intoned vocals and flailing polyrhythms of Essendon Airport make a welcome live return, after Chapter's acclaimed reissue of their 1981 post-funk classic Palimpsest.

The hypnotic minimalism of sensual duo Fabulous Diamonds will round out this darkly eccentric bill, at a venue so atmospheric and amazing, it'd be criminal not to come!

November 23, 8.30pm
Old Melbourne Gaol (377 Russell St, Melbourne)
tickets $12+bf from Moshtix / 1300 438 849

More info from the Melbourne Music Week website.

A RAY ARRAY - Tape Projects - 10 Oct 2011

A RAY ARRAY - Sarah Rara, Northlands, House Plants

Monday, October 10 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm
TAPE PROJECTS, 1/81 Bouverie St, Carlton, Melbourne

A RAY ARRAY is a new video directed by Sarah Rara that examines forms of visual and aural interference: from the failure of a message to be discernable, sudden interruptions, visual disturbance, the interaction of 2 sound signals, instability, and optical effects.Structured like a collection of short stories, the work is composed of 16 video chapters that explore the subject of interference using simple sets, everyday objects, and subtle special effects.

A RAY ARRAY features a soundtrack created by Lucky Dragons. Video trailer:

- Also featuring live music performances by:
NORTHLANDS - solo dream synth and vocal drift by Esther, of the Melbourne duo Superstar.
HOUSE PLANTS - matching synthesizer duo of Sarah Rara & Tim Coster, some kind of exploratory counterpoint & arpeggios.

-7pm early start with music first, and then video once it's dark enough.

$5 suggested donation

(forwarded from Tim Coster)


(forwarded from Sean/Ashan):
"Hello! My name is Sean. I recently moved to Melbourne from California. I make music that seems to vibe with some of the other sounds associated with this blog so I though I'd share my own. In brief, exploring spiritual/shamanistic/nature/ambient/groovy zones. In California I had a project called 'gkfoes vjgoaf' that you can listen to here:

And now that I'm in Melbourne I've changed the project to Ashan. Listen to the music at the bandcamp link and let me know if you wanna play a show or jam or hang out. I'm open to all sorts of creative ideas.

I'd love to meet you. and you can send emails to

more info at


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Connors/Denley/Kerze - Red Wheelbarrow - 14 Oct 2011

RedWheelBarrow + sonsigns


Carolyn Connors: voice
Jim Denley: wind instruments
Kim Kerze: banjo, objects

in duo/trio mode
105 lygon St, East Brunswick Friday October 14th - 7p.m. onwards

(forwarded from Kim)

Dead Boomers - Art Beat - 9 Oct 2011

SUNDAY the 9th of October =
Excellent sunday evening show at art beat,
(located at 211a Victoria Street, West Melbourne),

(forwarded from Paul Heslin)

Monday, 26 September 2011


WANK BANK is wrapping it up for a while, after playing five shows straight, sharing the stage with the amazing WYNTER and the likes of JK FULLER, ROBBIE AVENAIM, SPASMOSLOP, CONFUSED AS, HEX ON THE BEACH and HORDES OF THE BLACK CROSS amongst others. Here is a three minute excerpt (3.46mb) you may be interested in hearing. Experimental pitch shifted, gore mayhem, toilet noise terror!

Upcoming Dreamland events

Dreamland Recordings Presents 3 KILLER upcoming events

FRI OCT 7TH: Pop Singles, Nite Fields, Infinite Decimals, Dick Threats, Circular Keys.

An evening of avant-pop, downer psych and experimental noise. Get there early. Stay until the end. Just check out this lineup.

Pop Singles – Dreamy shy boy pop paying homage to Flying Nun bands from the 80s.

Nite Fields (Bris) – First ever Melbourne show for Brisbane future-pop band looking back at dark past.

Infinite Decimals – Randomly generated sensory overloads from the experimental elite.

Dick Threats – Time travel to 2980 and take dirty illegal drugs. This is what they sound like.

Circular Keys – Bliss pop from Absolute Boys side project destined for big things.

Going down Friday Oct 7th @ The Gasometer. Starts 8pm. $8.00-

OCT 13TH: Various Artists "Around" launch / listening party.

To celebrate the launch of our 3rd compilation we are hosting this little shindig in the city, as a means for all of the local contributors to gather, drink and be merry in the same place while listening to the album streaming in its entirety. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so come along and say hello.

Around is a new free/pay what you like, digital only compilation collecting a mammoth 37 tracks from artists around the globe including a large Aussie contingent. Around is released online, October 1st.Launch / listening party occurs Thursday October 13th @ Loop Bar. 7:00pm - 9:00pm sharp. Free.

OCT 15TH: Ash Wednesday, Dark Passenger, Monolith.

Working with The Town Hall Hotel to present original Melbourne (via Adelaide) post-punk icon and current member of Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: ASH WEDNESDAY. In Melbourne for a rare free show, with supports from: DARK PASSENGER, creating, mono-chromatically eroding and degraded metallic drones. Sometimes cacophonous, often desolate though always foreboding and MONOLITH, creating what they call "industrial space drone". Taking inspiration from Minit, Grey Wolves, Tangerine Dream, and Eliane Radigue to name a few.

Melting ears Saturday, October 15th @ The Town Hall Hotel, North Melbourne. Starts 10pm. FREE

Do not miss any of these folks.

-- Dreamland Recordings. Micro label. Events.
Official site

(forwarded from Zac Keiller)

Out Hear Events this week

Two outhear events this week! Listening walk in the city on wednesday and then walk and performances by the Maribyrnong river on sunday morning. Catch you soon.

Wednesday 28th September, 6.30pm: Evening soundwalk, Meet at Melbourne Town Hall steps, cnr Collins and Swanston. 1 hour. Look out for a man wearing colourful pants.
Take a tour of the city with your ears. This is a listening walk where the only rule is no communication. You'll be guided through town as it's sound world serendipitously unfolds.It's free! For reservations and further info contact, Dale or 0401096309.
(((((( 0))))))

Sunday Oct 2nd 11am: Walk from South Kensington Station along the Maribyrnong Riverexplore the unique urban, industrial and wetland settings along the Maribynong River. performers: Vessel with Rod Cooper & Dale Chapman, Kim Kerze (banjo), Arek Gulbenkoglu (bits and pieces), Dale Gorfinkel (modified trumpet + percussion)
We'll make our way towards Dynon Rd Bridge on the western side of the river.
$10 donation
contact dale 0401 096 309

(forwarded from Dale Gorfinkel)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Tuesday September 27th @ the Make It Up Club

One of the most mind-blowing performances at MIUC earlier this year was The Swamp, a conceptual improvisation by Nik Kennedy featuring four grindcore vocalists utilising heavily processed voices through massive speakers. For this reprise, The Swamp is augmented by master junk percussion from Nat Grant and MV, and the grimcore cello aktions of Judith Hamann. And, a double treat from the North: No Anchor, Brisbane's finest no-core punknik's in extreme free improv mode, and the electroacoustic genius of Joe Musgrove, 1 half of internationally renowned audio-video abstraktionists, Botborg.

  • The Swamp with strings and percussion, featuring: Brad Smith (vocals and electronics), Zev Langer (vocals and electronics), Leo Whitcroft (vocals and electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals, bog sounds and electronics), Judith Hamann (cello), Maya-Victoria (percussion) and Nat Grant (percussion)  
  • No Anchor (BRIS), featuring: Alex Gillies (drumkit), Donovan Miller (bass) and Ian Rogers (bass)  
  • Joe Musgrove (BRIS) (a/v processing) 

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
04/10/2011: Miles Brown and Matthew Brown.
11/10/2011: Ren Walters' This Ensemble.
18/10/2011: Jasmine Guffond (Ber); Tony Osborne (SYD); Oscil Ether (BRIS).
25/10/2011: Kevin Lo and Troy Naumoff.
01/11/2011: David Tolley's The Other.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive addition + rare NMA tapes

Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive: Music for Seven Metal Machines reissue

Shame File Music is proud to announce the second edition to the Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive Music for Seven Metal Machines. Originally released on Rik Rue’s Pedestrian Tapes in 1990, Music for Seven Metal Machines is commonly acknowledged as one of the high points of Althoff’s long recording career. The recordings from this cassette are available now in full to stream or download at the Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive, accompanied by Althoff’s insightful reissue notes along with the original liners, sketches of some of the machines used, an excerpt from the original performing score, and reviews of the cassette release. Alternatively, Music for Seven Metal Machines is available on CDR, accompanied by the original cassette j-card while stocks last.

Next in line for the Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive Project is For Two On Blue/Saturday Stories (1990). We also have back in stock the following Althoff CDs:

Ernie Althoff - Dark By 6 CD A compelling audio record of five of Althoff's sound installations from 2000 and 2003, accompanied by colour photos liner notes on the foldout cover. - AU$20ppd

Ernie Althoff - Catchment CD In the middle of one of the longest Australian droughts in living memory, Althoff turns his attention to water as both a sound source and an element of his own instruments. The sound of water is the key element of these recordings, whether in basins, hoses, or rainfall. AU$20ppd

Last copies of rare NMA Productions releases now available from Shame File Music

Rainer Linz’s NMA Productions has been an important documenter of Australian new and experimental music since the 1980s, probably best known for New Music Articles (NMA) magazine and the compilation cassettes that accompanied them (the latter available online from Shame File Music). NMA also issued a range of cassette releases, most now sold out, but Shame File Music is fortunate to be able to offer the last copies of the following NMA cassette releases. Note – only one or two copies remain of most of these titles, so get in quick because these are the last known copies.

NMATAPES 1 (1982) - Computer music, improvised work and computer controlled piano pieces. Featuring Warren Burt, Jon Rose, Essendon Airport and more.
One copy of the original cassette remains: purchase it with NMA#1 magazine for AU$30ppd
(Download the cassette or purchase a CDR copy (not inc. magazine) for AU$10ppd)

NMATAPES 2 (1983) - Vocal, electronic, environmental and chamber music. Featuring Ron Nagorcka, Ernie Althoff, Chris Mann and more.
Two copies of the original cassette remain: purchase one with NMA#2 magazine for AU$30ppd
(Download the cassette or purchase a CDR copy (not inc. magazine) for AU$10ppd)

NMATAPES 6 (1988) - Computer and computer-assisted music. Featuring Warren Burt, Cindy John, Alistair Riddell and more.
One copy of the original cassette remains (magazine sold out): purchase it for AU$12ppd
(Download the cassette or purchase a CDR copy (not inc. magazine) for AU$10ppd)

NMATAPES 7 (1989) - Performance and radio pieces, environmental compositions, music theatre. Featuring Percy Grainger, Keith Humble, Ernie Althoff and more.
One copy of the original cassette remains: purchase it with NMA#7 magazine for AU$30ppd
(Download the cassette or purchase a CDR copy (not inc. magazine) for AU$10ppd)

Chris Mann The Birth of Peace cassette & booklet - This complex work comprises several elements triggered by an indeterminate electronic system including texts by Mann, Descartes, and music composed by Nietzsche. The texts and system are documented in a beautifully-printed booklet that accompany the cassette and other novelties in a sealed plastic sandwich container. The booklets are individually numbered and signed by Mann. - AU$32ppd

Chris Mann A Machine for Making Sense cassette - Mann's extraordinary textual/speech performances are rarely available, and this recording from the late 1980s/early 1990s is a compelling example of his "compositional linguistics", where his rapid fire speech creates textures full of cadence and idea-upon-idea that is Joycean in scale - AU$12ppd (this cassette was issued without a cover)

Brigid Burke Clarinet cassette - A virtousic performance on solo clarinet with a occassional piano acompaniment, exploring contemporary works by composers including Don Banks, Ross Hazeldine and more. - AU$12ppd

Catherine Schieve/Robert Paredes cassette - Each side is dedicated to compositions from Schieve and Paredes, all focussed on minimalist and extended approaches to flute and clarinet. The cassette cover is reversible, folding out into several panels to display the scores for each piece (a panoramic graphic score for the Schieve piece). AU$12ppd

Shame File Music – specialising in Australian experimental

A Bunch of Twos - West Space - Friday evenings.

(forwarded from Camilla Hannan):
A Bunch of Twos
Is a series of 4 x one off performances curated by Camilla Hannan and Eamon Sprod. It grew out of their desire to see something different. Something beyond the usual audience/performer paradigm. Something to reinvigorate sound and vison performances, Something that used sound as its starting point and something that hadn’t been tried before. Hannan and Sprod chose 4 duos of fire and imagination to fight the AV power and engage the audience once and for all. Hannan and Sprod invited artists to go back to basics, back before all the beards and low pants. Choose an element from the Periodic Table and run like you stole something.
These are short sharp evenings. One performance, one hour. Spend the time and then go and enjoy the rest of your hipster life, cause it’ll never be the same again.

Over 4 Friday evenings at the glorious new West Space. Doors open at 7.30 for an 8pm show. $5. All out at 9pm.

The artists are:
Friday Sept 30th
Sean Baxter (drumkit and percussive detritus) and Joe Musgrove (audio-visual processing)

Friday October 7th.
Chronox (Lachlan Conn & Michael Prior)

Friday October 14th.
Anthony Magen/John Jacobs

Friday October 21st
Zoe Scoglio, Camilla Hannan, Cait Foran & Eamon Sprod. (collective ephemera)

for more info visit

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

See New Music In Motion - Northcote Town Hall - 1 Oct 2011


A collaboration between a classically trained new music ensemble andmoving image artists. A collection of films made by visual artistsandcomposers will be screened and performed as 'graphic scores' by anexciting ensemble of contemporary music specialists. Moving Scores istaking experimental music notation and putting it in motion. "We’ve taken the map and made it a GPS." Hear the image and see the music! 3 Shades Black presents ‘Moving Scores’: a night of experimental film and music making as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 7pm Saturday 1 October Northcote Town Hall $15.00 Concession: $10.00 or call (03) 9660 9666

The media release and more press images are online at

(forwarded from Alison Bennett)

RACKET 16. Thursday, 6th October 2011 @ MIss Libertine

Electronic explorations & new media manifestations, Racket showcases Melbourne's finest audio and visual talent, first Thursday of every month.

Audio and sound textures by..



7pm start.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tuesday September 20th @ the Make It Up Club

Melbourne art-punk, Harriet Morgan, has been collaborating with Nik Kennedy for some time now, and their musical communication has become empathic. Employing sub bass drones and processes voice, the group creates whirlwinds of noise. Wank Bank is the new shitcore project started by Tommy Gunn, and promises faux goregrind, improvised toilet noise. And master experimental percussionist, Robbie Avenaim returns to Melbourne for a rare solo treat. A night of intense, shitcore inspired, avant improv.

  • Military Position vs. Spasmoslop, AKA: Harriet Morgan (bass/electronics) Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics)  
  • Wank Bank, featuring: Stewart Cole (pitch shifted vocals), Tommy Miller (drumkit) and Michael Bugsy (abused guitar)
  • Robbie Avenaim (extended percussion)
The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
27/09/2011: No Anchor (BRIS); The Swamp with strings and percussion; Joe Musgrove (BRIS).
04/10/2011: Miles Brown and Matthew Brown.
11/10/2011: Ren Walters This Ensemble.
18/10/2011: Jasmine Guffond (Ber); Tony Osborne (SYD); Oscil Ether (BRIS).
25/10/2011: Kevin Lo and Troy Naumoff .
01/11/2011: David Tolley The Other.

Dave Brown and Adam Simmons - Two gigs this week.

(forwarded from Dave Brown):
I have two duo Shows with Adam Simmons coming up where we further our prepared guitar meets Shakuhachi & contrabass clarinet duo.

The first of these is at Monkey (wine bar), 181 St George's Road Fitzroy Nth tomorrow evening, Sunday 18th September. The show gets underway at 7PM and is an epilogue to the Saki tasting that precedes it at 5PM. So there's a bit of a Japanese thread to the afternoon/evening.

The second show is on Wednesday evening and is one of a number of the regular "Portrait Series" shows at the Ballarat Art Gallery, 40 Lydiard St, North Ballarat, which feature Adam in a different duo setting on each date. This show starts at 7:30PM.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Only a week to go....

Tickets are now on sale for the brilliant Fringe Festival night Electronic Abstractions.
Show starts at 8pm, 21 September 2011, Bar Open Fitzroy.
Tickets on sale via Fringe Melbourne

Promising a night of extreme electronic abstraction, pushing the boundaries of composition and sound design.


Join Electronic Abstractions blog

Cant wait?

undue noise in castlemaine sept 24 8pm

An exciting evening of rather special music – the extended saxophone techniques of Rosalind Hall, the extraordinary voice manipulations of Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, the “psychological terror” of Thembi Soddell, Catherine Schieve’s sruti boxes and Warren Burt’s computer & home-made electronics.

Saturday 24th Sept 8pm
ICU 1 Halford St Castlemaine
$10. tickets at door. enquiries 0421786595

Rosalind Hall & Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
Rosalind & Alice explore similarities between the abstract voice and the saxophone and the production of extreme timbres and textures. Rosalind makes modifications to the saxophone that radically changes the sound of and approach to the instrument. She crafts individual reeds from many materials, transforming the reed into a sensitive and volatile sound source, with ever-changing properties. She also uses objects in the bell so that the vibrations and playing techniques are altered, creating a unique dialogue between player and instrument. Alice Improvises with extended vocal technique in the hope of evoking a psychological connection to indescribable feelings. Her work explores various combinations of layering and interactivity of extended techniques via interaction with the soundscape, acoustic properties of the environment and with attention given to visual and spatial associations.

Thembi Soddell
“the real highlight was the psychological terror induced by Thembi Soddell’s performance. With the lights turned off and a request for quiet (even the rattling fridges were silenced), Soddell, hidden from view, created an amazingly evocative soundscape of unspecified but terrifying dread coming towards us slowly from a distance. An intensifying rumble augmented by half-human, half-animal shrieks reaches its zenith and then sucks back down, vacuum-like, to aringing almost-silence, only to begin again. With a fine balance between augmented field recording and machine noise Soddell perfectly controls this exhilarating journey into her unconscious—or is it our own?” … Gail Priest in Realtime 103. First solo appearance in Castlemaine by this Bendigo born artist.

Warren Burt & Catherine Schieve
Warren Burt and Catherine Schieve will be performing on a variety of home-made and custom built musical instruments. Warren will be performing on his new "Nano-board," a small electro-acoustic percussion instrument made from off-the-shelf hardware, while Catherine will be performing with her collection of Sruti Boxes, custom-built Indian drone harmoniums. Warren's netbook will also undoubtedly make an appearance."

Punctum & Undue Noise present this event with assistance from Arts Victoria's Victoria Rocks program and cajid media.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Avantwhatever & Micronations Present... Anonymeye

'Anontendre' launch

Francis Plagne
Far Concern
Wizz Kidd vs The Magic Organs

484 Smith St

October 6

Entry $10 | 8pm

Atticus - Northcote Uniting Church - 26 Sept 2011

(forwarded from Judith Hamann):
Atticus perform their second major concert on September 26th, presenting a program of works that range from acoustic string quartet, to intimate solo repertoire, to electro-acoustic augmentation.

The concert features the world premiere of a commissioned work, ‘Cruel and Usual’ (2011) by Perth based composer Cat Hope for string quartet and four bass amps. Inspired by a piece in the Al Jazzera news service regarding the use of solitary confinement in US prisons, the work is in turn both delicate and distorted in its highly individual treatment of the string quartet. The program also includes the Australian premiere of Liza Lim’s ‘Invisibility’ (2009) for solo cello, a shimmering exploration of both hiding and revealing the numinous, as well as a recent composition for string quartet by Anthony Pateras, the dynamic and demanding ‘Crystalline’ (2010). This concert also features Scelsi’s ‘String Quartet No. 5’ (1984) and a solo viola excerpt of ‘The Arrival’ (2009) by David Chisholm, commissioned by Atticus’ own Phoebe Green.

Northcote Uniting Church
September 26th
Tickets $10/15 on the door

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Open Archive launch - 15 September 7-11pm

97 Nicholson Street, Abbotsford, Victoria

Celebrate the launch of OPEN ARCHIVE!

Featuring performances by:

Open Archive is a temporary art space and curatorial project focussing on temporal and performative arts projects. Evolving through a program of events, performances and exhibitions, Open Archive will be a site for research and experimentation running from September 2011 through February 2012.

Alongside projects facilitated in the Open Archive space, participating artists and guest curators are invited to contribute to a comprehensive ‘archive’ of activities and discussion. This archive will incorporate diverse methods of art documentation, continually reassessing the potentials and inevitable failures of this documentative process when applied to live, time-based arts.

Halida and Super Bock beer provided by Heron Tower Beverages.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Tuesday September 13th @ the Make It Up Club

This week sees the continuation of our profile of Nik Kennedy in a collaboration with Dave Brown. This performance focuses on Kennedy's use of home-made instruments, employing metal, breath, hydrophonics and effects, with Brown in full, macrosonic Candlesnuffer mode. Axximilation is a raw analogue duo featuring two young women who consistently impress with their novel deconstructions of punk-inspired improv. And Sydney-based experimental musician, Sam Pettigrew features in a duo with Ben Byrne, incorporating bass and laptop in an empathic improvised musique concrete milieu.

  •  Nik Kennedy (sub bass processed voice, homemade instruments, electronics and effects) and Dave Brown (macrosonically effected electric guitar)
  •  Axximilation, featuring: Pandie Panther and Battle Pussy (drum kit, voice, tapes, laptop and distortion)
  •  Ben Byrne (laptop and electronics) and Sam Pettigrew (SYD) (bass and electronics) 

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
20/09/2011: Nik Kennedy and Harriet Morgan; Wank Bank; Robbie Avenaim.
27/09/2011: No Anchor (BRIS); The Swamp with strings and percussion; Joe Musgrove (BRIS).
04/10/2011: Miles Brown and Matthew Brown: Hanna Silver.
11/10/2011: Ren Walters This Ensemble.
18/10/2011: Jasmine Guffond (Ber).
01/11/2011: David Tolley The Other.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Virtual Proximity 2

Following the 2009 release of Virtual Proximity by Australian saxophonist/producer James Annesley, Virtual Proximity 2 takes the concept of dark, cinematic jazz/electronica to a whole new level. Ambient field recordings and earthy drum loops underpin powerful instrumental performances, creating an eerie sonic picture that is steeped in shifting textures and compelling moods. The track selection is eclectic in nature, by turns hard and industrial, silky and sensual and nightmarishly menacing.

Virtual Proximity 2 is available in digital format only, from, iTunes and many other digital music stores.

James Annesley – soprano, tenor and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, flute, percussion, programming, loops, samples.
Tristan Courtney – double bass (track 4), electric bass (track 5).
Hugh Stuckey – guitar (track 4).
Patrick Thiele – trumpet (tracks 7 &10).

All tracks composed by James Annesley, except Track 5 by James Annesley and Tristan Courtney, Track 10 by James Annesley and Patrick Thiele, Track 4 by James Annesley and Hugh Stuckey. Mixed and produced by James Annesley Mastered by Philip Rex Artwork by James Fosdike

(forwarded from James Annesley).

Metropolis: Audio Redux - Loop - 21st, 26th, 28th Sept 2011

(forwarded from Kate Philip):
Fritz Lang’s dystopian vision of the future has been ceremonially draped in musical pomposity for 84 years. The clumsy grandeur of this symphonic tragedy has finally been erased.

Electronic musician Miles Philip has taken the challenge to rewrite the soundtrack to remaster a masterpiece, to reform celluloid history with his own musical trappings. Sweeping electronic strings, synthetic arpeggios and deliciously sharp tech beats drive this cinematic masterpiece at light speed, colliding willingly with the 21st century.

For fans of Vangelis and Brian Eno, Orbital, Autechre and Underworld alike; let Miles Philip (aka Miles Cosmo) take you on a musical flight of fancy through Fritz Lang’s filmic genius.

Composer Miles Philip
Venue Loop, 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne
Dates 21st, 26th, 28th Sept 8:30pm

Scattered Order - Workers Club - 24 Sept 2011


...for their only Melbourne show for 2011

with special guests:
WOLF 359

Since 1979 post/punk soundblasters Scattered Order have continued to confound audiences with their ever shifting collage of sounds and ideas.

Having released the limited edition CDr “It's behind you” in May this year the band played several impressively intense shows while continuing to record, culminating in the new EP “A solar rush towards a treble heaven”. With their assembled collection of eccentric sound tools, Scattered Order have fermented another set of dangerous sonic gases: sometimes absurdly pleasant, sometimes scarily abrasive, always multi-layered and certainly hurtling towards a blissful destination.

Scattered Order features Mitch Jones and Michael Tee of the infamous 'M Squared Records' and Shane Fahey of 'The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast'. Presented by Octopus Pi


(forwarded from Iceage Productions)

Honeybrook & Tammens - Art Beat - 11 Sept 2011

(forwarded from Art Beat)

General Assembly of Interested Parties presents:

Lloyd Honey brook + Nic Tammens (alto sax + electronics)

Jez P.A Speelman (sound poet)

Jon Heilbron + Ida Duelund (bass violins)

Sunday afternoon, September 11th, 4-6pm sharp, $5/$10 entry at Art Beat, 211A Victoria St. (down lane next to Gun shop) Nth. Melb.

State Of Decay Exhbition Opening - Saturday, 10th September.

10 September – 1 October
A group show curated by Helen Hughes & Harriet Morgan
Opening Saturday 10 September 3:00-5:00pm


Chapman & Bailey Gallery
350 Johnston St. Abbotsford

More info HERE

New Music Series.001 - Tonight at NGV Australia

New Music Series.001

Free performances at NGV Australia on Flinders St. (next to the atrium)

7-9pm sharp.

Cooper Bowman
(Nintendo & Electronics)

(Voice & Electronics)

Lloyd Honeybrook & Gareth Thomson
(Alto Sax & Drumkit)

NT/FSA with James Rushford
(Guitar & Electronics, Cello, Violin)

As part of Consultancy, a residential project between Virginia Overell, Matthew Benjamin and Nic Tammens at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Dreamland Recordings: From the Vaults - Screwtape - Omission

Screwtape has been known to churn out harsh noise works with the best of them, but his output has displayed a consistent range over the years with works such as his album Teaching Ravens to Fly Underwater that stand apart fom his harsher releases.

Omission is another of these. It is Screwtape via cold, dark ambient territory, and dark it certainly is. Like HP Lovecraft hitching a ride with the Cenobites on some custom made dark space cruiser bound for oblivion.

This re-release has been remastered from the original files. Download it here.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Miko - Workers Club - 14 Sept 2011

(forwarded from Neumusak):
Neumusak is very proud to present, In association with Brisbane label Someone Good. for the first time in Australia

Miko (Japan)

One special Melbourne performance, joined on stage by ambient dronester Celer (USA)

14th Sept @ The Workers Club, Fitzroy,
w/Oblako Lodka
Dark Decimals
Facebook event page here

Someone Good is Room40's sister label, concerned with all things avant-pop. Tired of the familiar and paths more commonly trodden, Someone Good seeks out musicians interested in testing the edges of their given music. Curiously pulsating song forms, floating melodic jams, out of nowhere harmony and unexpected pleasure litter the labels releases from artists including Qua, NikaSaya (featuring the legendary Saya from Tenniscoats), Akira Kosemura, Aus, and the guest of this event Miko. Miko's Chandelier release is one of the label’s favourites - intricate rhythms made up from the most uncommon sources form the backbone of Miko's Folk-tronic sound. One of Tokyo's finest songwriters - playing with expectations of melody and form – she is truly unique and uncompromising.



Melbourne's bittersweet dream-poppers Oblako Lodka released their debut self-titled LP earlier this year through Special Award Records. They include members of The Motifs, ii, Milk Teddy and Hammocks and Honey, and have honourably shared stages with Richard In Your Mind (Syd), Ladybird (Fr), Geoffrey O'Connor, Psuche, The Ancients and Denim Owl amongst others – they are excited to play support to Miko

Like the Necks with a fuzz pedal', Battlesnake are a completely improvised rock three-piece who've never played the same piece twice, nor a single guitar solo to be found in their pieces. On the cusp of releasing their second album, produced by Casey Rice (Tortoise, Dirty Three), Battlesnake combine destructive playfulness and hip-shaking good times. They've played with Pivot, Qua, Super Melody, and a whole host of misfits.

Dark Decimals is a hybrid collaboration of current Zac Keiller vehicle, Dark Passenger and avant audio-visual trio infinite decimals. Having released a split cassette on Iceage Productions earlier this year, these two acts came together to perform a collaborative launch set as Dark Decimals. As this cassette nears selling out Iceage are making it available digitally. To celebrate Dark Decimals will reprise their launch set – get down early, don’t miss this unique audio-visual treated of textured sound and visuals.

Listen to Dark Decimals split cassette here
Future Events:
Miko (JPN) w/Celer (US) @ The Workers - 14th Sept w/Oblako Lodka, Battlesnake and Dark Decimals
Drawing Arcs/Fabels (Syd) double single launch tour - Melbourne leg - 7th Oct @ The Empress w/Winternationale + Wunderlust
GUITARELAY 2011 - Closing Night Of Melbourne Fringe Festival - 9th Oct @ Bar Open - huge!

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Out Hear Spring Programs starts this Sunday!

The Out Hear spring program starts this sunday! Details below, plus future events for your diary.

Soundwalk at Long Forest
Sunday September 11, 2-4pm
Featuring Embedded (SYD): Jim Denley (sax), Monika Brooks (accordian), Sam Pettigrew (bass) and Rishin Singh (trombone), with guest Dale Gorfinkel (modified trumpet)
**meet at Long Forest Park entrance on Canopus Circuit. We’ll follow the Long Point walking track.
this is a beautiful spot just 45 min drive from Melbourne, it’s abundant in bird life and unique vegetation.
map of long forest
Head towards Baccus Marsh on western freeway. Take Hopetoun Park exit (between Melton & Baccus Marsh). Turn right at top of ramp. After crossing bridge over freeway, turn left immediately right onto Long Forest Rd.

$10 donation
Dale 0401096309

For the Calender:
Wednesday 28th September, 6.30pm: Evening soundwalk, Meet at Melbourne Town Hall steps, cnr Collins and Swanston

Sunday Oct 2nd 11am: Soundwalk from South Kensington Station along the Maribyrnong River with arek gulbenkoglu and dale gorfinkel

/////////////October Soundwalks
with Anthony Magen from the Australian Forum for Acoustic Ecology (AFAE)
Sunday October 9th, 3pm Meet at Fed Square Steps
Wednesday 12th 6.30pm Meet at State Library Steps
October 15th & 16th Lorne Sculpture Exhibition Soundwalks

//////////////Sunday October 23, 2pm:
Soundpaddle on Yarra River with Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

canoes, paddles, voices!

//////////////Sunday November 6, 2pm:
Soundwalk with Laura Altman (SYD) & Peter Farrar (Blue Mountains)
Location TBA

/////////////November: Out Hear Festival
at Footscray Community Arts Centre part of the Big West Festival

Big West Festival weekend installations: Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th November 11am – 4pm FREE!
Performances: Friday 25th November 8pm $10/7
Opening performance: 17th November 6-8pm Free

Artists: Joyce Hinterding (NSW), Ernie Althoff, Rikki-Metisse Marlow, Ross Manning (QLD), Matt Chaumont, Anthony Magen and Dale Gorfinkel

DISCOBEANS MONDAY - 5th September 2011

Bush doof prog/cybergrind gamelan by 3 lads engorged by morph sports.

 Improvised techno that is influenced by grime, juke and noise

Early morning longing for the night before. Dark beats, dual drones, noise and the voices of ghosts.

Invoking spirits amongst frostbitten palm trees.

Bludgeoned toilet noise porngrind.
$5 entry
238 High St. Northcote

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Shame File Music presents the Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive

Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive:

Ernie Althoff is a Melbourne sound artist and instrument maker active in Australian experimental music since the late 1970s. He is unique not only for the original textures and sonic elements he creates, often tempered with wry humour, but also for his practically continuous contribution to and participation in the Melbourne experimental music community for over three decades, from a regular performer at the Clifton Hill Community Music Centre in the 1970s/early 1980s, right through to his participation in the inaugural Hmm...Hand Made Music Festival in 2011.

Althoff released four solo cassettes from 1985 to 1992, now all sold out. Shame File Music is very proud to present online reissues of each cassette, complete with cover art, original liner notes and Althoff's thoughts on these recordings today, all for free download/streaming, or on CDR with basic artwork if you prefer.
First cab off the rank is Althoff's solo debut cassette The Way I See It from 1985, originally issued by NMA Productions. Althoff's other three cassette releases will appear here in the coming months. Stream/download it, read the original liner notes plus Ernie's 2011 thoughts on the tape at plus a wealth of other related materials. Media and radio - get in touch if you prefer a promot CDR version.

Also new on the Shame File Music catalogue:

Snawklor "Quick Be the Feet That Run to Mischief" CD This album sees Snawklor in their duo format exploring improvised microsounds with a variety of subtle instruments and other sounds. The packaging includes nine double-sided cards featuring different artworks on each side. - AU$10ppd

Monolith "Spectres" CD Long, primitive and minimalist drone piece of industrial bleakness - AU$7ppd

Various Artists "Nocastle" cassette This compilation is a much-welcome document of the vital Newcastle noise scene, featuring Cock Safari, Drillbit, RSI, Mitchell Brennan, Brassskulls and more. - AU$7ppd

Shame File Music - specialising in Australian experimental

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Tuesday September 6th @ the Make It Up Club

September sees a month of shows featuring Nik Kennedy, one of Melbourne's most exciting and inventive noise improvisers in four unique combinations. For his first performance, he is joined by long-time collaborators, Yuke Mikayama and Brad Smith in a chaotic, ecstatic and joyfully stupid project of partynoisecoremania. Sam Dunscombe convenes a trio of very recent group explorations into the “labyrinthine dungeons” of MaxMSP audio coding language (as he refers to it). Along with Jess Pinney and Kim Tan, the trio juxtaposes the warm and the cold, the fake and the real, the abstracted and the empathic, the clinical and the emotional potentials of this amazing digital tool. And, with immense pleasure, we welcome cornetist Felicity Provan back to Melbourne for a brief visit from her home in the Netherlands. A champion of abstract improv, free and modern jazz in Melbourne during the 80s and 90s, she is joined by Dutch colleague, improv legend and current Australian resident, Cor Fuhler.

Umbilical Tentacle featuring: Yuke Mikayama (vocals and electronics), Nik Kennedy (vocals and electronics) and Brad Smith (drumkit)

Doom Cube, featuring: Samuel Dunscombe (MaxMSP), Jessica Pinney (MaxMSP), and Kim Tan (MaxMSP)

Felicity Provan (cornet and voice) (NL), Cor Fuhler (keyolin) (NL)

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
13/09/2011: Nik Kennedy and Dave Brown; Axximilation; Ben Byrne and Sam Pettigrew (SYD).
20/09/2011: Nik Kennedy and Harriet Morgan; Wank Bank; Robbie Avenaim.
27/09/2011: No Anchor (BRIS); The Swamp with strings and percussion; Joe Musgrove (BRIS).
4/10/2011: Miles Brown and Matthew Brown: Hanna Silver.
11/10/2011: Ren Walters This Ensemble.
18/10/2011: Jasmine Guffond (Ber).
01/11/2011: David Tolley The Other.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


To celebrate VICMOD Records involvement with the Fringe Festival 2011 night Electronic Abstractions, Melbourne's abstract electronic label are giving away its entire back catalog for free for the month of September!
You can download all previous releases by Cray, Ryou Oonishi, VICMOD Ensemble, Richard Lainhart, Healy/Hassler, Rod Cooper, Steve Law etc
So what are you waiting for start downloading and listening!

Don't forget 21 September is an amazing night of abstract electronics featuring
Tickets on sale via Fringe Melbourne

The Colour of Sound - Old Bar - 13 Oct 2011

Dead Boomers - Noisey Duo
The Ovals - Psychedelic Rock
Culm - Techno Noise
Ghost In The Photograph - Drone Folk
Muddy Lawrence - Ambient

October 13th
The Old Bar 74 - 76 Johnston St
Fitzroy 3065

The night will also include screenings from Melbourne Screen Artist

(forwarded from Reece Prain)

Celer - Art Beat - 15 Sept 2011

DREAMLAND RECORDINGS in association with ART BEAT are proud to present a special, intimate event, featuring three projects each known for creating their own atmospheric music and soundscapes.


CELER / is Will Long, who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan, working in publishing, photography, music, and writing. He manages the label Two Acorns, and handles all releases, communication, and distribution of Celer and Chubby Wolf, also performing live regularly as Celer, and collaborating with other artists. Celer creates ethereal symphonic washes that gently ebb and flow, with the washes' volume and intensity imperceptibly increasing until finally cresting out in a whisper.

GREY SKIES BLUE / is an experimental documentary about protest, power and the possibility of change. Utilising interviews and imagery from the S11/Melbourne World Economic Forum demonstrations of 2000, Grey Skies Blue documents the experiences of a community gathered at a political demonstration and articulates in abstract brushstrokes their desire for positive social change. Featuring an original soundtrack performed live by Melbourne experimental musicians Seth Rees (Amplifier Machine, The Spheres) and Guy Harris (The Spheres, Winternationale) the three screen documentary is an evocative encapsulation of a shared emotional experience - the crystallisation of a time, place and community of people who believed if but for a fleeting moment that “another world is possible”.

TRAPPIST AFTERLAND / is a collaboration between Adam Cole (Arossa, Kali, Pollen Choir) and Adam Casey (The Boy Who Spoke Clouds, Seascapes of the Interior) exploring psychedelia, ritualism and chanting amidst folk songs. They write devotional music that examines mysticism, christian alchemy, spiritual fervour and the inner struggles of the eternal. Trappist Afterland dwell in a bygone era when the battles of the spirit were looked upon as a reality.

All happening on Thursday September 15th with a special early evening show
(6:30pm sharp! - 10:00pm) @ Art Beat. 211a Victoria St. West Melbourne. $8.00.


Celer /
Grey Skies Blue /
Trappist Afterland /

Dreamland Recordings. Micro label. Events.
Official site