Friday, 23 December 2011

Vile Vortices video of a MIUC set featuring Chaos of the Haunted Spire

Here divided into two Vimeo clips is a one hour performance filmed and edited by Vile Vortices Productions featuring Chaos of the Haunted Spire, a Belgian experimental free jazz duo comprising Andrew Claes (saxophone and processing) and Teun Verbruggen (drumkit and processing). The set took place on January 26, 2010 at the Make It Up Club. For more information and a brief write up check out our blog Aeternal Flux (

Chaos of the Haunted Spire - live Pt1 from vile vortices on Vimeo.

Chaos of the Haunted Spire - live Pt2 from vile vortices on Vimeo.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Tuesday December 20th @ the Make It Up Club

Our final concert for the 2011 season is inspired by a century of Futurist intervention into Western aesthetics. Curated by Kerrie Farnsworth and Shane van den Akker, this week explores the influence of Luigi Rusolo's noise manifesto, “The Art of Noises,” and his intonarumori instruments as manifest in contemporary improvisation and instrument building, both analogue and digital. Exhorting us to open our musical ears to the sounds of the urban and industrial sonosphere, the Futurists anticipated the sonic complexity and abstraction that has become the foundation of modern avant garde improv. Farnsworth and van den Akker have assembled a cast of Melbourne's innovators in this tradition for a series of solo and collaborative noise making. MIUC will return for 2012 on Tuesday, January 17th. Keep safe and listen intently!

  • Dan Tucceri (formations)
  • Dale Nason and Shane Van Den Akker (extrapolations)
  • Rod Cooper and Kerrie Farnsworth (repercussions)

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
2012: MIUC will reconvene on January 17th, 2012 after the Xmas/NY break

Axmen - Gasometer - 19 Dec 2011

Axemen are a New Zealand anti-institution. They are 30 years in existance this year, describing themselves as 'Experimental Psychedelic Pop'. They're on their debut trip to Australia, playing in Melbourne for the first time this Monday (19th) @ The Gasometer.
This is no ordinary band as a quick read of their bio will attest - links to music and videos via this link as well
Axemen perform a full set with supports:
Paul Kidney Experience (being the support season for PKE)
Bum Creek (being Bum Creek)
School Girl Report (unmissable young noiseniks from NSW)
Facebook event here, 9pm start for live sets
Prior to the show (at 6pm) Axemen will run a workshop showing off their DIY digital and electronic recording and performance wares, well worth a look, if its your thing.
In between this and live show you can of course get all gastro at the Gaso.
(forwarded from Neumusak)

Friday, 16 December 2011

Alternate - West Space 5-7 Jan 2012


A Today Your Love Project

Jessie Scott and Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

8pm, 5-7 JAN 2012
at West Space

Meet downstairs of 225 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Tickets $10, Bookings essential to

…I was in a medieval walled-in town. A doctor was having his prostate operated on. We were planning a commitment ceremony…he started to look younger. We had broken some taboo law…

We all dream. It comes back to us in flashes, as secrets that we are too embarrassed to share, or as revelations that guide our decisions.

Alternate is a project developed through a residency in September 2011 as part of the Today Your Love Program. Inspired by the many dreams they collected during the residency, Jessie and Alice have created an immersive performance through voice and video, which evokes a dream journey and takes the audience across multiple sites in and around West Space.

Alternate draws you into the strange, slippery, liminal space between conscious and unconscious, real and imagined, text and subtext.

West Space Links:
Jessie Scott
Alice Hui-Sheng Chang
Facebook event :

(forwarded from Alice Hui-Sheng Chang)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ernie Althoff "Thirty More" reissue

Shame File Music presents the final installment of the Ernie Althoff Cassette Archive, Thirty More .

Originally released on cassette in 1992, this release differs from Althoff's earlier cassettes in that it is made up of numerous distinct pieces, almost exclusively recorded on 4-track.

Thirty More is presented online for free download/streaming, accompanied by detailed, track-by-track reissue liner notes by Althoff, along with the original liners, cover art, and photos of some of the instruments used.

The Archive is also has a complete Althoff discography.

Download/stream for free or order a CDR copy from Shame File Music

Celebrate the completion of the Ernie Althoff Archive, there will be a house/backyard show hosted by Shame File Music in January, focussing on unamplified experimental music:

quiet noise - Saturday 14 January 2012

Ernie Althoff (with solar-powered music machines)
Clinton Green (Undecisive God)
Andrew McIntosh (Screwtape)

15 Neil Street, West Footscray

Facebook event page

Tuesday December 13th @ the Make It Up Club

This week at MIUC for our penultimate concert of 2011, 3 unique solos focussing on acoustic austerity with only the slightest hint processed augmentation. Making her debut, former Swedish, then Perth, now Melbourne-based vocalist, Casey Moir explores the extreme capabilities of the voice. Samuel Dunscombe, on a fleeting trip from San Francisco, presents the clarinet in all it’s extended capacity. And Sean Baxter with floor tom, junk percussion and over-driven PA feedback.

Casey Moir (solo voice)
Samuel Dunscombe (solo clarinet)
Sean Baxter (solo percussion)

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
20/12/2011: The Art of Noise, Curated by Kerrie Farnsworth and Shane van den Akker.
2012: MIUC will reconvene on January 17th, 2012 after the Xmas/NY break

Mystic Eyes / Dark Passenger / Bonnie Mercer / Em Vécue Aquieu

Dreamland Recordings present their final show for 2011, which aims to be an unusual evening of tag team guitartronics.

After a recent sojourn to New York. LISA MACKINNEY, The star of such short films as: Mystic Eyes - (the movie!) and "Second Viennese School" makes a triumphant return to the local music world with her careful, timely study of acetone and guitar drones.

Support comes in the form of the controlled chaos of DARK PASSENGER creating his mono-chromatically eroding and degraded metallic drones.

BONNIE MERCER further explores the worlds of unrestrained depraved feedback, hallucinatory white noise and hypnotically evolving sonic guitar experiments.

The evening opens with frosty, classically inspired synth and guitar drones from new comer Em Vécue Aquieu fresh back to our shores after a year-long stint living in Europe.

All taking place within the intimate basement confines of The Grace Darling Hotel.

Wednesday December 21st. $8.00

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

aRoostercat - White Elephant Arts - 9 Dec 2011

presented by black dOOR and PA_ON_RECORD
black dOOR and Pa_On_Record present
a launch of black dOOR
with glittery shiny infinite sound excitement by
Company Fuck
Crenel Shrimp Cocktail Party
People Person
Company Fuck;
one man karaoke noisecore explosion living in a border-less avant retard territory.
Crenel Shrimp Cocktail party;
soundwalker, soundmaker, diy sound gadget builder, experimenter, Anthony Magen's collaboration with likely and unlikely minded others create a new filed of sound realm.
People Person;
A duo consist of Nathan Gray (visual artist, member of the snawklor and the French) and Julie Burleigh (the French). People Person was formed in Berlin earlier this year and have since played in Germany and Indonesia. People Person make their first appearance in Australia at he black dOOR launch! thus, double celebration.

White Elephant Arts
286 Albert Street
Brunswick, VIC

entry by donation
come and be shined on and get excited.


(forwarded from Akiko Yamasaki)

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Tuesday December 6th @ the Make It Up Club

Tonight at MIUC, two groups of jazz virtuosi, subverting the traditions. CHILALA is a new group convened by drummer extraordinaire, Jimmy McLean and featuring some exciting young performers in experimental jazz improv. And a new trio from Andy Harrison with a revolutionary take on the gypsy folk tradition, incorporating textural soundscapes, minimalist discipline and emotional intensity. 

  • CHILALA, featuring: James McLean (drums/cymbals/junk), Jon Heilbron (prepared double bass), Angus Leslie (Guitar and vocals) and James Bowers (keyboard Instruments)
  • Nela Trifkovic (voice), Kyle Miller (guitars and laptop), and Andrew Harrison (keyboard and pedals)

The Make It Up Club

Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance
Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065
Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start

Coming up:
13/12/2011: Samuel Dunscombe; Casey Moir.
20/12/2011: The Art of Noise, Curated by Kerrie Farnsworth and Shane van den Akker.
2012: MIUC will reconvene on January 17th, 2012 after the Xmas/NY break

Monday, 5 December 2011

Shame File Music new items, sale, and related gigs

New additions to Shame File Music:

Various Artists "The Shape of Sound: Volume 2" CD Another cross section of Melbourne's current experimental/noise scene, this time with a dual emphasis on newish acts (Penguins, Mad Nanna, Admin Bldg, Monolith) alongside "elder statesman" (Arthur Cantrill, Screwtape, Ernie Althoff, Undecisive God). AU$10ppd

Shame File also has a few copies left of last year’s Volume 1, featuring Infinite Decimals, Automating, Zac Keiller, Primitive Calculators and more.

“The Shape of Sound: Volume 2” will be launched in Melbourne this Friday Night, with some very special performances including the debut sound performance by Arthur Cantrill and the first live collaboration between Ernie Althoff and Undecisive God:

Friday Dec 9 (from 8:30pm) at the Grace Darling Hotel, 114 Smith St, Collingwood.
-Barnaby Oliver with Dark Passenger
-Oranj Punjabi
-Ernie Althoff with Undecisive God
-Arthur Cantrill

James Rushford & Joe Talia "Paper Fault Line LP An amazing record...combines various things, such as improvisation, electro-acoustic music and composition. Massive blocks of sound are cut with sparse electronics, collage like but never chaotic or out of control. If anything, this reminded me of the old work of Mnemonist and Biota who worked from with similar ideas of improvisation and studio techniques, perhaps sometimes from a more rock context, whereas Rushford and Talia seem to have a more musique concrete like background said Vital Weekly #804. Only a couple of copies of this import left, Shame File is the only Australian distributor at the moment, so be quick - AU$35ppd

Radical Creation "Primordial Sludge and Human Ethics" cassette Melbourne noise with an impressive range of dynamics and texture. Dubbed onto recycled spray-painted cassettes of Christain sermons. AU$7ppd

Stelarc - "Fractal Flesh" CD Recordings of sound/body performances from 1996-97. Stelarc used internet and live audience interactions causing involuntary physical movement via muscle stimulators in his actual and virtual limbs (such as his Third Hand), linked via MIDI controlls to sound outputs. - AU$27ppd

Elle - CD Harsh noise that ocassionally seems to have harmony at its source, and at the other scale goes to the extremes of distortion to create granulated textures - AU$10ppd

Sale items and special deals - only one copy remains of each of these items, so be quick!

Automating "Train in Vein" CD Ranging from manipulated field recordings and samples to industrial noise soundscapes littered with live music recordings, Sasha Margolis has created a considered and varied alternative to Y35.3's power electronics - AU$5ppd

Mark Cauvin "Transfiguration" 2 CD Reputedly the first of it's kind, a double CD tour de force of solo double bass, performing works from composers like Scelsi, Berio and more. - AU$10ppd

Gyanism "Yr Nicked" mini CD Brisbane noise shronk craziness featuring Scott Sinclair and Joel Stern among others. AU$4ppd

Kalimayat "Postbharata" CD Dymanic nosie running a range of intensities/frequencies - AU$5ppd

Melted Men 7" Strange mumblings over percussion and other random sound sources- AU$8ppd

Matthew O’Shannessy & Eamon Sprod “(untitled)” mini CD An alien soundtrack of electronics and (?) mouth sounds, creating two fresh and original sound pieces. - AU$4ppd

Slasher Risk - Triple Jesus CD A series of guitar based improvisations, ranging from ambient to industrial to noise. AU$5ppd

Smidirin "Coming into Existence" CD A cross-continental collaboration between Dr. Alien Smith of Lux Mammoth in Perth, and James Smith of W.I.T. in Melbourne - AU$5ppd

Solids "Possible Human" CD Forerunner to the Hi-God People, Solids present psychedelic noise collisions of guitar, drums and analogue synth - AU$5ppd

Sympathetic Division CD A collection of this Adeladian's best electronic/ambient material of the past few years, these tracks fill as many spaces as they leave in a balanced ambient workout - AU$5ppd

Various Artists "Stove Goats" CD Brisbane sound art denizens Urblooten (Joe Musgrove), Secret Killer of Names (Lloyd Barrett) and Company Fuck (Scott Sinclair) pay tribute to Burzam. Not for posers. AU$5ppd

Special offers:

Artefacts of Australian experimental music: Volume I and Volume II for only AU$50ppd

The entire NMATAPE series on CDR (11 discs) for AU$75ppd.

**Mark this Shame File Music house/backyard show in your calendar for January:

Quiet Noise – unamplified experimental music

-Ernie Althoff (with solar music machines from his classic Heliosonics CD, available from Shame File)
-Clinton Green (Undecisive God)
-Andrew McIntosh (Screwtape)

House/backyard show – BYO – Free
Saturday 14 Jan 2012, 2-6pm
15 Neil Street, West Footscray (5 min walk from Tottenham Station on the Sydenham/Watergardens line).

Shame File Musicspecialising in Australian experimental

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Scott Sinclair's one-man noisecore karaoke explosion! An entire rainbow of musical styles with every electrified scream, grunt, cough, or spit. In his own unique way, CxFx transforms the stage  into a hyper-violent karaoke bar of the future - and he may even persuade the audience to sing along.

Partynoisemania with Yuka Discobeans (vocals/electronics), Brad Smith (drums) & Nik Kennedy (vocals/electronics). Vicious mullets! Brutal noisebeats! Frightening gloomscapes! Xxxtreme dance maneuvers!

Breakcore infused rhymthmic power noise.

Loops into the future.

Insert description here.

Last Discobeans Monday gig for the year! Thanks to everyone who has performed and come to these gigs over the year and helped make them so much fun! Next gig after this one is 9th of January, keep an eye out!

Friday, 2 December 2011

Vale John Blades

The Australian experimental music community lost one of its finest last Friday when John Blades passed away due to complications associated with cancer.

John was best known as a founding member of The Loop Orchestra, the long-time host/producer of the Background Noise radio program , and a tireless supporter of experimental musicians and sound artists around the country.

Outside of music, John advocated for people with disabilities (he was diagnosed with MS in 1982) in many ways, most memorably in his Walkley Award-winning radio documentary “The Too Hard Basket” about sexuality and the disabled.

John was one of the rare people I’ve met who I know pretty soon that I am privileged to have crossed paths with. His severe disability could not conceal his keen intelligence and broad knowledge of the arts, his humour, and most of all a positive energy and enthusiasm that he brought to his work. Listen to his fantastic radio doco “The Too Hard Basket” and you’ll get an idea of what I mean. If anyone in this world had something to be down and self-pitying about, it was John, who struggled for years with MS, only to finally succumb to cancer. His last email of a few weeks ago, informing his friends of his grim prognosis, agreed with what we all thought – ‘it wasn’t fair’. Yet he was still warm and positive, holding out hope for a final experimental treatment. We come across so many negative, self-pitying people – none of them have had the trials John did, and yet he was one of the most positive, enthusiastic people I’ve ever known (even though he had had episodes with depression the past; very common for people with MS). His personal and professional support for my own work was significant and lifted my spirits on several occasions.

I saw reports of John’s passing in social media on the weekend, but didn’t want to post anything here until I had something more official. Rik Rue rang me last night and asked that I inform Melbourne people who knew John, and pass on the details of the funeral service (Monday 5 December at Northern Suburbs Crematorium, Sydney). Even if we can’t attend, I’m sure those of us who knew John and/or were moved by his work, will spare a thought for him.

Dale Gorfinkel and Cor Fuhler - Royal Park - 4 Dec 2011

Sunday 4 December 11am - 12.15pm, Out Hear joins Friends of Royal Park, MelbourneMeet at Trin Warren Tamboore carpark, Oak St (Manningham st) Parkville, Melbourne

Out Hear founder and sound artist, Dale Gorfinkel, will lead a soundwalk of Royal Park. On this walk our ears will be open to the park's sounds as they serendipitously unfold. It's a relaxed walk for about an hour with a few resting points. The only challenge is no talking! A unique experience for all ages.Dale has many years experience playing music in various outdoor locations around Australia and this event also features him playing his modified trumpet contraption along with multi-instrumentalist and inventor, Cor Fuhler.

Cost: $10 ($5 kids under 12)
For more info: or Dale 0401096309

Map of Trin Warren Tamboore

Transport to Trin Warren Tamboore from the CityCycling: Cycle along Capital City trail, leaving the trail at Manningham Street footbridge. Then cycle approximately 300 meters north along Manningham Street until you reach the car park on the right. Bycylce hoops are located near the public toilet.Tram: Catch Tram number 59 'Airport West' from Elizabeth Street. Alight at stop 22 on the corner of Boundary and Flemigton Roads, North Melbourne. Walk over the footbridge located on the west side of Flemington Bridge Railway Station, crossing Flemington/Mt Alexander Roads and Manningham Street. Leave the trail at Mannigham Street and walk approximately 300 metres up Manningham Street to the Trin Warren Tamboore carpark. (5-10 minutes walking time)Train: Catch the Upfield line train and alight at Flemington Bridge. Walk over the footbridge located on the west side of Flemington Bridge Railway Station, crossing Flemington/Mt Alexander Roads and Manningham Street. Leave the trail at Mannigham Street and walk approximately 300 metres up Manningham Street to the Trin Warren Tamboore carpark. (5-10 minutes walking time)

(forwarded from Dale Gorfinkel)

Undue Noise: analog synths, computers, acoustic instruments and noise

Sat 3rd December 8pm Old Fire Station View St Bendigo $5

The last undue noise for the year features a mix of analog synths, computers, acoustic sounds and noise.

VICMOD is a group of modular synth enthusiasts that meets monthly in Melbourne to build and discuss modular synthesisers. Tonight you’ll hear their ensemble, The VICMOD Ensemble, who recently had a great show at the Melbourne Fringe Festival. VICMOD is also Kyneton based Ross Healy’s record label that features great Australian and International experimental music.

WARREN BURT is one of the major figures in Australian Computer music. Now Daylesford base – this will be his first solo performance for Undue Noise.

ATMOS ENSEMBLE is a Castlemaine/Maldon based free-improv group, led by Simon Howard, using mainly acoustic instruments
(AE will also have a longer jam between 5 and 6pm)

JACQUES SODDELL also runs a regional based record label (cajid media) which specialises in Australian sound art. His “cinematic” computer based soundscapes using mutated field recordings & other sounds are well known to Undue Noise audiences. He is also founder of Undue Noise.

THEY EAT SCUM – is a new and constantly evolving line-up of musicians and sound artists from across Victoria. Basing their sound on the concept of ‘free punk’, their improvised sound ranges from solo noise sets and sound art, through to full band psych rock, and noise jams. A very loosely structured outfit, sometimes consisting of a solo member, duo, or trio, through to a full band, their name is taken from the Richard Kern ‘transgression cinema’ film of the same name from the early 80’s New York punk scene

equiries jacques soddell 0421786595