Sunday, 31 August 2008

IDA stands for Institute for Dronal Anarchy

New retrospective article on the early 1980s Melbourne experimental music group, featuring Ernie Althoff, Graeme Davis and Ron Nagorcka:

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Next Wednesday @ Stutter - Horse Bazaar - 03/09/08 + Digital Fringe call for submissions

Pagan Dawn - Johnathan Hochman plays cosmic synthesizer music.

Gugg - Alex Vivian (Always, Slam Dunk!, Gauntlet, Hysteric pregnancies, etc) & Christopher L G Hill (Moffarfarrah, Slam Dunk!, Gauntlet, Galactic Locksmith etc). Bosten Celtics leprachaun lemmings trudge through big beats, all part of a f'n GUGG Life!

Green Beret - Arek Gulbenkoglu, Henry Krips, Justin Fuller. Le Bag manifesting as sound through electronics means.

Scratchplate - the solo noise project of Dimitra (Archaic Forms/Aux Assembly). Improvised soundscapes incorporating abstract noise and drone with some melodic content.. Using guitar, keyboard, vocals & some pre-recorded sounds & beats her live shows are quite raw & dreamlike.

Coming up in September:
10/9 - 3 sets with Sean Baxter: Robbie Avenaim/Sean Baxter + Tim Olive(Japan)/Dave Brown/Sean Baxter + Anthea Caddy/Sean Baxter + Switchblade Sisters Sound System
17/9 - Biddy Connor + Alex Masso (SYD)/Dave Brown + Peter Farrar/Sam Dobson/Finn Ryan/Dale Gorfinkle(Mostly SYD)

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

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Digital Fringe 08 Call for submissions

Digital Fringe is now accepting entries (video, stills or audio).

Ferret around your hard drives, dig out those gems and have your work seen on hundreds of public screens.

Uploaded content will play on an extensive network of screens around the world: from the web to retail television display walls to huge urban screens, hospitality venues, galleries, libraries and many other public nooks and crannys.

Visit to submit your works, and for more festival info.

Artists retain copyright of their works and have the option of utilising the Creative Commons licensing scheme.

Digital Fringe is also chasing more screening venues - so if you know of any idle screens in need of interesting art content in your area (in bars, shops, ....wherever) put them in touch with us or let us know at:

Digital Fringe is produced by Horse Bazaar as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival (September 24 - October 12)

Inquiet album launch - Horse Bazaar - 4 Sept 2008

forwarded from Brother Sister Records:

Inquiet launches INQ BEYONG at Horse Bazaar this Thurs 4 September: $3.

Tropical experimental pop music will be in abundance at the Inquiet album launch on Thurs 4 September at Horse Bazaar. Expect energetic drumming, luminescent electronics and an indelible pop sensibility. Supporting Inquiet will be the electro-schitzoid sounds of Barrage & steel drum extraordinaire Pompey. Bands start at 8:30pm. $3 Entry and free fruit for all - who could refuse such an offering?"

Friday, 29 August 2008

Winter Music Series - Footscray Comm Arts Centre - 31 August 2008

Footscray Community Arts Centre presents
Winter Music Series: Pateras & Fox

The final concert in our Winter Music Series features the explosive collaborative duo Pateras & Fox performing on Sunday 31 August.
Formed in 2000, Pateras & Fox (Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox) execute an electrified real-time homage to some of their favourite obsessions – breakneck pacing, vocal hysterics and blistering textures. Where possible, the duo plays in multi-channel configurations, creating a visceral battlefield of hyperactive audio in surround. Often they open their collaborative shows with highlights from their respective solo arsenals of prepared piano and laser.
Pateras & Fox have performed countless concerts throughout Australia, Europe, USA and Japan, and have also recorded two acclaimed full-length releases. Don’t miss them live in an electro-acoustic extravaganza to remember.
Sunday 31 August
Pit Theatre

Attendance is FREE at all concerts in the Winter Music Series but bookings are advised. Phone 03 9362 8888 or email

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Haco (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal this Sunday 31/8/08

Sun Aug 31
The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:

HACO (Japan)
TOM HALL (Brisbane)

Charismatic singer, lyricist and performer Haco came to the fore in the early 80s with the legendary group After Dinner, a sublime incarnation of surreal, direct, and offbeat Japanese/European pop. They featured astonishing swathes of ambient sound, over which Haco's voice soared, before undertaking daring sonic maneuvers; surround sound, backwards/sped up/reversed tape work. She continues to create groundbreaking solo work and collaborate with experimental artists such as Terre Thaemlitz, Zeena Parkins, Pierre Bastien, Carl Stone, Seiichi Yamamoto, Otomo Yoshihide, Ikue Mori, Aki Onda and Yoshimi P-we (Boredoms). But unlike many of her experimental contemporaries, Haco comes across as a bona fide pop star: it's as if Baby Spice or Kylie had acquired a large record collection and a degree in electro-acoustic music.
Do not miss this rare Australian performance from a living legend!

Also appearing is Tom Hall, a media artist based in Brisbane, Australia.
Hall's eclectic works flourish by utilising a variety of mediums, each that reflect on his varied background and interests. With a strong focus on elements of the 'everyday' Hall's practice involves considered explorations into place, space and time.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upcoming Arousals:

Sun Sept 7 - DJ Olive (USA) + Tim Olive (Canada)/Robbie Avenaim + Robin Fox's Laser Extravaganza

Sun Sept 14 - Shoji Hano (Japan) with Kris Wanders, Yusuke Akai

Sun Sept 28 - Brandon Labelle (USA), Domenico Sciajno (Italy)

Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Part Timer + Panoptique Electrical + DJs Jinga & Flippo

Sun Oct 5 - KK Null (Japan) + Chris Smith + more

Monday, 18 August 2008

This Tuesday the 19th of August - Make It Up Club @ Bar Open

317 Brunswick Street,
8:30 PM doors

Noriko Tujiko (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal this Sunday 24/8/08


Noriko Tujiko is the undisputed queen of Japanese avant-pop experimental music. Over her 11 albums Tujiko has carved out a uniquely spliced vision of divergent pop. Though Tujiko is often compared with Bjork, this is a misleading tag: her work veers more toward the minimal, starting with several looped passages that build up to become a complex and multilayered structure, cutting a fine path through delicate melodies and deconstructed rhythms. At times she is consumed by washes of digital electronics, only to emerge again in the most elegant and sonically intriguing ways. This is Tujiko’s first visit to Melbourne in many years, after a swag of astounding new releases that position her at the very top of contemporary avant-electropop. A perfect intimate introduction for new fans and a welcome return for the already converted.
Also appearing from the UK is The Last Of The Real Hardmen, a solo project from Nottingham guitarist Chris Summerlin, a member of rock bands the Lords, Wolves! and Reynolds. With subliminal nods to John Fahey, Loren Connors & Neil Young's 'Arc', Summerlin's solo guitar improvisations showcase the power and imagination he is capable of. Feedback, minimalism and distortion are skilfully employed to create sounds that are texturally rich and perfectly structured. An evening not to be missed!!

Upcoming Arousals:
Sun Aug 31 - Haco (Japan) + Tom Hall (Brisbane)
Sun Sept 7 - DJ Olive (USA) + Tim Olive (Canada)/Robbie Avenaim + Robin Fox's Laser Extravaganza
Sun Sept 14 - Shoji Hano (Japan) with Kris Wanders, Yusuke Akai & more
Sun Sept 28 - Brandon Labelle (USA) + Domenico Sciajno (Italy)

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Next Wednesday @ Stutter - Horse Bazaar - 20/8/08

Nottingham guitarist Chris Summerlin, aka Last Of The Real Hardmen - ''...With subliminal nods to late period John Fahey, Loren Connors and Neil Young's, minimalism and distortion are skilfully employed to create sounds that are texturally rich and perfectly structured...''
Joining Chris will be Troy Peter James Naumoff - De-tuned guitar, prepared guitar with mobile phone and will be dynamically very quiet to VERY LOUD.

Rosalind Hall and Marco Cher-Gibard - Live Videophonic Sax Rash

LCD - Lowest Common Denominator have been pushing their version of Nu-Flowtonic Baroque Beet since the end of the previous millennium. Ennio Swaggart and Elron Mancini provide soundscapes to scape sounds to, improvising as well as making it up on the spot. Expect precision machine tooling and experimenial annoytainment. Rated PG (for Pretty Good.)

Dj Dr. Anthony Pateras R.S.A will be spinning Balkan turbofolk, 20th century avant-faves, Irish drinking tunes and sound poetry classics between the sets!

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Beats N Bleeps - Glitch Bar - 15 August

forwarded from ijed:

Fri 15th Aug @ Beats n Bleeps

Welcome Dear Friend

Adam Simmons Vs Brian O' Dwyer

Rooftop Access

Jung Frau

Fri 15th Aug
Glitch Bar & Cinema
318 St. George's Rd
Nth Fitzroy

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Next Wednesday the 13th of August @ Stutter...

Miles Brown/Christina Tester - Miles Brown - theremin + Christina Tester - voice, tapes, loops

Agonhymn are a sludged-out power duo who marry big jazz chords and extreme downtuning to ''stretched-time'' doom rhythms. Mostly instrumental, but these cats don't let you get sleepy, and constantly change up tempos, moods and soft/loud dynamics, and incorporate elements of black metal, droner post-rock, stoned fuzz and flat out crushing doom. Heavy.

Bum Creek..."We want the future in sound like a childish engagement with science fiction. We fear normality of the frontman…Freaky sonic freaks give you a musical play and some treasure…. We are Bum Creek" – Bum Creek.

EYEOFF (Simon Taylor of CollapsedToiletVietnam/KrvstoffKrvstoffiston) - description REVERB

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Toxic Lipstick CD Launch - Roxanne Parlour - 8 August 2008

forwarded from Holly Fluxx:

***only melbourne show***




Sunday, 3 August 2008

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Next Wednesday the 6th of August @ Stutter...

  • DJ Arsecrack
In Mars (Marney Macleod (zond) & Marcus Griffin (das butcher))...''are a real life couple who decided to celebrate their passion for motivational speakers and adult contemporary rock, by melding the two together to create a unique musical experience that can enlighten and at the same time nullify the listener into a stupor trance.''

DJ Arsecrack (Sean Baxter) presents Xenakis vs Bad Brains on 2 turntables, beatmixing the fuck out of the avant.

Zerodollar - live sound and visuals by innovative media artist Dale Nason.

Aktion Unit is a duo made up of Rene Schaefer (Hand Hell, The Bites, Bruna) and Dan Lewis (Mirror Farm, Total Care, Rainbow Brite). They play bass, guitars, keyboards and effects.Their music is improvised and repetitive. At Stutter they will be joined by Marc Regueiro-McKelvie (Popolice) on guitar.

Coming up in August:
13/8 - Miles Brown/Christina Tester, Agonhymn, Bum Creek
20/8 - Chris Summerlin (UK)/ Troy Peter James Naumoff + more...

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

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