Thursday, 26 June 2008

Marco Fusinato 0_Synaesthesia Edition Premiere @ MIUC 01.07.2008

Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 @ Bar Open

The Make It Up Club is proud to present the premiere of Marco Fusinato's 0_Synaesthesia Edition next Tuesday night at Bar Open

The night features:
  • Marco Fusinato’s 0_Synaesthesia Edition 4 turntable performance. Featuring:Jim Knox, Annalee Koernig, Patrick O’Brien, and Paul Wain (turntables)
  • Poletopra featuring Marco Fusinato (guitar and electronics) and Anthony Pateras
Fusinato's 0_Synaesthesia Edition is a four disc, vinyl record set released on legendary Australian experimental music label, Synaesthesia in 2005. A work of sonic art by one of Australia's most challenging visual artists, 0_Synaesthesia Edition inverts the expectations of recorded music by inscribing the object with a musical will of its own, where the grooves force the disc to behave differently with each spin. For this premiere performance of Fusinato's work, four of Melbourne's finest maverick DJs will be controlling a turntable each to facilitate the aural transformation of this art-object into a musical object.
Fusinato at Anna Schwartz Gallery
Poletopra is a new duo featuring renowned experimental musician, Anthony Pateras, and renowned sound/visual artist, Marco Fusinato. Combining a pummeling aesthetic with lightning response, Poletopra is brutal free improv for the 21st century.
Poletopra at Pateras MySpazz

Make It Up Club @ Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
8:30 PM doors

Next Wednesday @ Stutter - Horse Bazaar - 2/7/08

Default Jamerson

Black Widow


Nik Kennedy from The Kill & Super Fun Happy Slide is gonna be playing records between the acts.

Coming up in July:

9/7 - 3 sets with Rod Cooper: Reuben Derrick (NZ)/Rory Brown/Rod Cooper + Dave Brown/Sean Baxter/Dirk de Bruyn/Rod Cooper + Vijay Thillaimuthu/Rod Cooper

16/7 - Juarez Special - Juarez, Absoluten Calfreutrail, Poletopra, Cougar Flashy & his Spooky Adventures, Donkey's Tail

23/7 - Matthew Brown, Ian Wadley, Fjorn Butler + more

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

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Rafael Toral (Portugal) plays Maximum Arousal July 6

Sun July 6

The Toff 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:




Developing solo work since 1987, Rafael Toral has performed throughout Europe, USA and Japan, and collaborated with Phill Niblock, John Zorn, Lee Ranaldo, Alvin Lucier, Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, Roger Turner and David Toop. He is a long time collaborator of Sei Miguel and a member of Keith Rowe's MIMEO orchestra. Toral is known for his stunning immersive works using guitar and electronics on releases such as ''Wave Field'' (1994) and ''Violence of Discovery and Calm of Acceptance'' (2000), where the worlds of John Cage, My Bloody Valentine and Alvin Lucier beautifully collide. In 2003 he completely renewed his approach to music developing the large scale ''Space Program'' project using experimental, custom-built or modified instruments. This is Toral's first Australian performance and is not to be missed!!!

Also making a rare appearance is local electronic gods Anthony Pateras and Robin Fox in their hairy hyperactive duo. Breakneck pacing, vocal hysterics, blistering textures, bodily functions/dysfunctions and more - sonic totalism from two local legends!

Upcoming Arousals:

Sun July 13 - Fritz Hauser (Switzerland) + Speak Percussion + Undecisive God
Tue July 22 - You Don't Have To Call It Music
Sun July 27 - Menstruation Sisters LP launch + Circle Pit (Sydney) + Beaches
Sun Aug 3 - Johnny Saw Horses CD launch + Super Stupid + more!
Sun Aug 24 - Noriko Tujiko (Japan) + more

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Default Jamerson / Ian Wadley / Bum Creek - Sat. 28th

Saturday the 28th of June @ Hell's Kitchen
(Centre Place, off Flinders Lane)

Ian Wadley
Bum Creek
Default Jamerson

Should kick off around 8pm.

Would be grand if you could make it.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Beats N Bleeps - Glitch Bar - 20 June

forwarded from Scott Baker:

Beats N Bleeps
- the bi-monthly experimental night at Glitch Bar & Cinema is on again this Friday night 20th June. This month is all about the drone with musique concrète scene veterans Team Red, doombient noise act abre ojos and ambient legends Normal Science playing in the cinema. DJ's Hesius Dome and Red Eye express in the front bar.

Fri 20th June @ Glitch Bar & Cinema 9.00pm - 1.00am
318 St George's Road North Fitzroy $5 entry

Hesius Dome (aka Simon Polinski)

Monday, 16 June 2008

Spool - Northcote - 22, 26, 27, 29 June

forwarded from LUPA/art:




SOUND/ Jerome Noetinger (Rives, France)

VISUALS/ Liz Racz (Melbourne)

Launching LUPA/ art is spool.

It's 3.14 a.m. In darkness, the audience armed with torches gather to experience the outcome of residency collaboration between visual artist Liz Racz and Jerome Noetinger, an internationally recognised improviser using electroacoustic devices.

The artists' work is connected across distance by the idea of erasure; sounds being erased from tape by magnets and images rendered by being erased from the blackened walls.

Listening and playing with Noetinger's tape loops for the first time in residency at LUPA/ art, Racz will be using graphite, charcoal, an eraser, tape recorders and torches to create this audio/ visual environment. Exploring how sound and vision can become more than the sum of their parts, connected by what is removed.

Noetinger was a guest of the Melbourne International Biennale of Exploratory Music and the Liquid Architecture Festival. The collaboration with Racz being conducted by email, letters and photographs of sketches will extend her practice of 'memorable large dark works' (Penny Webb, The Age, 17 August, 2007).

LUPA/ art: A new space in Northcote hosting collaborative residencies with happy cross-disciplinary outcomes.


VENUE: Rear 55 High St/ Northcote/ Corner Westgarth & High St.



Liz Racz/ 0410 131 599/

Willoh S.Weiland/ 0425 789 124/


Sunday 22nd June 3.14am Opening drinks/ Sunday 22nd June 7.00pm/ Thursday 26th June 7.00pm/ Friday 27th June 7.00pm/ Sunday 29th June 3.14am

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Next Wednesday the 18th of June @ Stutter...

This week Stutter plays host to guest curator Zac Keiller as part of his ongoing Broken Signals series:

Breathing Shrine - Bonnie Mercer & Rob Mayson. After touring Grey Daturas through the USA as a two-piece, twice, two of its members have decided to keep the jam going, albeit under a new name. Breathing Shrine have similar sounds perhaps, but different energy.

Northatlantic Audio - Leif Svensson began Northatlantic Audio in 2001 after the demise of 2litredolby, mainly as a way to explore more subdued & textured sounds. Using woven guitars & gentle waves of noise, Northatlantic Audio was initially based around solo performances & recordings by Leif - highlighted in 2001's ''Forest of Masts'' cd release. Leif is now joined by his old friends Craig Peade on drums & Leo Mullins on bass/guitar/keys.

Zac Keiller - is a Melbourne musician who has been creating experimental sound-scapes with guitar, field recordings & electronics for over ten years, pushing over thirty recorded works ranging from imaginary film soundtracks to ambient drones & abrasive noise.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Friday, 13 June 2008

DEFEKTRO (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal Sun June 22

Sun June 22
8pm The Toff 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal is proud to present:


Characterised by their harsh Machine produced Junk Metal sounds Defektro have been performing for over ten years. Formed In 1995 in Tokyo, Japan Dektro is an insane machine noize unit. The units original members Hirofumi Uchino and Ayako Honda crashed onto the noise scene in Tokyo in 1995. The present day Defektro unit features Hirofumi Uchino, a futuristic Dr Frankenstien who is the evil mastermind, father and creator of the machines used in Defektro. The sound is produced by the machines is sampled, effected, chewed up and spat out to the pleasure and dismay of the audience. Some of you may remember experiencing Defektro's mindblowing show at the Toff last year with Stephen O' Malley & Peter Rehberg's KTL project. Now's your chance to experience the real deal once more - Uchino is one of the true lynchpins of the Japanoise scene and needs to be heard to be believed!

Also appearing is a special power trio featuring renowned Sydney experimentalists Oren Ambarchi & Robbie Avenaim teaming up with the Grey Daturas' Rob Mayson + a performance from avant garage free noise supergroup The Donkey's Tail led by legendary artist John Nixon


Upcoming Arousals:

Sun July 6 - Rafael Toral (Portugal) + Anthony Pateras/Robin Fox
Sun July 13 - Fritz Hauser (Switzerland) + Eugene Ughetti + Undecisive God
Tue July 22 - You Don't Have To Call It Music
Sun July 27 - Menstruation Sisters launch + Circle Pit (Sydney) + Beaches
Sun Aug 3 - Johnny Saw Horses CD launch

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sound Poetry and Guitar Drones - 17 June - Make It Up Club

forwarded from Tim Catlin:

Make it Up Club
Upstairs @ Bar Open, 317 Brunswick St Fitzroy.

Tuesday June 17

From 8:30pm $10/$5 at door.

Sound Poetry and Guitar Drones

The Crystal Set featuring: Rod Gregory (various sonic devices), Liz Landray (various sonic devices), Silvia Simons (various sonic devices), Anna Fern (various sonic devices) and Hugh McSpedden (various visual effects)

An audio-visual feast from some veterans of the sound-poetry and art world.

Infinite Decimals featuring: Barnaby Oliver (guitars) and Don Rogers (basses)

A new duo from 2 of Melbourne's string-drone masters

Tim Catlin (Deep guitar drones and electronics)

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Umbel Ballits - 14 & 21 June - Craft Victoria

forwarded from Dylan Marorell:

Umbel Ballits Performances
Saturday june 21st 2pm
Craft Victoria - 31 Flinders LaneMelbourne Vic 3000
Dylan Martorell , Julie Burleigh, Nathan Grey, Francis Plagne.
Perform "3 Speed Golden Ratios (Clockwise and Anti Clockwise)" and "Pentatonic Succulent Rounds".
Also extra performance
Saturday June 14th
, 4.30pm Snawklor (Dylan Martorell and Nathan Gray) performing on the Umbel Ballits instruments and special guest .

Monday, 9 June 2008

The Australia Council for the Arts, Ceres Solutions and Performing Lines have joined forces to announce the New Music Touring Project - Sound Travellers - a two year project to facilitate and promote the national touring of sound art/electronica, improvised jazz and contemporary classical music.

Ghost of 29 Megacycles melbourne tour

11 June The Glitch Bar, Melbourne w/Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas)
12 June Bar Open, Melbourne W/Seth Rees And Brer Mouse
13 June Gertrudes Brown Couch, Melbourne W/Radiant City, Mallee Ensemble(WA) And maddest kings alive (WA)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Next Wednesday the 11th of June @ Stutter

Natasha Anderson/ Ben Byrne/ Sean Baxter - contrabass recorder/laptop/junk

James Rushford/ Judith Hamann/ Sam Dunscombe - Improv laptop and string textures.

Ben.Harper - makes another visit from London to his home in Melbourne, to present the latest in his series of music compositions for unstable feedback systems. His ageing laptop will create a digital simulation of nested analogue feedback loops, synthesising all his sounds live.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Friday, 6 June 2008

Embers CD Launch Monday June 9th @ The Toff

MONDAY JUNE 09, 2008. 8.00pm

Second Floor, Curtin House, 252 Swanston Street, Melbourne
$10 on door

Embers is a brutal, free-jazz/grind-noise quartet from Melbourne, Australia. The group is made up of bucketrider members, Adam Simmons (various saxophones), Dave Brown (electric microtonal bass) and Sean Baxter (drum kit and junk) with Globe Unity Orchestra alumni, Kris Wanders (tenor saxophone). Their music is freely improvised jazz-noise with echoes of blasting grind and heavy, free rock. They launch their debut CD on the Heathen Skulls label, Slag-welter, with support from American sound collagist, David Shea, and local noise impresarios, Blarke Bayer and Black Widow featuring Ben Andrews (Agents of Abhorrence/My Disco) and Rob MacManus (Grey Daturas).

On Saturday 14 June Sabbatical presents the launch of our next series release Conflict Resolution Seminar by Absoluten Calfeutrail and Blarke Bayer at the Afterdark (565 High Street Northcote). This release documents a live in the studio collaboration between Absoluten Calfeutrail (Mark Groves) and Blarke Bayer (Ben Andrews) recorded by Marcus Cook (Default Jamerson) at Head Gap Studio in Preston early April 2008. Also performing on this occasion are Sean Baxter & Rod Cooper, Armyish, Always and Scratchplate. 9pm start/$5 entry.

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Stream Collective SEEING SOUND

Stream Collective announces our second event for 2008:

SEEING SOUND is a free 16mm film screening of experimental sound-image
works from the 60's and 70's. Featuring beautiful, vibrant films by
Norman McClaren, Guy Sherwin, Len Lye, Tony Conrad and more.

Inexpensive bar available too, so come join us for a beer or two. And
did we mention the screening is FREE?

Friday June 20, doors open 6pm
Kaleide Theatre
RMIT City Campus
360 Swanston St, Melbourne

SEEING SOUND is brought to you by Stream Collective in association
with Otherfilm (Brisbane), and supported by RMIT Union Arts.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Recent additions to Shame File Music mailorder

Shame File Music - specialising in Australian experimental

Recent editions - June 2008

Absoluten Calfeutrail - "Dehydrated and Dumped" casette - High quality production power electronics from Melbourne; limited edition of forty professionally reproduced casettes. AU$5ppd (US$4ppd)

Biffplex "A Tent is a Soft House" CD - New release featuring the best of Biffplex's signature deep ambient drones. AU$8ppd (US$6ppd)

Botborg "Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography" DVD - The first available documented results of Botborg's researches into the 'occult' science of Photosonicneurokineasthography. Translated as "writing the movement of nerves through use of sound and light", knowledge of Photosonicneurokineasthography has remained all but hidden until this time. AU$25ppd (US$20ppd)

Flew Creeking CD Ocassional collaboration between key Brisbane-originating sound artists Michael Norris & Joe Musgrove, caught on CD for the first time here - AU$8ppd (US$6ppd)

Anthony Pateras "
Chasms" CD - A riveting piece in three movements for solo prepared piano that explores the full range of textures Pateras acheives with his piano prepartions, from dense clusters to gaping chasms. - AU$10ppd (US$8ppd)

Screwtape "Let Art Be Vomit" CD - Voice samples juxtaposed against high end distortion noise creates euphoric nihilism, finished off with a nice dark understated drone. - AU$8ppd (US$6ppd)

Slasher Risk "Triple Jesus" CD - A series of guitar based improvisations, ranging from ambient to industrial to noise (from USA). AU$8ppd (US$6ppd)

Undecisive God "Everything's Broken" CD - New works from the last 3 years, featuring further exploration of turntable/broken record perparations, extended guitar techniques, field recordings and mixer feedback pieces. - AU$10ppd (US$8ppd)

Trades can be arranged.