Thursday, 31 January 2008

Screwtape - Yester Ha-Ra

Harsh cut-and-paste Noise. Please consider.

Monday, 28 January 2008

Maximum Arousal Sun Feb 3

Sun Feb 3

Maximum Arousal presents:

OREN AMBARCHI Solo Multiple Guitar performance

Very rare Melbourne 'multiple guitar' solo performance from Southern Lord/Touch recording artist and SUNN 0))) collaborator Oren Ambarchi.
Ambarchi has created a unique & utterly personal sound world that is unmistakably his own. His most recent works have explored the tenuous coexistence of fragility and density; sounds as light as air mingling with wall shaking low-end.
"Minimalism at its most sublime - Ambarchi does an amazing job of drawing the casual listener deep into his atmospheric world with a meditative intimacy that
does a lot with so little. Trance inducing euphoria from one of Australia's finest exports" (Vancouver Province)

Solo performance from acclaimed French violinist Werchowski who has worked with important electroacoustic artists such as Jérome Noetinger, Lionel Marchetti, John Russell, Xavier Charles & more.

New computer/guitar duo project from two stalwarts of the Melbourne experimental scene!

The Toff
Level 2
252 Swanston St

Upcoming Arousals:
Sun Feb 10: YASUNAO TONE (Japan) First Oz performance from this Fluxus noise legend!
Tue Feb 19: DAMO SUZUKI (Japan) + BLANK REALM (Qld)

Sunday, 27 January 2008

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Clinton (blogmaster)

Monday, 21 January 2008


Sun Jan 27
The Toff
Level 2
252 Swanston St

Maximum Arousal is proud to present:



More details here

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Stutter @ Horse Bazaar 23/01/08

Performing at Stutter at Horse Bazaar this Wednesday the 23rd of January:

  • Buttress O'Kneel
  • Robin Fox & Dave Brown
  • Psychedelic Desert (Japan)

Buttress O'Kneel - Splendid Magazine calls her ''a media guerilla, working from the underground trenches and subverting copyrights while creating politically charged audio collages from pop music and news footage... She is People Like Us or Negativland with a world conscience.''

Robin Fox & Dave Brown - Channeling electric ghosts, Fox and Brown turn sound upside down. The pickups tear the guitar strings out and electronic devices suck auroras through the speakers.Watch your ears, they could be your stomach.

Psychedelic Desert (Osaka) - ''Japanese noise ambient group Psychedelic Desert bring you the desert of electronica --blip-less, atmospheric, and eerie soundscapes...''

where: 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM

Also worth checking out is this broadcast on Sun 27 on Radio National:

Buttress on the Night Air for a post O$tralia day mash

8:30 Sunday night on January the 27th, ABC Radio National will feature Buttress O'Kneel's epic 2007 mash-up, ''Dear Fellow Australians''.

Using 100% Aussie music and drawing on a diverse range of media sources from radio documentary, talkback and opinion pieces, eventful public performances of the national anthem, and some pretty nasty Cronulla race-riot actuality, she constructs a dynamic montage of mixed messages about 'Australian' values.

Or as Buttress herself describes it 'Its part rally-cry, part lament, and part glitch-core docubreak intellectronica party mix!' So hang onto your armbands because with a topic as contested as 'nationhood' some words and ideas in tonight's program may offend some listeners. for podcast streams music details weblinks and rss for extra downloads

Saturday, 19 January 2008

7-10 Feb - Listen To My Secret Fetish - Chapel Off Chapel

Forwarded from Richard Haynes:

Richard Haynes
Listen my secret fetish

9pm Thur 7 – Sun 10 Feb, 2008
in The Loft, Chapel off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran

Part of the Midsumma Festival 2008

Richard Haynes, musical Wunderkind and exhibitionist par excellence, presents four fetishes for solo clarinet in very compromising circumstances. Encounter extreme new sounds in physically demanding scenarios including:

Richard Barret’s interference for transgender contrabass clarinettist
Chris Dench’s the sadness of detail for clarinet and operating table
David Lang’s Press Release for leather and bass clarinet
And new work by David Young for clarinet, watersports and 44-gallon drum

Clarinets Richard Haynes
Sound design Michael Hewes
Dramaturgy Margaret Cameron
Photo Jake Turner

Supported by Aphids Residencies and Mentoring Scheme established with the support of the Sidney Myer Fund; Midsumma Festival and the City of Stonnington. Aphids is supported by Arts Victoria, the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council - its arts funding and advisory body; City of Melbourne, MadFish Fine Wine and Airstrip.

9pm Thur 7 – Sun 10 Feb, 2008

The Loft, Chapel off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel St, Prahran 3181
Transport: Sandringham Line, Prahran Station, Tram no: 72, stop no: 31
Melway Ref: 2L J10

$20 full; $15 conc; $15 per person groups of 10 or more
Info / Bookings: 03 8290 7000

Wheelchair accessible.

Warning: this performance may contain nudity and adult themes.

Richard Haynes works regularly as a soloist and ensemble member in
collaboration with internationally recognised ensembles/podia. He is well-
known as a freelance musician in the areas of performance, improvisation
and composition through projects and presentations in the USA, Europe,
Australia and New Zealand. Richard was born in Brisbane, studied at the
Queensland Conservatorium and currently at the University of the Arts in
Bern, Switzerland. As winner of the Symphony Australia Young Performer of
the Year in 2003, Richard has created an international career as a freelance
musician. His recent performing highlights have been with ensembles and
artists including Ensemble Modern, musikFabrik, Mark Knoop, Christina
Waldock and Australia’s ELISION Ensemble pertaining to projects in the
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Festival Musica Strasbourg, MusikFest Berlin
and the Warsaw Autumn.

Friday, 18 January 2008

9 Feb 2008 - Y35.3 & others @ Pony

from Mark Groves:

Saturday February 9 at Pony (68 Little Collins Street City) Sabbatical brings together five remarkable performances. Opening the evening is Krystkrvstoffiston the Grey Klvt Metal/Depressive AFBM noise project of Christopher L G Hill (Moffarfarrah, Paeces, St John's Ambience and Shawl) and Simon Taylor (Whitehorse, Bone Sheriff, St John's Ambience). Blarke Bayer (Ben Andrews of My Disco, Agents of Abhorrence) and Absoluten Calfeutrail (Mark Groves of True Radical Miracle, Whitehorse) then offer a rare duo performance of harsh scream and aural harm. Heil Spirits (Northern New South Wales resident Eli Partridge of The Stockholm Syndrome) makes his Victorian debut, following a number of releases on his Glacial Avatar Archive imprint. He will be joined on this occasion by Anna (Festive Jackyls) and Rob ( Robot.W.Power). Following this Chrysalis (Tasmanian Chris Groves of long running noise/power electronics label Cipher Productions) also makes his Victorian live debut. Rounding out the evening is the formidable analogue nightmare of local duo Y35.3.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Friday 18 January: Dworzec / Plagne / Fusinato / Williams at Forepaw

Please consider:

Friday 18 Jan

Francis Plagne + Marco Fusinato
Julian Williams

8pm. $cheap

at Forepaw, 275 High St Northcote.

Details on the website if you want them.

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Outdoor Snawklor Batrelease - Sunday 20 Jan - Yarra Bend Bat Colony (secret location)

Forwarded from Nathan Gray:

Snawklor release their new album "Quick Be the Feet....That Run To Mischief"on outer (bus gallery's label) this week in the First of 2 stages.

Sunday 20th January
Secret CD launch is at the Yarra bend Bat colony
Bell bird Picnic Ground
Yarra Boulevard
melways 44 k3

6pm Free

with Always and Guests

Outdoors at sunset against a back drop of more than 10,000 bats taking to the skies.

contact me for any enquiries

nathan gray

Monday, 14 January 2008


Sun Jan 27
The Toff
Level 2
252 Swanston St

Maximum Arousal is proud to present:





Chris Corsano has gained a well-earned reputation as
one of the hardest-working drummers around. Equally at
home with intense kinetic explosions of energy and
concentrated near-silence, he effortlessly flows from
one idea to the next, always sympatico with his fellow
musicians. He has recorded and gigged with a whos-who
of contemporary music; among others, Paul Flaherty,
Thurston Moore, Jessica Rylan, Jim O'Rourke, Matt
Heyner, Michael Flower, Nels Cline, Jandek, Greg
Kelly, Daniel Carter, Six Organs of Admittance, Evan
Parker, Sunburned Hand Of Man, Okkyung Lee, Wally
Shoup, MV&EE, Keiji Haino, Dredd Foole, Vampire Belt,
Joe McPhee, Björk, Carlos Giffoni, Akira Sakata,
Christina Carter and Heather Leigh Murray.

After moving from western Massachusetts, USA to
Manchester, England in 2005 and then Edinburgh,
Scotland a year after that, Corsano focused on
developing an expanded solo percussion music of his
own, incorporating sax reeds, violin strings and bows,
pot lids, adhesive tape and other household devices
into his drumkit. In February 2006, he released his
first solo recording, The Young Cricketer, and toured
the UK opening for the mighty acoustic guitarist Jack
Currently, he is the drummer on Björk's Volta world

"Corsano is one of the best drummers of his
generation" - Byron Coley, Arthur Magazine

"Corsano, despite being arguably the most riotosly
energetic and creative drummer in contemporary free
jazz, does far more than merely bash his kit into
submission. Playing loud does not mean abandoning
subtlety, and Corsano's sudden shifts of texture and
dynamics are a wonder to behold." - Dan Warburton, The

"Anyone who has ever seen him live already knows it,
but this solo session [The Young Cricketer] slams the
notion home; Chris Corsano is seriously one of the
most exciting drummers on the planet." - Adam

"the most original drummer playing in New York." - The
Village Voice

Also appearing:

Killer echo-drenced drifting psychedelics from Osaka,
Japan - their only Melbourne performance

Amazing acid-folk bedroom project from Macromantics
mastermind Romy Hoffman



Upcoming Arousals:

Sun Feb 3

Sun Feb 10
YASUNAO TONE (Japan) - 73 year-old Fluxus Noise Legend's first Oz appearance!

Tue Feb 19

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Video from Vaucanson's Duck performances

Both clips are from 19 November 2007 at Bus Gallery, as part of Vaucanson's Duck.

The first features Ernie Althoff, Robbie Avenaim, Dale Gorfinkel and Graeme Leak:

The next one features Ernie, Robbie & Dale with Rod Cooper:

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Robert Henke @ Klang Und Raum






Robert Henke from Berlin

with Melbourne artists

Sonia Leber and David Chesworth

The Mutagen Server


Saturday February 2nd 2008

Planetarium Scienceworks

2 Booker St Spotswood Melbourne

$27 full / $18 concession.

All tickets from Green Tix -

On February 2nd 2008 there will be an evening of electronic music and projections presented at the Melbourne Planetarium.This will be a surround sound multi channel performance by local artists and our overseas guest, Robert Henke.

Full dome projections will be presented.

The concert will commence 8 pm sharp and conclude at about 10.30pm with a 20 minute interval. Robert Henke will play for about 60 minutes in the second part of the program.

The artists performing are:

Robert Henke -

performing Layering Buddha with full dome projections.

About the work:

You can read about Robert Henke here:

and you can read about Layering Buddha here:

Sonia Leber and David Chesworth -

presenting Almost Always Everywhere Apparent (fragments) ~

a special live performance of their recent installation work

About the work:

Almost Always Everywhere Apparent is a sound and structure project for the vast exhibition spaces at Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Sonia and David were the recipients of the 2007 Helen Macpherson Smith Commission and their project referenced both Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon model prison design and the Cathedral as two architectural apparatuses with a surprising aspect in common: both rely on an unseen, all-seeing observer and both use voices in interesting ways. Here at the Planetarium, this project is transposed into another architectural space: the boundless canopy of the domed ceiling of Planetarium.

The Mutagen Server:

The Mutagen Server are Ollie Olsen and Steve Law.

Ollie and Steve have been collaborating in Melbourne since 1993 performing live at endless parties and experimental music events. Ollie and Steve are well known to those interested in experimental music in Melbourne.

About the work:

This will be a rare opportunity for Ollie and Steve to present their music in a high quality surround environment (as well as being one of the few opportunities they have had to perform together). Both have been exploring gradually evolving textural works in recent times and look forward to generating a hybrid of their different approaches to creating multi-faceted soundworlds. The work to be performed on the night is still in progress, so the audience can expect a performance rich in dynamics and timbral variation, as well as the unexpected of course.


Nat Bates is a sound artist, festival director and a teacher in the field of media arts.

About the work

Drawing inspiration from Bernard Parmegianis musique concrète masterpiece La Création du Monde nats performance at the Planetarium will also be an expression of the cosmic beginnings of planet earth through gradual introductions and transformations of fragments of sound which mutate and coalesce into warm, buzzing timbres and aqueous percolations. However, instead of applying the musique concrète technique of creating hallucinatory sound without revealing the cause, nats ROCKreation of the World is composed entirely of samples from iconic classic rock songs.


Robert Henkes' 2008 Australian tour is proudly supported by the Goethe Institute Australia

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Retail Fireworks, Zac Keiller, Sundown &or Last Stand.

Wednesday Jan 9th @ Noise Bar. 291 Albert Street Brunswick. Catch: Retail Fireworks (members of Laura), Zac Keiller (solo guitar and drones) & Sundown &/or Last Stand for a night of instrumental musical madness.
$5.00. Kicks off at 8:30pm.

Monday, 7 January 2008

Glass Percussion Intermezzo - Federation Square - from January 10

Forwarded from Myles Mumford:

This is an invitation to my latest project with the Glass Percussion,
Intermezzo. This site-specific project will be presented FREE to the
public between Jan 10 and Feb 2, 2008. Over 1400 hand-blown glass
objects will be installed in the Fracture Gallery (a 47 metre glass
wall) within the Atrium of Federation Square, Melbourne.

Live performances will be given every Thursday, Friday and Saturday
at 9:15pm (dusk) - 10pm. These include 2 percussionists playing the
Glass live from within the Fracture Gallery. All the acoustic glass
sound will be processed live and diffused through a 16.4 channel
surround sound system in the Atrium.

The glass-installation will be accompanied daily by a 65 minute sound-
installation of music created using only the same glass objects as
it’s source material.

Eugene Ughetti – co-director, composer, percussionist
Elaine Miles – co-director, glass artist, installation
Matthias Schack-Arnott – percussionist
Myles Mumford – live electronics
Michael Hewes – sound diffusion, sound engineer
Richard Vabre – lighting designer

If we don’t see you on opening night, Thursday Jan 10, then it would
be great to see you at one of the other 11 performances across the
season. This event will be appealing to both contemporary arts goers
and children alike so please spread the word!

Myles Mumford
Sound Artist, Producer, Recording Engineer


next arousal!


The Toff
Level 2
252 Swanston St

Re: HGP/ZOND split 12'':
''As I sit in the heat of a Chinese summer, I can reflect all too well on the hi god people experience. This new split 12 inch was recorded around the same time as our previous 12 inch split with New Zealanders the Dead C. It has live snippets from a show at the Palace and recordings from a radio 3CR session. HGP have been at it since 1998 - we’ve had two albums, three EPs, and a pretty good time for the most part. The members oscillate between four and fifteen. We have supported such international dignitaries as Sonic Youth, Sir Richard Bishop and Alistair Galbraith and performed on channel two's Set program. Shows can vary from cosmic rock jams to evolution performance art epics and everything in between. - Julian Williams, Nanjing, China, 2007

Zond are a rock group from Melbourne, Australia. They are named after a satellite of the USSR. But Zond are broadcasting dark ecstasy, not from space but from a place far below. They are a Rorschach blot or a Freudian analysis gone wrong. Their live shows vary from a screaming psychedelic car crash to ambient metal: all that can be known in advance is the intensity of the performance. Zond include members of past and present groups: Fong, Library Punks, On, Mum Smokes, Ned & the Meds, The Stabs. Zond are violently happy to be on a 12'' split vinyl record with the nice people, the Hi God People. This is Zond's first release.

The Spanish Magic label works to bring you the best new releases from around the world. The artwork on this 12” is a mixture of 10 screens, spray-painted stencils and hand-carved stamps. Time consuming stuff ... but well worth it. In the words of some...’unusually PAINstaking''. The first batch of covers was damaged in the 2007 Newcastle floods. The office was under water and a car floated down the street outside.

This record is available in Melbourne at stores such as Missing Link, Title and Metropolis. The bands will launch it on Sunday 13th January, at the Maximum Arousal series at the Toff, level 2, 252 Swanston st Melbourne. Supports are: Mutual Loathing (Adelaide) + Kynan Lawler (Adelaide).

Upcoming Arousals:

TUE JAN 22 - You Don't Have To Call It Music: Music By Visual Artists



SUN FEB 10 - YASUNAO TONE (Japan) 73 year-old Fluxus legend's 1st Oz performance!!!


also coming up in 08: GIUSEPPE IELASI (Italy), DEAN ROBERTS (NZ), JEROME NOETINGER (France), LULLATONE (Japan) & more!!!

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Stutter presents Y35.3 Big Band, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam, Helmethead and Jack the Rapper @ Horse Bazaar 16/01/08

Horse Bazaar is proud to present: STUTTER.
A new, weekly night of experimental/unpopular/avant-tard/acoustic/electronica/call-it-what-you-will, music and performance madness. Every Wednesday night from 8:30pm (except the last Wednesday of each month which hosts Outpost).

The evening will feature live acts from the entire planet of noise, and kicks off next week, Wednesday the 16th of January.

Details are as follows:


Big Band - Mark Skelton & Sasha Margolis. Two piece Noise unit. Feedback loops, gaffa tape, radios and home shopping network introductory cassettes. Featuring special guests on the night.

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam - " Pete Hyde (vox), Simon Taylor (broken guitar & amp), Mark Groves (1-stringed bass) and Rob Mayson (collapsing drum kit). It could be said that this project is our means of taking our Fear of God worship to the stage, but in reality it is a method of performing shit music on even shittier instruments on even shittier amps as loudly as possible with minimal rehearsal time..."

Helmethead - Rod Cooper & Anthony Magen - an audio visual live performance where hand held images and found objects are combined with a fast chaotic blanket of audio.

Jack the Rapper - Living on the Gold Coast, Belgian performance artist Jacques Ambach will be doing his first ever show in Melbourne at Horse Bazaar.

when: Wed Jan 16 8:30pm

where: Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000
Melway reference (43 G7)

cost: $5

upcoming shows:

January 23: Psychedelic Desert (Japan), Robin Fox & Dave Brown, Buttress O'Kneel
January 30: Outpost
February 6: Broken Signals - Zac Keiller & guests TBA
February 13:
Carolyn Connors Solo, Rod Cooper & Sean Baxter Duo

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Screwtape - Oppresive Night

For those who hate summer as much as I hate summer.