Friday, 26 December 2008

Unholy Matrimony online compilation

Celebrating the marriage of Leigh and Mandi Stench, another massive Smell The Stench noise compilation, featuring a Melbourne noisemonger or two.

Download "Unholy Matrimony" from:

Edge Radio (Hobart) seeking submissions

forwarded from Joshua Santospirito:

My name`s Josh and i just started an experimental/genreless/
unusual/not- often-played-on-radio radio show in Hobart. It`s on Edge Radio 99.3 Sundays between 12 and 1pm. It can be streamed from the radio`s site too.

I`m hoping to play more Australian stuff on the show but my personal collection is finite - I figure you might be able to mention to any people on your blog that I`d love it if folks could send me their material. They can send it to the address on the bottom if the want. I can`t guarantee that I`ll play it (though I probably will at some point). If you know anyone who wants to send their stuff - can you just ask them to also leave a website that tells me something about them so`s I can say something about them to the Hobart world.

Joshua Santospirito
GPO Box 1272
Hobart, Tasmania
Australia 7000

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Super Stupid farewells 2008 this Sunday!

SUNDAY DECEMBER 28, 2008. Doors 8.00pm
Maximum Arousal presents:

Superstupid farewells 2008 with a Sunday night shot of love - with compliments to Maximum Arousal's on going effort to provide Melbourne with musical alternatives! Joining us will be Sons of the Ionian Sea and Rod Cooper/Evelyn Morris Duo.

Superstupid: The return of Melbourne's amazing power trio! 'Power Trio.' Say the phrase to any long-hair since its conception some 40 years ago and they'll immediately know what to expect. Blistering leads, power-house drumming, heavy bass lines and bluesy vocals. Sounds like a formula, yes? Well, it is. Many have stepped up to the plate, attempting to make their 1+1+1=3 but few dare be mentioned in the same breath as legends like the Groundhogs, Grand Funk, Sleep, Sir Lord Baltimore and the almighty Cream. But who among us will take this hard rock to a new place? Enter Super Stupid: three dudes from the burbs of Melbourne each with degrees in Cactology and a Masters in Riff-ality. Let the throb fest begin!

Sons of the Ionian Sea are Gerasimos and brothers Nick Grammenos and Joshua Waddell, and Cameron "Hammer Hands" Cairnes bringing new light to a sound that can only be described as classic - mixing ridiculously complex riffs ala Socrates and Steamhammer, heavy grooves in the realm of Captain Beyond and Sleep and a level of showmanship that puts just about any band of their ilk to bed without supper. Not to be missed! Featuring ex-members of Melbourne Juggernauts of yore PEEPING TOM.

In another pairing, following their recent triumph at Horse Bazaar's STUTTER, we have ROD COOPER & EVELYN MORRIS aka PIKELET performing an improvised duo on Cooper's hand made instruments and gadgetry with Morris' on drum kit and percussion. To summarize some of the raving reports, these two created a uniquely positive atmosphere, alien and full of invention!


Upcoming Arousals:
Feb 10: ACID MOTHERS GURU GURU (Japan/Germany)
Feb 15: DAMO SUZUKI (Japan) + THE KITS
Feb 22: MANI NEUMEIER (Germany)

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The Moustache Gamble & mousetrapreplica play The Empress this Saturday at 4pm

The Moustache Gamble are an experimental multi art form group conducted and 'composed' by weirdo Ryan McRobb.

The group features Vrrrushka, the avant-garde dancer from Snowmanlandia, Angus E. Leslie from Sex On Toast and Combover on rants, clarinet and guitar, Troy Naumoff from ANTS and Fibonacci on guitar and uneducated trumpet, Firas Massouh on bass, charango and prepared guitar and Gareth Thomson from mousetrapreplica on drumkit and confusion.

Each player has an instruction sheet with numbered cues. There are two lists on each players sheets; first list is for general instructions that apply to all members of the group, and members of the audience (if they have the inclination!), and then second list is tailor made to the individual performer and applies only to them.

The audience are welcome to join in, and they will be given cues during the show.

Also on the bill are experimental rock duo mousetrapreplica who are playing an entirely improvised show at 4:15pm.

Doors at 4pm, $5cc, mtr @ 4:15pm and the MG @ 5:15pm, The Empress, 714 Nicholson St. North Fitzroy.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Kri$ma$ in the city FREE CHOICE at Sunshine + Grease

Free Choice is Jarrod Zlatic from Fabulous Diamonds. He has just returned from overseas and is playing a very merry instore at Sunshine+Grease this Friday (19/12/08) at 6:30 pm. Sunshine+Grease is at 117 Little Lonsdale st Melbourne and is also the home of Bus Gallery.

Sunshine + Grease opening hours over KKKri$ma$ are exceptional and as follows.

Wed 17/12 from 12-5. Thu 18/12 from 12-6, Fri 19/12 from 12-8, featuring Free Choice performance at 6:30 pm! Sat 20/12 from 12-5 Wed 24/12 from 12-5. Sunshine +Grease will be closed from Kri$mas until Thursday the 8th of January 2009. Thats 2 whole weeks off! What’ll I do? Any ideas, email me on
Skip JB. Come buy the new PBB or Gugg at S+G

VICMOD live videos

forwarded from Ross Healy:

VICMOD blog ( has 2 live recordings / vids for people to enjoy:

Vicmod live modulars



Cray vs Abre Ojos

Saturday, 13 December 2008

This Wednesday the 17th of December Stutter proudly presents...


Sean Baxter / Joe Talia / Anthea Caddy / James Rushford / Alex Garsden / Fjorn Butler / JK Fuller / Christopher LG Hill / Alex Vivian / Emma Albury/ Sophie Brous

Malakat / Blark Bayer / Collapsed Toilet Vietnam

Dead Boomers / Absoluten Calfeutrail / Default Jamerson / Cumsquad


CYCLIC DEFROST Magazine Launch

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Flashmob Choir - CBD - 18 Dec

forwarded from Toby Archer:
"Buy more stuff" flashmob choir

Please note that times given are approximate only
When 18-12-08 07:00 PM 18-12-08 08:00 PM 18-12-08
from 07:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Where Melbourne CBD location(s) to be announced
Contact Name Stephen Taberner
Contact Email
Add event to calendar vCal

A message from Stephen Taberner of the Spooky Men's Chorale:

"I am happy to announce that BUY MORE STUFF! will make its world debut in Big W, Myer and other stores on Thursday Dec 18 during the evening shopping hours. This is a foolish and ironically intended anthem to consumerism, which has apparently now become a national duty.

It will be in the tradtion of "vote the bastards out", which was a grand load of useful fun and can be found at

WE NEED YOU to join the choir and become part of choral flashmob history. The rehearsal will be at Northcote Uniting Church, 251 High St at 8pm sharp, on Tuesday Dec 16th. Exact details of the actual flashmob to be released later. Lyrics and listening details follow.

if there is enough interest in a Monday rehearsal from those who can't do Tuesday, I'm willing to do that, too. Let me know.

And, oh yes, please pass this on to all subversive tuneful people wherever they may be! No need to register, or anything. Just present yourself at the appropriate time....

Eternal thank yous and a sly wink

With regard to buy more stuff, and Melbourne Central, an ambient piece we will do if we have time, here are the links for learning the parts:

These files are fully panned with the target part to the left and all others to the right. To listen to your part, turn the balance control (you can do this even on a mac for example under system preferences/sound) fully to the left, or if you have headphones, take one off. Then you can readjust to hear more of the others when you are confident.

and here are the words: (these are the correct words, rather than those in the mp3)

ooooh etc
buy more stuff!
buy more stuff!
buy more stuff!
any kind of stuff will do (stuff!)
just as long as it's brand new (stuff!)
matte or shiney, pink or blue (stuff!)
put your hand on it and feel (stuff!)
now you know you want the real (stuff!)
go down to the place that deals (stuff!)
what can we do, we think that we need it
even though we're too full to eat it
we have a beast that says we must feed it
all of the TV channels decreed it
buy more stuff, pay for it later
on your card, put it all in a
big fat house, look at it fondly
when you're done, do it all over......


Sun Dec 14 8pm
The Toff 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal & Alberts Basement present:

Melbourne artist Oscar, known for his work in Psuche (two bright lakes) has been developing this debut solo album for the past 6 months. He uses digital and analogue means to process sourced sounds and a variety of instruments played with a sense of the grander arrangement. His tape laden textures create rumbling atmospheres of an ethereal nature. The use of tape loops gives a mechanical yet cyclic impression, explaining bodily experiences with an ambiguous language. This is the first artist issue and debut cd release from new Melbourne label Alberts Basement.

Special supports for this evening include Sydney’s prodigal son, guitarist Anthony Guerra straight from Japan. Guerra's performances are stunning - melancholy guitar and disembodied moans of sadness; loner blues of a deeply personal kind. Local acts Witness Girl is Samaan Fieck and Eric Demetriou, two sculpture students turned noise artists. Oranj Punjabi is Fjorn Buttler, hair fetishist turned tape glutton.

Upcoming Arousals:

Feb 10: ACID MOTHERS GURU GURU (Japan/Germany)
Feb 15: DAMO SUZUKI (Japan) + THE KITS
Feb 22: MANI NEUMEIER (Germany)

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Anthonny Guerra and Rob Mayson instore at S+G

Just as the Out of Space show is winding up at Bus Gallery this weekend, there is more amazing live performance. This Saturday at Sunshine + Grease (In the very same building), a very special instore is taking place. Anthony Guerra, (Antipan, Your intestines, Paper Wings, Black Petal Label boss) is in town and playing a very special show with Rob Mayson, (Grey Daturas, Bone Sherrif, Collapsed Toilet Vietnam) Anthony has been living in Japan for the last 3 years and chances are we wont see him around here for a while after this. If you can’t make this show, he also plays at the Toff on Sunday night at the Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn CD launch at the Toff.
Guerra /Mayson duo - 2 pm start.
Sunshine+Grease – 117 Little Lonsdale st Melbourne.

Alberts Basement & Maximum Arousal present
Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn CD LAUNCH.
Sunday December 14th at the Toff In Town.
Doors 8pm. $10 entry.
Playing Times:
DJ Joe Charles and Josh from 8pm.
8.45pm Scratchplate
9.15pm Witness Girl
9.45pm Anthony Guerra(Japan)
10.30pm Oscar Vincente Slorach-Thorn.

Monday, 8 December 2008

Justin Ashworth Band, mousetrapreplica and Orisha

Wednesday 10 December Justin Ashworth Band - mousetrapreplica - Orisha @ Bar Open Free Entry. Doors @ 8pm

Justin Ashworth & Band 10:30pm - Glitched out ambient soundscapes mixed with surrealist pop songs.
Featuring Justin Ashworth(voice, guitar, processing, melodica, laptop, percussion), Nat Grant (drums, Glock, waterphone, vocals), Adam Rudegair(keys/synth, melodica) and Judith Hamann(cello, noises)

mousetrapreplica 9:30pm - Experimental Rock.
Featuring Ryan McRobb(Guitar, Guitar Synth, laptop, loops), Gareth Thomson(drumkit, chimebars).

Orisha 8:30pm - Live Ambient Triphop.
Featuring Emah Fox (Vocals, Keyboards, Programming), Mark Cauvin (Double Bass) and Amy Valent (Marimba)

This gig is in order to help Justin raise funds for his North American tour in Early 2009.

New free downloads from Shame File Music

Bite The Capsicum - s/t mini CD (2006)

Undecisive God - Everything's Broken CD

Undecisive God - Eccentricites CD

Undecisive God - A Year of Silence CD

Download from

Sunday, 7 December 2008

This Wednesday the 10th of December @ Stutter...

Aktion Unit are guest curating Stutter this week, featuring:
  • Default Jamerson vs Absoluten Calfeutrail - Future Black Metal for a new necro generation. Unsettling tones from the sharpest dressed man in ambient. One feeds off the other. Sick shit.
  • Sonand - Textural static, multimedia extravaganza. Rare appearance
  • & DJ Fastcanoe! aka Mark Skelton aka Galactagogue

@ Horse Bazaar - 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Friday, 5 December 2008

2 more weeks of Expressive Sound Sound Creation at Bus Gallery.

Ernie Althoff busts some moves. Opening night of Out of space at Bus Gallery.

OUT OF SPACE Festival of Performances + Sound Installations 4-13 December 2008
BUS: 117 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne performances 8pm sharp, except sunday 3pm installations+constructions wed-sat 12-5pm
Performances $5/10 donation
thurs 4th
Ernie Althoff
SSL: Robbie Avenaim/Dale Gorfinkel
prepared vibes+automated percussion
fri 5th
Chris Nylstoch
multiple TVs+electronics
objects,captured noise
sat 6th
Ross Manning
lights+electronics+invented contraptions
The Donkey's Tale
experimental garage ensemble
sun 7th, 3pm
Ross Manning/Dale Gorfinkel/Robbie Avenaim
Marco Fusinato/Oren Ambarchi
modified guitars+electronics
wed 10th
Robin Fox
Dylan Martorell
new selfmade instruments
thu 11th
Riki-Metisse Marlow
automated sound sculptures
Lachlan Conn/Michael Prior
light,dope+locked grooves
fri 12th
Philip Samartzis/Rosalind Hall/Arek Gulbenkoglu/Dale Gorfinkel/Natasha Anderson
multiple speakers,laptop,modified saxophone,electronics,objects,giant recorder,percussion
sat 13th
Natasha Anderson
latex sound sculptures+giant recorder
Helmet Head
live AV duo from outer space

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Warehouse Party - Johnston St, Fitzroy - 5 Dec 2008

forwarded from Jean Poole:
Fri Dec 5th : Johnston St Warehouse Party ( free ) 

Ionic ( hiphop, electronica )
DJ Lewis Cancut ( glitchy serato booty )
Steve Law ( live t-e-k-n-o !! )
DJ Liisbet ( Estonian techno / IDM )
DJ Sofia ( bass heavy dancehall )
Maddest Kings Alive ( melb / perth chiptunes )
Pig&Machine ( noise duo from osaka / melb )
SONE & Vijay ( AV noise improv )
Thugquota ( manipulated vocals + percussion )
MC Hugo & Treats ( UK hip hop mashup )
Jean Poole ( AV cut-ups )
Briztronix ( AV hiphop set )
Live Pixels by dc, Jonty b, Mr. Pike, mxmai, Jean Poole, Netzair, Nosis + more

Fat Sound System, multiple projectors + Recession Friendly Drinks Bar

Fri Dec 5th, Above Fitzroy Legal Centre,
124A Johnston st

Old Screwtape Online

Going through my cassette masters from when I was using 4-track I was surprised to find a Screwtape track that I never used for any of my "official" cdrs. I'm not sure why now I didn't want it, listening to it now I quite like it and have decided to upload it for your consideration. While my memory for dates (or anything else) is never great I would date this at around 2001, as it has the sound and feel I was going for at that time.

Vengeance Generators

Please consider.

Monday, 1 December 2008

New Music Newspaper 1977-1978

Often quoted, but seldom seen, the New Music Newspaper published 3 issues from 1977-78, documenting new and experimental music in Melbourne from this time. Warren Burt has uploaded full scans -

Sunday, 30 November 2008

This Wednesday's Stutter @ Horse Bazaar

  • Paeces - "mind melting tribal ghost jams and full tilt punk skronk rock of the highest order.." from Bianca Hester, Sean Bailey and Christopher LG Hill
  • Pitbeat (IT) Raffaele Mastrovincenzo / JK Fuller - electronic noise duo. Pitbeat playing punk electronic music with attitude free jazz joins Justin Fuller on various electronics, objects, pedals, vocals...
  • Carsten Tabel (DE) / Ian Wadley / Tarquin Manek - Ian Wadley & Carsten Tabel, both veterans of minimal noise-melody accidental collaboration, will once again (last time was a year ago, in Leipzig) "see what happens". Both on guitars this time joinedwith percussive adhesive by Tarquin Manek of Bum Creek. 6 legs 6 eyes 6 hands 3 tongues 30 fingers cave palace dust welcome please relax spicy di.
  • James Rushford / Joe Talia - prepared viola and table-top percussion. "Sonic rubble burrowed out of strings, percussion, crystals and found objects. A meeting of concrete / decay: This is J-Ballin'."
  • dj Shits & Giggles - Neil Sweeney from Superstupid amongst other things, will be dj'ing before, after and between the acts!

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Also coming up in December @ Stutter:

10/12/08 - Aktion Unit presents: Aktion Unit vs Hotel Wrecking City Traders + Pathetic Human + Default Jamerson vs Absoluten Calfeutrail + Sonand + dj Fastcanoe

17/12/08 - Stutter / Sabbatical / Sweat Lung Xmas Party - details TBA shortly

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

The Vessel Project - Guilford Lane Gallery - 17 Dec 2008

from Rod Cooper:
The Vessel Project is a multi performer instrument which incorporates Film/Video into the instrument's structure.

Its been several years in the making and now we are ready to sail.

The project is a collaboration between artists from different backgrounds and experiences.

The first instalment on the 17th December is @ 7p.m. A 1 hour performance.

Featured Visual Artist: Dirk DeBruyn, Film and Light.

The Vessel Musicians and Builders;

Rod Cooper Metallic Construction and Percussion Anthony Magen Architectural intervention
Dale Chapman Electronic construction Alice Eldridge(UK guest) Bowed idiophones
Dale Gorfinkle Automated Sound and Percussion Ricky - Metise Merlow Automated Percussion
John Jacobs Aerial Construction and Pirate Radio

The project focusses on collaboration between musicians, instrument builders and Video artists.

Daggers Midflight @ Noise Bar

Friday November 28th with:
Daggers Midflight / Radiant City / Zac Keiller / Little Killing
@ Noise Bar. $7.00. 291 Albert St. Brunswick. 93801493.
Music starts @ 8:30pm.

About the bands:

DAGGERS MIDFLIGHT features members of Spider Goat Canyon and fellow Melbourne bands Computer Dying and Hotel Wrecking City Traders. The ensemble was formed as an outlet for the friends to sink their collective fangs into stretched-out jams of all improvised ultra space-sludge-metal containing crunchy riffs that turn into heaving, repetitious trances of slow, intense drumming, hypnotic grinding drones, feedback solos, dissonant chiming rhythm guitars, and rumbling amplifier ambience.

RADIANT CITY are a Melbourne guitar and drums duo, they also aren't afraid to rock. With a sound both intimate and huge. the group features an innate sense of dynamics and melody to somehow create a cavalcade of sound with the capacity to both lull and shock the senses resulting in a delicious concoction of moody atmospherics and visceral, reverb-drenched fuzz.

ZAC KEILLER is a Melbourne musician of many persuasions, working mainly with the guitar for over ten years and over thirty recorded works. Relying on very few effects and a strong physicality with the guitar, his sound-scapes have run the gamut of solitary soundtrack music, dense ambient drones, and Neil Young inspired mountains of noise, sometimes all within the same song!

LITTLE KILLING are a Melbourne based two piece with tribal/rock drum beats and a guitar sound that can strip paint of the walls. Songs range from melodic tunes to up tempo big beat with a slight Asian flavour now and then.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

New Music Project - Iwaki Auditorium - 21 Dec 2008

from James Rushford:


Sunday December 21, 8pm

Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank Centre, Southbank Blvd, Melbourne

$10 / $7 (on the door).

Helmut Lachenmann


Marco Fusinato


Morton Feldman


Robert Rooney

DUOS 1.2.3

Jaap Blonk


Performed by Sam Dunscombe, Judith Hamann & James Rushford

With Marco Fusinato, Sophie Brous, Aviva Endean, Donna Coleman, Alex Vivian, Neil Sweeney and other guests.



Thursday, 20 November 2008

Bus gets spaced by the Out of Space festival from the 4th of December

OUT OF SPACE Festival of Performances + Sound Installations 4-13 December 2008

BUS: 117 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne performances 8pm sharp, except sunday 3pm installations+constructions wed-sat 12-5pm
Performances $5/10 donation
thurs 4th
Ernie Althoff
SSL: Robbie Avenaim/Dale Gorfinkel
prepared vibes+automated percussion
fri 5th
Chris Nylstoch
multiple TVs+electronics
objects,captured noise
sat 6th
Ross Manning
lights+electronics+invented contraptions
The Donkey's Tale
experimental garage ensemble
sun 7th, 3pm
Ross Manning/Dale Gorfinkel/Robbie Avenaim
Marco Fusinato/Oren Ambarchi
modified guitars+electronics
wed 10th
Robin Fox
Dylan Martorell
new selfmade instruments
thu 11th
Riki-Metisse Marlow
automated sound sculptures
Lachlan Conn/Michael Prior
light,dope+locked grooves
fri 12th
Philip Samartzis/Rosalind Hall/Arek Gulbenkoglu/Dale Gorfinkel/Natasha Anderson
multiple speakers,laptop,modified saxophone,electronics,objects,giant recorder,percussion
sat 13th
Natasha Anderson
latex sound sculptures+giant recorder
Helmet Head
live AV duo from outer space


And something well worth heading north for:
Begins on the 26th of November. For more info, go to

Wednesday 26 November Justin Ashworth Band - mousetrapreplica - Xani Kolac @ Bar Open

Wednesday 26 November Justin Ashworth Band - mousetrapreplica - Xani Kolac @ Bar Open Free Entry. Doors @ 8pm

Justin Ashworth & Band 10:30pm - Glitched out ambient soundscapes mixed with surrealist pop songs.
Featuring Justin Ashworth(voice, guitar, processing, melodica, laptop, percussion), Nat Grant (drums, Glock, waterphone, vocals), Adam Rudegair(keys/synth, melodica) and Judith Hamann(cello, noises)

mousetrapreplica 9:30pm - Experimental Rock with live painting.
Featuring Ryan McRobb(Guitar, Guitar Synth, laptop, loops), Gareth Thomson(drumkit, chimebars) and Alice Palermo (live painting).

Xani and Meg 8:30pm

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Modular Synthesis night @ Make It Up Club

25 NOVEMBER 2008
Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065, Melbourne , Australia

A full night of nothing but MODULAR SYNTHESIZERS!!!

*1st act:
Ross Healy- Buchla 200e modular
Scott Baker- Euromodular
Jed - Chimera bc16
Brett Maddaford – Euro Homebrew modular
Simon Birds- Euro/Blacet modular

2ND act :
Steve Law – Roland System 100
Steve Williams – EMS VCS3

3rd act
CRAY (Ross Healy) vs ABRE OJOS (Scott Baker)

Buchla Vs Euromodular battle.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Intwined - Guildford Lane Gallery - 26 Nov 2998

Curated by Tom Hall (Brisbane)

26th November
Doors open 6.30pm
Performance 7-9pm

Guildford Lane Gallery
20 – 24 Guildford Lane


Commencing with a spectacular evening on November 26th, Guildford Lane Gallery is
launching its newest program The Wednesday Project. The inaugural Project, titled
INTWINED, is curated by Brisbane media artist Tom Hall. The series is programmed to span
three consecutive Wednesdays and features a huge line-up of visual, media, sound and
performance artists.

The Wednesday Project is a dynamic new program aiming to promote marginal, peripheral and/or
ephemeral art forms. It also intends to encourage critical forums including but not limited to:
lectures, talks, music, theatre, performance and dance.

Artists will include: Robin Fox (Yokohama Triennale, Melbourne Festival and Sounds Outback
festival in WA.), Bonnie Mercer of the Grey Daturas and Tom Hall himself (Nasic Square Gallery,
Open Frame Festival, Otherfilm Festival, Perth International Arts Festival) amongst many others.
These artists are extreme adventurers who combine themes of improvisation, experimentation,
collaboration, science contemporary theatre and other visceral elements drawn from everyday
music, life, culture and art. Placing an importance on new discoveries which will challenge you to
see hear and exist within art in an entirely different way.

[Session #2 of INTWINED takes place on 3 December, and Session #3 on 10 December]

Thanks to Café 434 and Melaleuca Wines for making this session delicious and possible!

Further Information:

INTWINED Session #1 Curated by Tom Hall
Bum Creek
Tom Hall (Brisbane)
Mark Reid (Visuals)
Marco Cher-Gibard

Sabbatical Presents 20.11.08

Thursday 20 November Sabbatical Presents at The Old Bar (74-76 Johnston St Fitzroy): JK Fuller (of Zond), Ai Yamamoto, Bonnie Mercer (of the Grey Daturas), Gauntlet (Chris Hill/Alex Vivian/Simon Taylor trio). 8:30pm / SIX BUCKS

Monday, 17 November 2008

Maximum Arousal returns this Sunday! Avenaim CD launch

The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

MAXIMUM AROUSAL presents ROBBIE AVENAIM - 'Rhythmic Movement Disorder' CD LAUNCH

Robbie Avenaim's 'Rhythmic Movement Disorder' has been a long time in the making. His debut solo release to surface in a career that stretches back to the late 1980s, collects together the better part of a decade's worth of experimentation with the possibilities of prepared percussion, irregular rhythm, modulated pulse and low-tech electronics.

Avenaim is perhaps best known for his improvised collaborations alongside the likes of Otomo Yoshihide, Oren Ambarchi and Keith Rowe. But his work explores more than improvisation and the proof lies in this incredibly detailed electro-acoustic outing. With its title referencing a particular syndrome usually associated with the involuntarily movement of limbs, the pace and form of Rhythmic Movement Disorder reflects this sense of frenetic activity. As uncontrolled as the syndrome may be however, at no point does Avenaim lose focus. Rather his effortless and articulate percussive sensibilities flex to produce a dense and tirelessly refined compositional approach that is brought to bare with stunningly rich and varied results. A rare solo performance from one Australia's true masters

Also appearing is New Zealand's Richard Francis making his only Melbourne appearance. Francis (aka Eso Steel) has been active as an experimental musician since 1996. His sound work is primarily concerned with recording and manipulating acoustic and electronic sounds from the surrounding environment. He has collaborated for recording and/or performance with many artists including Francisco Lopez, Jason Kahn, Mattin, Birchville Cat Motel, Gate, MSBR, Tetuzi Akiyama. Additionally there will be a special duo performance of expansive psychedelics from Melbourne's Ai Yamamoto & Justin K Fuller


Upcoming Arousals:

Sunday Dec 14: Oscar Vincente Slorache-Thorn CD launch with special guests Anthony Guerra (Japan/Syd), Witness Girl, Oranj Punjabi
Sunday Dec 28 - Super Stupid + more
Sunday Jan 11 - Mani Neumeier of Guru Guru (Germany)
Sunday Jan 18 - Eugene Chadbourne (USA) + Schneider FM (Germany)
Sunday Feb 15 - Damo Suzuki of Can (Japan)

Next Wednesday the 19th of November @ Stutter...

Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour are guest curating Stutter this week, featuring:

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Festival of Performances + Sound Installations

4-13 December 2008

performances 8pm, except Sunday 3pm
installations+constructions wed-sat 12-5pm
BUS Gallery 117 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne

thurs 4th
Ernie Althoff
SSL: Robbie Avenaim/Dale Gorfinkel
prepared vibes+automated percussion

fri 5th
Chris Nylstoch
multiple TVs+electronics
amplified objects,captured noise

sat 6th
Ross Manning
lights+electronics+invented contraptions
The Donkey's Tale
experimental garage ensemble

sun 7th afternoon 3pm
Ross Manning/Dale Gorfinkel/Robbie Avenaim
Marco Fusinato/Oren Ambarchi
modified guitars+electronics

wed 10th
Robin Fox

thurs 11th
Riki-Metisse Marlow
automated sound sculptures
Lachlan Conn/Michael Prior
light,dope+locked grooves

fri 12th
Philip Samartzis/Rosalind Hall/Arek Gulbenkoglu/
Dale Gorfinkel/Natasha Anderson
multiple speakers,laptop,modified saxophone,electronics,
objects,giant recorder,percussion

sat 13th
Natasha Anderson
latex sound sculptures+giant recorder
Helmet Head
live AV duo from outer space

Friday, 7 November 2008

Next Wednesday the 12th of November @ Stutter...

BIRs are Ollie Bown (laptop, hammer), Alice Eldridge (laptop, cello, small instruments) and Jon McCormack (generative images). They improvise with acoustic instruments and digital instruments and the bits in between.

Dead Boomers is Mark Groves and Leith Thomas - Largely static walls, feedback processing and rudely engaging with the possibilities offered by simple pedal chains built from the ubiquitous black boxes every loser uses. Pathetic posturing before a comedic speaker stack. This duo seeks to wallow in alcohol and amplifier worship.

Evelyn - Drums and keyboard & Rod - Not made in China. Possibly Evelyn and Rod's first performance together!

GUGG DJs, Everything from Gu-Tang to Gu-Unit! playing before after and in between the sets!

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

brass confusion/communion at bus gallery in melbourne this saturday

Joel Stern is in town and is playing a rare show at Sunshine and Grease (bus gallery), 117 little londsdale st, city....
saturday arvo 2pm and free..... come and join me for a catchup and a beer.... pass this message on to friends who might be into it...

here's what's happening....

2 sets....

joel stern - electronics / noise
ros hall - prepared saxophone
dale gorfinkel - devices / motors / bits....

= some nice abstract sonic explorations for mind/ear stimulation....


joel stern - echo trumpet
dale gorfinkel - decapitated trumpet
ros hall - complete sax
pat o'brien - mini gamelan, chiming things
ian wadley - percussion, charm

= avant-oompah...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Audio Actions inaugural show

The inaugural Audio Actions shall be held at Gertrudes Brown Couch on Saturday November 8th with performances by The Boats, Retail Fireworks, Infinite Decimals and Ensemble of Shades - who feature Zac Keiller, Barnaby Oliver and Don Rogers among others. An early start of 8:30pm has been especially chosen to fit in all of the excellent music peformances created for this night and its accompanying CD!

Volume = Colour will preview 'Field' - a light panel installation work in progress, consisting of a painting which takes place over several panels each being illuminated via the flicker of decaying flourescent lights. This installation wil act as the visual backdrop to the Infinite Decimals performance on the night.

To celebrate this wonderful event, an Audio Actions compilation CD, featuring over 30 minutes of unheard music from the artists performing on the night, will be given away free to first 40 folks through the door - documenting this most excellent occasion!

A truly splendid celebration of Melbourne independent instrumental music and visuals will be had - come join in the fun!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

OUT SET - RMIT Sound Art - Grad Show - 24th Nov

OUT SET presents Graduate Students from RMIT FINE ART SOUND in a night of aural and visual expansion. Delivering an eclectic mix of music spanning a wide aural spectrum. From ambient, drone, noise, & vocal manipulations to treated acoustic electrics, psyched-out-jazz and critical-cut-ups. 
Video Screenings and Live A/V.

Jared Davis
Nick van Cuylenburg & Martin Kay
Que Nguyen
Lewis Cancut and Vijay Thillaimuthu
M. Leaf-Tierney

Pete Camilleri
Emily Meadows
Kit Webster

24th November 
Doors 8PM
$5 entry

Friday, 31 October 2008

Make It Up Club - Bar Open - 25 Nov 2008

forwarded from Ross Healy:

*Make It Up Club 25 November will be a full night of live modular synthesis*

VICMOD members will start the night performing a 5 piece modular session

*1st act: Vicmod

Ross - Buchla 200e

Scott - euromodular

Jed - thingamakit etc

Anthony - Soundlab

Simon - Euro/Blacet modular*

2nd act: Steve Williams & Steve Law

3rd act: Ross Healy & Abre Ojos

The night usually kicks off somewhere around 9 pm and finishes before midnight.

It's at Bar Open, which is at 317 Brunswick St. Fitzroy.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

New arrivals at Sunshine & Grease and a special instore....

Recieved yesterday in the mail was a box of very beautifully packaged releases from Japan. The label is Black Petal, run by a bloke named Anthony Guerra, Australian ex-pat, living in Japan for the last few years. If you don’t already know about Anthony and his music, you should. An unique and inventive and adaptable improviser and all round good guy.

Anthony has played with all manner of people over the last 10 years or so, including Dean Roberts, Joel Stern, Oren Ambarchi, Rob Mayson (Grey Daturas), Antony Milton, Peter Blamey, Matt Earle, Adam Sussman. and is going to be in Melbourne later in the year. Look out for a show at the Toff in December.

He started Black Petal 3 or 4 years ago just before he moved to Japan and has released nearly 20 deeply beautiful, heavy, and often demanding releases since. Now at Sunshine & Grease. Please note that all releases are very limited. Visit for more info on these fine releases and others you may have missed. Also instore: Trapdoor Tapes, Venting Gallery, Naturestrip, Breakdance the Dawn and Musicyourmindwillloveyou, Sabattical and Sweatlung releases.

Instore 8/11/08

Joel Stern, Rosalind Hall, Dale Gorfinkel and Ian Wadley carnival band spectacular. Gig starts at 2 pm. Come early for some cheap refreshments.

Radio - Melbourne Out/Impro Jazzcore on this Sunday night's Night Air from 9:05pm

forwarded from John Jacobs:


This Sunday night The Night Air features guest selector DJ Paul Kidney and his selection of the best of Melbourne's out-jazz-impro music.
We'll hear from:

Bucketrider, The Grey Daturas, Wanders, Henderson, O'Dwyer, Bauer, Moore, Pateras & Thomas, Bone Sheriff, Chris Smith & Justin Fuller, Tom Fryer & Cat Hope, Embers, Front of Van, Candlesnuffer, Rod Cooper, Pateras, Baxter & Brown and Bowl of Dick.

Climb into the improvised world of sonic imagination.

If you're in Melbourne tune in to 621 kilohertz on the Amplitude Modulation band from 9:05 PM on ABC Radio National.

Friday, 24 October 2008

This Wednesday 29/10/08 @ Horse Bazaar...Heathen Skulls/Stutter - Pig Destroyer (US) Party!!!

Scott Hull + Blake Harrison are 2 members of Virginia's wildest and most brutal death grind band. They're called Pig Destroyer are they're utterly awesome. In a very rare and quite possibly their first performance together, Scott and Blake are going to do delve into the world of improvised trickery and perform as a duo. Using guitar, sampler and pedals, what ever it ends up being it'll be brutal!

Breathing Shrine is Bonnie Mercer and Robert Mayson of Grey Daturas. Reflecting on their musical adventures together circa 2005 - 2006 when they toured the US a few times as a duo. BS is an improvised, art noise, rock project that features guitar, bass, drums + tons of sweet pedals and other stuff.

Black Widow is the solo project of Robert MacManus of Grey Daturas. He plays improvised avant-garde guitar, junk with a loop pedal and a few other toys.

Scratchplate + Robin Fox in their first ever duo performance together, will be manipulating various devices, intrumentation and vocals. Expect a glorious, noisy surprise!!

Absoluten Calfeutrail is the solo project of one Mark Groves. He projects his mind over matter onto the audience via the use of a microphone and a million tools of the trade, those being various pedals, contact mics and other forms of sound related devices.

dj The Crusher of Catacomb Carousel fame ''...will be rockin kraut/psych/prog/space/freak folk/Jap Rock/cosmic Jazz/exotica/Outsider and any other way out tunes from other times and places...'' before, between and maybe even after the sets.

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.

8:30 PM
$10 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Institute of Sound - Horse Bazaar - 27 Oct 2008

Electronic arts collective Clan Analogue presents Institute of Sound, a new series of monthly electronic music production workshops, on Monday the 27th of October, 7pm, at Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale St in the city.

Each month a guest presenter examines an aspect of electronic music performance and production, including live demonstrations and a Q&A session, followed by a live performance and opportunity for members of the audience to take part in hands-on jamming.

The discovery of electricity during the 19th century introduced the world to lighting, telegraph, radio and telephone. It was also to have a profound influence on the sounds of music to come. In October Institute of Sound examines Techniques & Technologies from Electronic Music History, presented by Robert Boehm and Jeremy Smith of Winduptoys, exploring important stepping stones in the 100 year evolution of electronic music. They will use their vast experience as sound engineers and musicians to trace a journey through the early innovations and processes that have led us to the music-making of today and the future, including the history of turntables, early electronic instruments such as the theremin, use of noise and randomness, the seeds of sampling, early recording and the use of effects. There will also a discussion on how these techniques and ideas can be utilised in music today.

A live performance by Winduptoys will follow the workshop, along with a special DJ set showcasing classic selections from electronic music history. Audience members can have a hands-on play with equipment such as the theremin, syndrums and analogue FX units.

Entry to the workshop is free.

The Institute of Sound continues on the last Monday of each month, with a session on Audio Mastering presented by Martin Koszolko (Koshowko) on the 24th of November.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Next Wednesday the 22nd of October @ Stutter...

Ben Byrne is a Melbourne based musician, writer and curator. He has just begun work towards a doctorate addressing the history of research into the nature of sound as an attempt to ontologise sound and seeking to understand sound instead as fundamentally potential and unknowable. In solo performances he uses a reel-to-reel tape recorder, mixer and effects to construct a visceral, improvised music from the barest of elements, relying only the potential of a limited palette of incidental sounds, tape noise and feedback.

Galactagogue - "Cumscum for the disgruntled or otherwise nonplussed. Galactagogue supports open air lactation and yaks rights. Come pet at the standard stream''

Molten Metal vs The Department of Fabriculture
Raw & Data.
A Primary Production write off Aural/Visual/Kinetic aktion.
A Royal Australian Mint $0 coin manufacturing process.
The economic downturn churns cyber space.
Look up between my legs. Watch me shake my money makers.
Aluminium. Lead. Tin. Wood. Wheat. Wool. Fat. Fur. Fuck.

All physical processes augmented by a chaotic network of 16 x thermodynamic meTal processors. Introducing, and inviting speculation upon, three elements imported from the Ludean micronation :- [Nm] : [Pt] : [Sy]]

DJ It's Is, playing inappropriately smooth and abrasive music before, between and after sets.

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Vijay Thiliamuthu instore at Sunshine + Grease FRiDaY 17/10/08

Vijay Thillamuthu is doing an instore at S+G on Friday at 6pm> > Vijay Thillaimuthu is an experimental musician/filmmaker that has his> roots in free jazz improvisation and esoteric analogue electronics. He> creates a situation whereby anarchic and defunct technologies> democratically combines analogue debris and signal feedback. The> result is an extreme environment of heavy voltage sensory stimulation.> >> > Sunshine+Grease is at Bus Gallery which is at Lvl 1 of 117 Little> Lonsdale st Melbourne.> Open 12-6 Thu – 12- 8 Fri – 12 – 6 Sat.>

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Sabbatical Presents 23.10.08

Following the recent closure of the Afterdark in Northcote, Sabbatical is proud to announce that our monthly shows have now relocated to the Old Bar (74-76 Johnston Street Fitzroy). The first of these new series of shows falls on Thursday 23 October 2008, and features a couple of largely dormant gems from the early Sabbatical catalogue. Bone Sheriff (a duo consisting of active local heads Rob Mayson and Simon Taylor) makes a welcome return to live performance after a lengthy hiatus, as does the almighty Aux Assembly duo of Dimitra and Elise Bishop. Also appearing is the fascinating Oranj Punjabi project of Fjorn Butler and Dead Boomers, a duo consisting of 2/3 of the Sabbatical crew, Mark Groves and Leith Thomas. Entry for this show is $6, and the door shall open at 8:30pm. The Sabbatical catalogue (including our releases from Bone Sheriff and Aux Assembly) along with a number of related works will be available for sale on the evening.

Monday, 13 October 2008

Next Wednesday the 15th of October @ Stutter...

  • Collaborative Sphinx (Sophie Brous/Alex Vivian/James Rushford) - The first-time paradigm of Collaborative Sphinx - comprising Sophie Brous, Alex Vivian (Always) and James Rushford - doom soothsayers and cantorial offerings. This will be the 1st set before Sophie rushes off to do her radio show for the evening so they will be staring at 9pm sharp!
  • Horse Mania Live DVD Launch - Touted to be ''the worst band from Tasmania,'' Horse Mania will perform their final 15 minutes of fame (or notoriety!). ''Genius''? You be the judge! This will be their swansong performance as well as the launch of their Live DVD.
  • dj Kreme Extreme (Bum Creek) will be playing an exotic array of left of centre music from all corners of the world.....before and between the acts!

@ Horse Bazaar - 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
8:30 PM
$7(Full) + $5(Conc) on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Coming up:
22/10/08 - Ben Byrne + Dale Nason/Troy Innocent + Galactagogue + dj Its Is

29/10/08 - Stutter / Heathen Skulls - Pig Destroyer (US) Party featuring: Scott Hull (Pig Destroyer) + Blake Harrison (Pig Destroyer) + Breathing Shrine + Black Widow + Absoluten Calfeutrail + dj The Crusher (Catacomb Carousel) + one more act TBC

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Tony Buck Solo instore at Sunshine & Grease Saturday at 2!

Hi folks,
Very special instore performance by Tony Buck of the Necks this Saturday at Sunshine and Grease! Kicks off at 2 pm. And we usually run these things pretty close to time, so don’t be late. The Necks are in town to do live sound-tracking for a sold out theatre season as part of the Melbourne Festival, and about to head off to Europe with Pateras Baxter Brown.
Sunshine & Grease now has it’s own Myface site. Find me at

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Spend an evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders at the Toff this Sunday!

Sun Oct 12
The Toff 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:

Featuring: Oren Ambarchi, Rob Mayson, Anthony Pateras, Marco Fusinato, Sean Baxter

Matt 'Skitz' Sanders is an acknowledged extreme Metal drumming legend! He currently works in Terrorust and Gravetemple and has played in renowned outfits such as Damaged, Sadistik Execution, Blood Duster, Noir Macabre, Atomizer, Destroyer 666, Abramelin and many more.
This special show will feature Skitz' blistering brutality in 3 extremely different sets featuring members of Australia's experimental elite:
Set #1: Skitz vs. Baxter - Double whammy drum attack from Skitz and local free improv legend Sean Baxter on percussion & junk!
Set #2: Skitz vs. Poletopra - Skitz' blast beats collide with Anthony Pateras and Marco Fusinato's electronic shitstorm!
Set #3: Skitz vs. Ambarchi/Mayson - Ferocious brutal drumming from the metal dynamo juxtaposed with super heavy low end psychedelics from members of Sunn 0))) and Grey Daturas!


Monday, 6 October 2008

Collapsed Toilet Vietnam + Embers 10.10.08

Collaborative Performance Between Two Of Melbourne’s Genre-defying Noise Groups: 10.10.08 / Pony 68 Little Collins St Melbourne / 9.30pm / $8 / Collapsed Toilet Vietnam is a quartet comprised of local volume dealers Robert Mayson, Simon Taylor, Mark Groves and Pete Hyde. The group deals in ultra-primitive scum rock moves, improvisation utilising low-life Saturday night clichés, and decaying equipment held together with swathes of gaffa tape. A reconfigured drum kit, willing throat abuse and a severe general reduction in approach have all figured heavily in past live performances. Embers is a brutal free-jazz/grind-noise quartet. The group is made up of Bucketrider members, Adam Simmons (various saxophones), Dave Brown (electric microtonal bass) and Sean Baxter (drum kit and junk) with Globe Unity Orchestra alumni, Kris Wanders (tenor saxophone). This collaborative performance is the kind of hell that induces a heavy panic attack. Supporting is Poletopra (Marco Fusinato/Anthony Pateras duo).

Next Wednesday the 8th of October @ Stutter...

  • Gid
  • Abre Ojos
  • SxSxSx
  • Robin Fox Laser Show

Gid - A video-performance where perception is challenged. By intentionally deconstructing media and performance space, the work tries to enhance the media that constitutes a live performance and explores the boundaries between the real and the hyper real of our media saturated society.

Abre Ojos is improvised sound and vision for dystopian meditation created using analogue modular synthesis, temporally shifted video and death metal vocals. Abre ojos is a Portuguese sailing term when moving through dangerous waters meaning ''watch out'' or ''open your eyes''.

SxSxSx - Stephen Richards, Steve Law and Sean Baxter - synth, laptop, sax, percussion - fractured, blasting noise!

Robin Fox will turn Horse Bazaar into an intersecting maelstrom of light and sound wielding two lasers and the in-house surround system.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
6PM start
$5 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Friday, 3 October 2008

SINGING SADIE @ Stutter - Horse Bazaar - Sunday 5/10/08

Stutter will be presenting 2 special Sunday shows involving touring artists from the Melbourne Fringe Festival & Electrofringe.
The first of these shows will be this Sunday the 5th of October:

Singing Sadie (Dualplover/Sydney) If you have not yet seen her renditions of some of your old favourite dance band tunes, you can expect to be delighted with some very tuneful singing and high skill tap dance.If you are lucky she will dance with you, the luckier still get to ring her bells.
She has a few new songs to bring along on this trip to Stutter, people will no doubt be lining up to hear ''My gangrenous guy'' and ''Are you going my way? (I'll pay)''

The Charles Ives Singers are...David Palliser....alto saxophone, vocals; Alexis Ensor....multihorns, vocals, garden hose & can of peaches; Victor Meertens....lambophone, goataphone, vocals & baguetteoboe. The Charles Ives Singers take their cue from natural selection, mostly the history of the vinyl record & a wondering albatross.The theatre of war has also proved fruitful for sound bites.

Paul Kidney & Guests - Paul Kidney (Psychedelic man about town) will be growling & groaning to the sounds of? A glorious noisy surprise!

Easter Island - Emanating from the mists comes a sound... what is that? drums? voices?The silent monoliths have their own music and this may be it. Like a paralytic Martin Denny and a hallucinating King Tubby jamming on a moonlit volcano....

Xian of Crimestoppers fame aka dj Sintoon will be playing Greasy R'n'B, Showtunes, Flamboyant 70's Classical Barbarian Film Themes & Various Exotica between the acts

@ Horse Bazaar, 397 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne.
6PM start
$7 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Sabbatical Presents 04.10.08

From 7pm Saturday 4 October Sabbatical presents a special evening show at Catfood Press (289 Lygon St East Brunswick) featuring Sound Dweller (a trio from the Sunshine Coast associated with the Trapdoor Tapes label), Neckhold (a Brisbane based noise duo), Sean Baxter & Rod Cooper in a rare handmade instruments/junk percussion duo performance, Absoluten Calfeutrail (Mark Groves in solo mode) and Wasted Truth (a new duo featuring Sean Bailey (Lakes/Paeces) and Harriet Morgan (Downtown)). $8 Entry from 6pm // ALL AGES

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Anthony Pateras - various October shows

21:100:100 - Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces

100 sound works by 100 artists from the 21st Century

OPENING: 11 OCTOBER 2008, 6-9.30pm
EXHIBITION DATES: 11 October – 8 November 2008

Presented by Melbourne International Arts Festival and Gertrude Contemporary Arts Spaces

Curated by Alexie Glass, Emily Cormack,
Marco Fusinato, Oren Ambarchi

“When we separate music from life we get art.” John Cage

Presented as part of the 2008 Melbourne International Arts Festival , 21:100:100 features 100 works by 100 sound artists produced in the 21st Century. This exhibition is the first significant survey to explore and chronicle the extraordinary developments that have occurred in contemporary sound art this century.

21:100:100 was developed by Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces in collaboration with internationally acclaimed Australian artists Oren Ambarchi and Marco Fusinato. It includes work made in the last eight years - with some works made especially for the exhibition - chronicling new directions and innovations in sound art. These works will be played on 100 headphones suspended within the gallery, creating a space for the visitor to pick their way through sound art’s many and varied aural and conceptual evolutions.

The exhibition spans a range of threads and styles within the art form, featuring work by a diverse selection of the worlds leading practitioners with artists including: Phill Niblock (USA); SUNN O))) (USA); Fennesz (Austria); Steve Roden (USA); Otomo Yoshihide (Japan); Sonic Youth (USA); Jandek (USA); Sun City Girls (USA); Dead C (NZ); Jim O’Rourke (USA) with many more artists to come.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a full-colour 250 page publication designed by Fabio Ongarato Design that will be launched in November.

This exhibition has been made possible with help from MONA and the Besen Family Foundation.

21:100:100 EVENT
A once-only sound event has been scheduled in conjunction with this exhibition. This exclusive 21:100:100 event features a live collaboration between Oren Ambarchi, Marco Fusinato, Robin Fox, James Rushford and Brendan Walls. Sunday 19 October, 9-10pm. BMW The Edge, Federation Square.

Tue – Fri. 11am – 5.30pm Sat. 1 – 5.30pm Sun. 12 Oct and Sun. 19 Oct. 1-5.30pm

AT or 03-94193406

Monday, 29 September 2008

KK NULL (Japan) plays Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun Oct 5
The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:

KK NULL (Japan)

Maximum Arousal is proud to present the only Melbourne show from one of the top names in Japanese noise music and in a larger context, one of the great cult artists in experimental music since the early 80's, KK NULL.

In 1981 KK NULL studied at Butoh dancer, Min Tanaka's "Mai-Juku" workshop and started his career by performing guitar improvisations in the clubs in Tokyo. He continued by collaborating with MERZBOW for two years, and joining the band YBO2 (with Tatsuya Yoshida, drummer of RUINS) and starting the improvized noise/rock trio ABSOLUT NULL PUNKT (with Seijiro Murayama, the original drummer of Keiji Haino's FUSHITSUSHA).

In the early 90's he gained world-wide recognition as the mastermind, guitarist and singer of the progressive hardcore trio ZENI GEVA with their extremely heavy sound, releasing five albums produced by STEVE ALBINI (two on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles label) and a few more on other labels such as NEUROSIS's Neurot Recordings.

NULL is also renowned for his solo performances & recordings and he has collaborated with other musical innovators such as Z'EV, CHRIS WATSON, DANIEL MENCHE, KEIJI HAINO, SEIICHI YAMAMOTO, JON ROSE, BILL HORIST, PHILIP SAMARTZIS, ALEXEI BORISOV, ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI, FRED FRITH to name a few.

After playing the guitar as his main instrument for some twenty years, KK NULL has gradually moved towards a more electronic approach. In recent years he has concentrated his efforts on his solo & collaborative recordings, exploring the outer territories of electronica, creating intense clashing wave of noise, structured electro-acoustic ambience, broken down rhythmics, scattered pitch sculptures, droning isolationist material which could be described "cosmic noise maximal/minimalism".

At present KK NULL has more than 100 titles of recordings released (inc. solo, bands, collaborations, compilations).

Also appearing is local guitar legend CHRIS SMITH & PHILIP SAMARTZIS' first Melbourne performance in over 12 months!



Upcoming Arousals:

Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Part Timer
Sun Oct 12 - An evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders featuring Skitz + Sean Baxter/Poletopra (Anthony Pateras/Marco Fusinato)/Oren Ambarchi/Rob Mayson

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Next Wednesday the 1st of October @ Stutter...

Over the first 2 Wednesdays in October Stutter will be presenting some audiovisual works amongst other performances as part of Digital Fringe

Next Wednesday the 1st of October @ Stutter...

  • Shoeb Ahmad / Kristi Monfries
  • Spartak Quartet
  • Kusum Normoyle
  • David Shea / Kristi Monfries

Shoeb Ahmad / Kristi Monfries - Shoeb Ahmad - Returning to Melbourne to launch his new release 'Sea Songs, Dead Ends And Sleeping Pills' (Sound&Fury) and it's companion on 'In The City' (hellosQuare), Stutter will see Shoeb explore extended improvisation using guitar and loops alongside preparations and found sound while navigating the naive songforms of his previous work.

Kristi Monfries' work is dedicated to a range of mediums that include collage work appropriation pieces, improvised and experimental music, single chanel video and live video improvisation in combination with musicians, print/design/web. Focused on an individual and whole artistic approach to living, feminine identity and sexuality, media gathering and re-invention.

This will be a first time collaboration between Canberra musician Shoeb Ahmad and ex Canberra visual/video artist Kristi Monfries.

Spartak Quartet - Spartak swell to a four tet for a special show in Melbourne to coincide with the Colony Room tour. Featuring Felicity Mangan (bass + electronics) and Kusum Normoyle (voice + electronics) alongside the duo of Shoeb Ahmad (guitar + loops) and Evan Dorrian (drums + percussion), expect some bustling noise alongside dysfunctional rhythms and microtonal whirr, somewhere between beautiful and retarded.

Kusum Normoyle - As a vocalist and electronic artist, Kusum's sound has developed a sympathy for broken language and communication technologies. She uses the outer limits of her voice, in combination with varying electronic media, broken instruments, radios, microphones to explore improvisation and vocal norms. A graduate from Electronic Arts at UWS, she is a practicing sound artist /musician in Sydney who has performed alongside Marcus Schmickler, Lawrence English, Jacques Soddell and Toy Bizarre amongst others.

David Shea / Kristi Monfries - Caves of the Silk Road: A solo sampler work based on the Buddhist stories of the ancient trading route from China to Turkey. Along the desert in China travelers would visit caves along the road which functioned as temples and devotional sites. Still filled with paintings, statues and layered in mythological stories I follow the path of a traveler in a solo sampler piece based on stories of three of the caves.

David's performance will also be accompanied with visuals by Kristi Monfries.

@ Horse Bazaar
397 Little Lonsdale Street,
8:30 PM
$5 on the door

Click here for Stutter MySpazz

Friday, 26 September 2008

Dorkbot - Fitzroy - 28 Sept 2008

This Sunday Dorkbot Melbourne once again brings together inspired and inspiring minds from all over Melbourne. And even two Rosses on one bill! Everyone with an interest in doing strange things with electricity is invited to come along and check out the presentations and participate in lively discussion. Doors open at 4pm, presentations start at 4.30 sharp. Bring your friends. Bring drinks and nibblies of your choice. Scheduled talks are outlined below. )

::: Ross Healy (aka Cray) :::
::: VICMOD - Melbourne DIY Modular Synth Builders :::

::: Ross Bencina (aka Mulchwerk) :::
::: AudioMulch 2.0 progress report :::

4pm, Sunday 28 September, 2008
Level 1, 124a Johnston St Fitzroy 3065 (just east of Brunswick St).

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Brandon Labelle (USA) & Domenico Sciajno (Italy) play Maximum Arousal this Sunday!

Sun Sept 28
The Toff, 252 Swanston St Melbourne

Maximum Arousal presents:


An incredible evening of sounds from 3 of the world's finest exploratory exponents!

Brandon LaBelle is a sound artist and writer from Los Angeles. Working in the field of sound- performance- and installation-art since 1992, LaBelle's work aims to draw attention to the dynamics of sound as it is found within spaces and objects, public events and interactions, language and the body. Through a performative interaction with objects, found-sound, and minimal electronics, the work draws attention to the quality and nature of what is already there through an emphasis on and displacement of listening and interaction, as a technological and architectural glitch. LaBelle's interest in site-specificity reflects a desire to consider the relationships and tensions between art and a broader social environment.
He is the author of "Background Noise: Perspectives on Sound Art" (Continuum 2006) and co-editor of the "Surface Tension" (Errant Bodies) series.

Domenico Sciajno is a composer, electronic musician and double bass player and lives in Palermo, Sicily. His work frequently addresses indeterminacy and the live processing of acoustic instruments by electronic devices or computers. He frequently uses texts, electronics, and visual projections in combination with a choreographic use of the space. From 1992 he has participated as a composer and improviser in a series of contemporary and experimental music festivals, and has released recordings with a variety of independent labels including Leo Records (UK), Fringes, Bowindo, Takla (Italy), and Ersthwhile (USA). Since 1994 he has assisted and collaborated with the American electro-acoustic composer Alvin Curran. In 2002, he was commissioned by Steim (Center for Development of Interactive Systems for Performance in Amsterdam, Holland) to create a multi-channel sound spatialization system. In 1997 he formed the Fringes record label with Giuseppe Ielasi, and
in 2003 he began the Bowindo label with Valerio Tricoli. He has performed and collaborated with musicians including Keith Rowe, Atau Tanaka, Jim O'Rourke, Elliot Sharp, Fred Frith, John Butcher, Kaffe Matthews, Kim Cascone, Toshimaru Nakamura, Otomo Yoshide, Lionel Marchetti, and Eric M.

Also appearing is Melbourne wunderkind Qua bringing to mind the playfulness of Mouse on Mars, the sophistication of Ennio Morricone and the warm lush pops of Architecture in Helsinki.


Upcoming Arousals:
Tue Sept 30 - Spartak CD launch + ii + Part Timer
Sun Oct 5 - KK Null (Japan) + Philip Samartzis + Chris Smith
Sun Oct 12 - An evening with Matt 'Skitz' Sanders featuring Skitz + Sean Baxter/Poletapra (Anthony Pateras/Marco Fusinato)/Oren Ambarchi/Rob Mayson