Saturday, 10 December 2016

One week until the Melbourne Drone Orchestra...

With only one week until the Melbourne Drone Orchestra descends south of the river and annihilates St Kilda, Daniel Tucceri spoke to Brown Noise Unit all about the Melbourne Drone Orchestra. You read his interview here.

Matt Skitz Sanders, guest drummer (along with Brian O'Dwyer), also shared his thoughts with Heavy Mag. Read about it here

Saturday 17th December, 2.30pm
Memo Music Hall, 88 Acland Street, St. Kilda


The Melbourne Drone Orchestra returns on December 17th to push the limits of the electric guitar and subsume audiences with a blanket of frequencies. For the first time, the MDO will be joined at Memo Hall in St Kilda by two of Australia’s best and most intense drummers from within the world of extreme metal and improvised experimental music.

Matt ‘Skitz’ Sanders made his mark over twenty five years ago with iconic metal band Damaged, inspiring bands around the world to this day with his trademark mechanical precision and uncompromisingly violent approach to the drums. In recent years, he has performed with Gravetemple, featuring Stephen O’Malley, Oren Ambarchi and Attila Csihar of Sunn O))), and some of Australia’s best current extreme metal acts.

Brian O’Dwyer will be squaring off against him with an arsenal of skills drawn from his eclectic performance background. Working tirelessly for Melbourne musicians with his imprint Bleeemo music, Brian has participated in everything from grindcore to world music Having worked with extended playing previously, Brian’s approach to drumming infuses jazz-infused dexterity with the warp-drive intensity of grindcore.

Do not miss this one off opportunity to witness these two respected drummers spar in the ring of decibels that is the Melbourne Drone Orchestra!

The Melbourne Drone Orchestra is a unique assemblage of musicians who aim to create a sonic experience unlike anything else. Influenced by Fripp, Sunn 0))) and Earth’s pioneering use of the guitar, past performances have seen up to eighteen guitarists create a sonic monoliths.

All participants abide by three conditions; all guitars are tuned to DADGAD; only six-string guitars (no bass guitars!); and no shredding.

Friday, 9 December 2016

CURRENT - Moreland City Band Hall - 16 Dec 2016

CURRENT began in 2012 with the basic premise of creating new trios of improvisers who had never played together previously, and has developed over the years to also include dancers and visual artists. This year, CURRENT returns to its musical roots featuring only instrumentalists, with each trio based around a young up-and-coming drummer. None one knows who will be playing with who, until Ren Walters reveals the line-ups on the night.

Facebook event

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Tangents @ National Gallery of Victoria

NGV Friday Nights Presents

A Tangents live show is a unique and unrepeatable experience, featuring an instinctual sense of time and space, rhythm and melody. Hanging in a space between jazz, folk, post-rock and electronic music, the Australian-based quintet’s sound features sparse percussion hits, washes of filtered piano, vibes and multilayered glitched strings, emphasising tone and texture. Their new album, STATELESS has been released by Temporary Residence in Brooklyn, featuring remixes by Four Tet & Bundy K Brown (Ex-Tortoise).

Booking required
Online $24 M / $30 A / $12 Ch
Door (limited) $29 M / $35 A / $15 Ch

All details and tickets here.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

New online release : Tarab : Gleaners : Cronica

New online Tarab release, on Cronica as the eleventh release in their on going Corollaries series resulting from the Active Crossover: Mooste collective residency in Estonia 2015.

Gleaners rummages through the Active crossover: Mooste archive, gathering together the vestiges of our collective and disparate scurryings around the landscape. By allowing the background to almost free itself from the foreground and refusing to differentiate between incident, accident and intent, the various fragments have coalesced (with furtive guidance) into a form (in)determined by which of the residual pieces settled, and where they landed; and which pieces simply disappeared. All sounds have been extracted from recordings by or featuring: Tuulikki Bartosik, Fernando Godoy, Evelyn Grzinich, John Grzinich, Jim Haynes, Park Jin-Young, Rostislav Rekuta, Yiorgis Sakellariou, Dawn Scarfe, Maksims Shentelevs, Eamon Sprod, Taavi Suisalu, Arlene Tucker, Simon Whetham, James Wyness.

To download visit either Cronica's website or Cronica's Bandcamp page.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Sounds at 579 Presented by Cantankerous Records

Sounds at 579 Presented by Cantankerous Records

Cantankerous Records Presents This:

Blythe Hamlin-Kirk
Carmen Chan & Stevie Richards

Todd Anderson-Kunert
CiarĂ¡n Geoghegan

Sat 26 Nov 3:00pm start at FIVE SEVEN NINE
579 Plenty Rd Preston.
(about a block away from Discobeans*)
$5 entry.

Tea by donation.

*Now called Spiralbeans

Facebook link:

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Problem with Exp-Melb email notifier

A few people have mentioned to me that the Email Alert for this blog on occasion resends old posts.

I've been looking into this the past few weeks, but not solution has been suggested to me from various help forums besides resyncing the feed that generates this email; which I've done, but the problem is still occurring.

It's not an isolated problem. I've found other people asking about it online as well, but no one seems to have an explanation or a fix. It has to do with the Feedburner RSS feed.

So unfortunately, we are stuck with it for now. If you are relying on the email alert, make sure you check the dates of any events before you charge off to the venue, in case it happened months ago.

Note that this is only a problem with the email notifier, the blog itself is still working fine.


Ambit Improvisations One

Some piano music algorithmically created from the poem Ambit, by Alex Skovron

Free listening and name your price downloading (very happy to share).